*Thud* the sound of the boots of the assailants making contact with the wooden floor caused Kwesis heart to beat in a loud and rapid manner until it almost drowned out all other sounds.

His left had moved over his mouth to stop his uncontrollable sobs from escaping his lips as his right hand held on tightly to his scroll. He focused his vision on the boots of the enemy which had now moved to stand a mere five inches away from the corpse of his father.

The enemy remained still for a few seconds before dropping to one knee allowing for Kwesi to get a clearer picture of the murder. She wore a dull grey breastplate armor which had clearly seen its fair share of battles and was now stained with blood from gods know how many.

Forcing himself to focus, he took in the facial features of the murderer making sure to take in every little feature so as not to forget no matter how long it took him to obtain his revenge.

Her piercing grey eyes that peaked through the stands of blonde hair that clung to her face her facial features were delicate with her soft rosy lips but said illusions were shattered by the spots of blood that covered her fair skin, further down her face was a scar that was barely visible unless one carefully inspected her face.

She proceeded to stretch out her arm whose toned muscles refused to remain hidden under the leather, with two calloused fingers she reached out to close the eyes of his father, before bowing her head and offering what seemed to be a prayer.

Kwesi who watched the entire scene grit his teeth in anger at the woman, she had marched into their town and taken his father away from him and now had the audacity to offer a prayer for him. Kwesis emotions built up to the point where he could no longer hold it in causing him to let out a sound, at that the woman whipped her head to the direction where he was hiding.

Kwesi flinched closing the lid and falling into the darkness his left hand clasping on even tighter to his mouth as he tried his hardest to remain absolutely silent. The slow but steady steps of the woman grew louder as she headed got closer to where he hid.

Kwesi could no longer hold back the tears as the slid down his face, he was now completely overwhelmed by the fear of death as well as anger towards the invaders. The steps finally came to a halt right above him, the silence grew deafening with each and every second that passed at some point during all this Kwesi had subconsciously held his breath in an attempt to remain absolutely silent.

After what seemed like an eternity the sound of her footsteps were heard once more as she headed away from him and eventually he could no longer hear anymore footsteps. Shes gone Kwesi thought to himself but he couldn gather up the courage to actually go out and check and so there he remained, in the darkness huddled up for warmth crying his heart out.


In large meeting room, under a large chandelier exquisitely made with the finest gold which hang upon from a pure white ceiling with artistic depictions that were hand drawn, A large mahogany table stood, tens of men stood around said table all draped in the finest garments and jewelry showing of their wealth.

At this exact moment none of the men had any of their usual noble temperament but rather screamed at the top of their lungs each one trying to get their points across. The noise in the hall reached an unprecedented volume with all voices blending into one another until their individual voices were no longer discernable from one another.

The noise came to a screeching halt when the two massive doors at the other side of the hall opened allowing for a man dressed in a white robe with a crown over his head walked in led by two knights and another man by his side.

The nobles all bowed their heads in respect as the knights stood a distance away from them with the other man remaining by the side of the king. ”I suppose you are all here because of the Ravens sky. ”

It had been a whole week since the ravens appeared alongside the rain of magic scrolls sending the entire continent into panic as towns were attacked at every hour with everyone trying to get their hands on the scrolls, the people had taken to calling the event Ravens sky (a very unimaginative name if you ask me)

”Your majesty its been a week since Ravens sky and ever day since then there has been attack after attack our fiefs can barely hold on. ”

”Yes! ” The others called out in support.

”I understand your woes which is why I have called upon Frederick, a sage from the isle of sages to explain everything ” saying so the king allowed for Frederick at his side to speak.

Frederick who was in a black clothes with an olive green coat draped over his shoulders looked to the nobles with his indifference clear in his amber eyes. Some of the nobles who received his look were dissatisfied with his lack of respect for them but held it in as the remembered what he was and who was behind him.

”I am here to deliver a message from the council. A week ago Deruna, one of the twelve lords of the council rebelled against the council and released restricted information upon the continent causing chaos. The lords have made a declaration to capture the rouge and bring him to justice before the Sage king himself, so you can sleep soundly as the chaos is only temporary ” Frederick announced ending with a mocking grin which all present understood.

This was a matter concerning Mages, and not just any mages but sages which meant no matter how loud a racket they made it mattered not as to the sages they were nothing more than insects.

At this point all the nobles clenched their fists and grit their teeth but as they saw Frederick with that mocking grin they kept silent, as they knew if they dared to speak he wouldn hesitate to send them off into the after life.

”Tell his majesty the sage king that we are ever so grateful ” The king spoke up as he felt the tension building up. Frederick turned to the king with a smile they all knew was fake and spoke ”will do your majesty ” before turning to leave.

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