I prepare my tent and sleep through the night, with my comfy sheet of leaves as my blanket and a room made with stick branches and vines to bind them together. And the remaining 3 fruits I ate before are my only source of meal in this treacherous forest, my first issue is how am I supposed to get my meals in this dangerous forest with little to no knowledge of this place.


I suddenly hear the same voice that transported me to this place

”Hello? ”

I ask the voice knowing it won respond but I will try either way.

[Hello, Soul_Code:7]

For the first time, the voice responded to my call. I began getting curious and started asking more questions.

”Hello, uh. Voice? Where is this place you sent me to? ”

[Access Denied.]

”What? ”

[Question does not exist in the Database.]

Fixated on this question I ask myself, why did it deny such a simple question? or maybe it doesn know where this is, but. What is this ”Database ” it is saying of?

”What is the ”Database? ”

[Confidential Information, I cannot share important information that will lead to uncertainty.]

It seems to be useless as it cannot share the information I need, but what does it take to access such information?

[Notice: Soul_Code:7 has successfully opened File Record #7-1]

What does it mean by file record? does it mean by this panel and voice talking to me?

[Notice: File Record is the version of the current Administration you are using as of now, the panel you see in front of you and my voice is the File Record.]

I see, so this useless this is not so useless after all, it seems to know a decent amount of things I need to survive.

[Also, don bad mouth me. It is annoying.]

”Ah.. ha… ”

A bit embarrassed by the fact that it heard my insults, it seems that it can read my mind directly, I should test this one.

Who am I? Why am I here? And what is your purpose for being here?

[You do not have enough authority to obtain such information.]

It seems I need to obtain something to gain more information, this is truly annoying, I just want to go home and eat meat.

Wait what does my house look like? I don remember for some reason.

”How should I call you? calling you voice or File Record is a bit weird. ”

[You may refer to me as ”The Administrator ” if you could and want to.]

”Alright, I guess we will be partners from now on. Administrator. ”

[Notice: You have yet to claim your special perk.]

What did it mean by ”Special perk ” and how will I use that thing?

{Notice: You will receive Cube of Gravity, do you wish to obtain it now?}


Suddenly a panel in Infront of me appeared, this time giving me a choice and showing the context, but what is ”Cube of Gravity ”. Is this the cube I picked when I was about to be teleported?

Since I didn have a choice I just choose to accept It. I touch the panel in Infront of me and click ”Yes ”. The panel disappeared and I heard a sound after that.


After that a purple metallic cube appeared in front of me, hovering and spinning at a slow pace. I grabbed the cube and it felt very light.

”What is this? ”

As the cube was in my hand, I had no idea how to use this thing. Am I supposed to break this with an object? or obtain something like a key to unlock it. As I was thinking of a way to use this, the cube flew in front of my face.

”What is happening to the Cube? ”

”Administrator! Can you explain what is happening? ”


”You useless garbage. ”

As I was frustrated with the Administrator, the cube in Infront of me separated a small amount of chunk from itself, now the cube is not perfect anymore. As I was wondering what was happening, the small fragment of the separated cube went into my head, it was as if my body was just a liquid mass and the fragment was solid.

”What just went inside my head? ”

Suddenly I felt a surge of information going through my brain, my consciousness can handle this much if this continues my brain will lose its integrity.

[High amounts of Data are being injected directly into the Hippocampus]


”Huh!? ”

[If you fall unconscious while Data Transfer, the entity will become corrupted.]

[Corruption will lead to annihilation, as it must not exist in the universe, as the laws of the universe will eliminate any corrupted entities.]

{Do you wish to stop the process? If you stop the process you will not be able to regain the lost data that was transferred.}

This thing is telling me I will be gone if I pass out. I must survive this at all costs, even if I must risk my consciousness


I scream to the sky while being forced to kneel to the ground due to the excruciating pain.


[Mental Capacity has fallen from 100% to 74%]


[Sanity is falling]

[Reasonability has fallen from 80% to 70%]


[Soul Integrity is being damaged, if soul integrity has been completely broken then Soul_Code:007 will not be able to memorize, think, process information, and respond to nerve systems]


[If the hippocampus is damaged, Soul_Code:007 can no longer create new memories]

My mind cannot comprehend what is happening, I feel everything all at once and do not understand anything I feel. It is painful yet I don know how to describe the pain. I can think, I can process…


[Medulla, cerebrum, and cerebellum of the brain are currently being damaged, by the overload of data]



[The prefrontal region and limbic system of the brain are currently being deactivated temporarily to reduce pain perception]






I can . Imagine. I can . Think. Any. More. I. Just. Need. To. Sleep…


[Notice: You have Unlocked Skill: ”Gravitational Force (F) ”]

[Notice: You have Unlocked Skill: ”Gravitational Levitation (F) ”]

[Warning: You have received the Curse of ”Increased Law Of Action And Reaction (∅) ”]

[Notice: Soul_Code:007 has fully absorbed the small fragment of the Cube of Gravity]

[Notice: Soul_Code:007 is in a comatose state, attempting to revitalize Soul_Code:007]

[Activating Neuronal Junction, activating all closed parts of the brain.]

[Sanity has returned]

[Mental Capacity has been raised to 98%]

[Soul Integrity has fully healed itself]

[Notice: Data Transfer is fully finished.]

[Warning: Unable to remove side-effects of the Data Transfer, Soul_Code:007 will feel the effects after waking up]

[Notice: You have unlocked Passive Skill: ”Mental Regeneration (F) ”]

As the sound of notifications rang across my head, I slowly open my eyes and the beautiful shine of the sunrise, as I admire the view suddenly my head began vibrating and aching painfully, I could not concentrate on what I was looking at. My eyes were blurry, my ears were half deaf, and I could not feel the texture of the leaves from my tent, nor can I smell them.

I stood up to try and go outside the tent, my body would not listen to my actions. So I was stuck in the same position for a long amount of time. I look around the tent and I found the Cube of Gravity near me, It was still hovering and still have a fragment missing from the cube, I guess it merged with my brain or something like that?

A Panel appeared in front of me.

{You have unlocked: ”Gravitational Force (F) ”, ”Gravitational Levitation (F) ”}

I pressed the panel to find out what they mean, it is rather bizarre.

{Gravitational Force (F)}

{Uses ones mass and gravitational force to control its direction and acceleration}

I read the short description of the first skill, and I went ahead and read the second skill.

{Gravitational Levitation (F)}

{Uses the force of gravity to reduce the acceleration of gravity fall from 9.8 m/s/s to 4.5 m/s/s}

Does it seem the second skill is simply a skill that reduces the speed of falling I assume?

I try to go outside to test it, but I forgot I can move my body due to the immense trauma I felt last night. My body is numb from the vines of the tree monster, I guess my next goal is to survive in this forest long enough that I can escape this place and find civilization. But I guess that is easier said than done…

Wait what exactly is a skill? How does one define a skill?

[Skills are a form of data that is remembered and enhanced when using them. They are the manifestion of energy that is collected internally or externally otherwise known as ”Mana ”. Skills manifest themselves where Mana exists and will convert ”Magic ”, a form of existing force, for example. A fireball will manifest itself if there is a high amount of thermal energy either internally or externally with the help of a trigger that activates its manifestation otherwise known as ”Skills ” which help manifest elements or objects using Mana.]

”So how can I use these skills I got? ”

[You cannot use the skills you have gotten right now, since you have not obtained ”Mana Circulation ” and ”Mana Release ”.]

”Are you kidding me? ”


What? Why can I use these skills even though the Administrator has given it to me? After all that pain and suffering just for nothing?

Naturally I am frustrated, being sent to a world I have no idea what the common knowledge was and being essentially tortured from the Administrator… it truly is annoying

[Do not worry, you currently have 1 ”Mana Potential ”.]

”Mana Potential? ”

[Mana Potential is the potential of manifesting Magic, it increases the flow of Mana Circulation and helps obtain Magic.]

”So you are saying I can use Magic? ”

[You COULD obtain it, however. Your Mana Potentially is currently at the lowest low with 1, the average amount of Mana Potential to achieve Magic is around 5000 if you are skilled and lucky enough. If you are unlucky and not compatible with Mana, it would probably be around the 30000 to 50000 Mana Potential.]

”So you are saying basically, is that I can use these abilities I got from you right now? ”

[Pretty much, yes.]

”… ”


How awkward, silence fills the entire forest with no sound as I was talking to the Administrator. I have realized something important and obtained a groundbreaking discovery.

I want to punch the Administrator badly.

[The easiest way for you to obtain more Mana Potential currently is by eating something that has a high concentration of Mana.]

”So basically, things like animals or fruits can give you additional Mana Potential? ”

[That is somewhat correct, if you mean the current you then you can eat most things with Mana to gain Mana Potential, however. As you start to get to obtain more Mana Potential, the meals you ate with Mana before to achieve it will have less and less value at specific values since the stronger your Mana Potential the weaker it absorbs Mana from others.]

”So basically what you mean is that I have to eat things that have stronger Mana Potential than me to gain Mana, if its weaker than me the amount will lessen each consumption? ”


From this information I can eat the same thing over and over again to gain more Mana Potential. But wait how did I even get 1 Mana Potential?

[Find out yourself, stop asking me.]

Being annoyed with the response of the authority I wanted to punch him again, but a panel colored in red appeared Infront of me.

{The Administrators Authority has been fully used and is in the state of exhaustion.}

{The Administrator will be able to respond to your questions in: 25d 00h 00m 00s}

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