The first ever superhero


Booker got up and wanted to go straight away to confront him for his actions. Ki and Furry had to calm him down. Tears were falling down from his eyes and you could see anger in his face. Nevertheless he had to calm down. On the other side Nia had done the laundry for the whole family and she went to put the clothes in bookers room, she found a hologram and decided to open it. She over heard Nick Furry telling booker about the mission. She realized everything that was going on. Nia read between the lines. She was quick to tell her mother everything. They were both very angry with the matter particularly the mother. The mother said he is responsible for the death of his father. That day booker slept in the air spaceship. The next morning he woke up and went home direct. When he entered his mother asked him where he was from? He had to come up with an excuse he is from Kis house. His mother questioned him if she should call their home? Booker told him no need to do so. She then asked him since when did he become Big B? He was really ambushed. He saw Nia looking at him from the kitchen. Booker was lost with words. The mum told him he is responsible for the death of his father. Booker said he did not know anything about what happened. His mother started fighting him. Booker had to let her release all her emotions. She then decided to open up the truth to him. She told Booker that he is an adopted child. She said he was left in a box in a street and he got picked by his late father. She really broke bookers heart. Booker got angry on hearing those words he decided to leave their home. He left their home and decided to go to the air spaceship. There he told furry everything that was revealed to him and he had nowhere to go. Furry told him he is going to stay there at the air spaceship. That same day he was watching the news and hearing how Carter was condemning him for not being there to stop the shooting. Booker vowed in his heart to end him with his own hands even though he loved his daughter. Furry told Ki and Collin to be aware of Carter and what he could do to their families. Nick Furry had to switch on cameras to monitor their homes. Booker also had to be on the look out to ensure nothing bad happens to his friends family. Nia nevertheless started feeling guilty for what she did. It was never her intention to have his brother kicked out of the house. She tried to plead with her mother to let him back but she refused. She asked her what if danger came their way once again? She went behind her mothers back to call booker and know how he was doing. Booker being so angry told him never to check on him. Carter on the other side was angry at his hunch men for not finishing the job. This time was determined to finish Ki and Collin. He had planned to carry out the attack while they were on their way home. This time Furry was on the look out he had to ensure their safety was a priority. He came out himself and his team to attack the ninjas. They had a plan to run them over with a car. Furry was one step ahead this time. He took a rifle and went to a high building and decided to shoot the car tire. It paid off because he was able to stop the truck as it was speeding towards them. The driver was speeding and he wanted to run them over. Furry shot the back wheels and it slowed down. He then called Ki and he told him and Collin to slowly follow the car to be able to identify their hideout. Ki was scared and so Collin followed them slowly and found out their hide out. Although she had risked it all and they had realized she is following them and so they captured her. Meanwhile Ki went home scared. Then he realized he had made a mistake and he decided to call Collin. Immediately her phone was not ringing he knew something was amiss. He called Furry and asked him about Collins where about. Furry told booker to call Collin using a private number. When he rang it he Carter picked it up and told him this time its personal, if he does not show up he is going to kill Collin. Booker told him its also personal to him. He called furry and asked him what had happened? Furry explained to him everything. The big challenge was now how to explain to her parents where is Collin? Ki was good in mimicking voices called her father and decided to lie she will be staying at his place. Booker was determined to end him once and for all. They waited for his call for some few days. Then he called them and decided they meet in a city hall building. Booker wasted no time he went right away. He was not thinking clearly, he only wanted revenge. Though Ki had a plan to expose Carter Simon. His plan was to go to the highest tower and use the cameras to expose Carter to the whole world. Booker stormed in their basements and started fighting them one by one. He could punch 3 guys at the same time and they all fall down. Even gunshots could not stop him he could throw tables towards them. They were all afraid of his viciousness. He even started killing his hunch men. Soon he reached roof top and saw Collin badly injured. Soon he saw Carter dressed in black like a gangster. Carter pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Collin, booker had to submit to him so that he does not kill Collin. Carter started laughing and told booker to kneel down and put his hands on his head. His hunch men then came and put hand cuffs on his hands. They held him captive. Carter then came and hit bookers head with a gun. He said to him Im gonna end you both I lied to you Id spare your friends life. Meanwhile Ki was struggling to enter the highest tower. They asked him if he had an appointment there? The bouncers then carried him outside the building. He had to ask Furry to hack their system and send him a gate pass. Furry did that and so he had a gate pass which allowed him to enter. Ki ran very fast to the sound system and told him to direct the camera towards the highest building. He asked if it was the order from above. Ki lied to him it was an order from above. He switched on the all the cameras and directed them there. It showcased everything to everyone. The billboards even started showcasing everything. Carter was busy saying how he is disgusted by booker and how he is going to end his life. Collin saw from the billboards what was happening and kept urging Carter to speak more bad words. Soon Booker told him to look behind and see what was happening. As soon as he turned he saw many cameras looking towards him. He was shocked to see himself exposed. Soon the police had arrived at that basement and arrested all of his hunch men. He had nowhere to hide and so he had to submit himself. They arrested him and Collin was taken to the hospital. Booker had to run to hide his identity. Tess had no idea what was going on since she was studying. Then she went online and saw her father torturing Collin, and she could not believe what she saw. She was left with tears because she never thought her father could do what he did. That day she went home direct and packed her clothes and left his fathers house. Booker had to go and follow Tess to ensure she was doing well. He followed her to go and console her. Tess opened up she was very much disappointed with her father, nevertheless she had to move on. Tess asked Booker why he was so kind to her? Booker had to open up to her he is into her. From the first day she joined campus. Tess said that she also felt something for booker. They both hugged and went to look for an inn. Meanwhile Collin was taken to the nearest hospital and was receiving treatment. Ki went over there and kept her company until morning. In the morning she had gotten better and they had to discharge her from the hospital. Ki was there by her side to ensure she is ok. Her parents who were very worried came to pick her up and take her home. They were very worried of their daughters welfare. They also had a lot of questions for her. How did she find herself with carter. Collin knew she had to make up a lie. The good thing is that she was safe. Nick furry was also happy to see Collin safe.

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