The first ever superhero


Booker wanted to make a comeback in the Ultimate force but he did not know how he was going to reach out to Nick Furry. Nevertheless he knew he was not supposed to tell anyone. So he started to look for Nick furry in the internet. He did not find any traces of him, so he did not know what to do. Then that same day as he was working in the evening, he saw a spaceship approaching his way. Booker knew Furry had come back. In no time Nick furry opened the door and told him to get in. Booker was wondering how furry found him. Furry explained to him that he was watching his every move to ensure he is not a serial killer. Then they realized he wanted to make a comeback. Next thing they traced him to his home. Booker told them that he is ready to join the Ultimate force. Furry now showed him his new costume and cap. He even gave him customized glasses that were to help him communicate to the support team. The pearl was inserted in his body and he acquired huge power. The next challenge was to train in order to acquire agility and strength. Booker was told his training was to start soon. Furry released him and he even gave him some money. Furry explained to him that he knows his family is facing financial problems. Furry also said he was offering to help out. Booker was released and he went home directly. That same day he arrived home late and he found everyone asleep, he had brought them shopping. He went to sleep. The next day he woke up late and went for his first day at training. When he entered the air spaceship he got shocked to see furry firing shots at him, then he started running away from him. He did not know why he was doing it. Then he saw a guy opening a tank and a lot of water being poured towards him. Then he knew training had begun and he had to try and give a good first impression. So he jumped up high and he started hanging on the chandelier then Furry closed the tap, and he told him his training had started. Nick Furry told him he wants him to be fit so he has to work hard. Booker was very lazy and had never before done a work out. So he had to stay in the air spaceship and train everyday. By the time he went back his parents asked him what he was up to and why he was not home for a week. Booker explained himself saying he was looking for a job. His parents also asked him where he was getting the money to fund their expenses. He said its just good luck and hard work. Then that same day some street gangsters vandalized their home, then one of them said ”they have been monitoring their family ” and they have been progressing well. Now they have come to take all their properties. Booker was very fed up with the stupidity in the city and so he stood up to them. He told them to leave the house right away. They started mocking him for his body size. Then they pulled out guns and started firing at him, but this time he was prepared to fight them. He put on his glasses and started firing shots at them. Then Furry started to communicate with him and directing him on how to tackle them. So he was told to put on his suit and direct them to the streets. They started chasing after him while firing gun shots. Then he was told to press a button on his glasses to put on his costume. So he had to hide so that he can be able to change. When he came back dressed in green and told them to freeze they started giggling. They did not know what awaited them. Booker started to fire shots at them he charged at one of them and lifted him with single arm and squeezed him until he started loosing breath, then he threw him to the floor. Then he gave another one a super punch and he fell five meters away. Now they knew he was not joking they started firing shots at him but he was too strong. Booker could jump twice and make them all fall to the ground. He had the power to shake the ground. He managed to over power them. Then he saw paparazzi taking photographs of him then on that same night he saw himself on the news. The people of new York had nick named him Big B. Booker then was even posted on billboards. From there on he started fighting crime in the streets and restoring peace in the city. He became the darling of the people. Even the cops were happy with what he was doing. The question that they were asking themselves is who was the mysterious guy behind the mask and green cap. Booker tried to keep everything a secret.

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