The first ever superhero


Booker had fought the biggest gangsters and ensured there is peace in the neighbor hood. Although the gangsters were not happy with what they were seeing, and they were wondering which clown was messing with them. They were determined to know who was that who was that who was behind their every downfall. Meanwhile Booker continued with life. Nick Furry had given him an allowance and he had sort out some bills and he even got money to enroll in a university. Things were starting to look great for him. He joined campus and he started learning medicine. He went and took a seat at the back next to a Chinese guy named Ki. They vibed well and even started establishing a great friendship. Ki even invited him to their house for dinner so that he can get to know his parents. Together they formed a great friendship. Booker even thought of asking Nick Furry if Ki could join the ultimate force. Then he remembered no one was supposed to know his big secret. Then the first semester ended. Booker had nothing to do since he restored parity in his city. He was just hanging around with Ki and getting to know each other better. One day Ki asked Booker about his love life, if he had ever fallen in love with a girl? Booker then answered him he had never fallen in love before. He said for him growing up he was just focused on studies and trying to improve the financial matters of his family. Ki was surprised by his statement. He wondered which planet Booker was from. But Booker explained to him his situation at home. Then Ki explained to him that for a long time he has had eyes for Collin a girl in their class. He wanted advice from Booker on how he he is going to court her. Booker had no advice for him since he had never before been in love before. Though he told him to be sincere and be there for her all times. So Ki was determined to make a move the next semester. When it reached he went after her on the first day and invited her for lunch so that they can have a group discussion. Then Collin agreed to it. Ki was excited on hearing that. He ran and told Booker about it. When it reached lunch time he told Booker to come and join him in the discussion. They ordered for food from outside the school and they started their discussion. Booker was just floating, he could not relate with the things they were discussing about. One thing was for sure he felt those two were vybing well. He even left to give them space. After some time the discussions ended and Ki told Booker they walk her home. They walked Collin home and they both walked home since they lived in the same neighbor hood. On the way Ki was very overwhelmed he kept complimenting her. Booker told him he should make a move as soon as possible. Ki was determined to make it official. Although he knew everything is step by step. Next they started working together in class and in projects. Collin joined their squad and they became 3 people. One day he got a call from furry to come to the air spaceship. When he joined them he asked if Ki could join the ultimate force. Furry told him he could not trust anyone, since what they were doing was top secret. Booker said he was his friend and he was trustworthy. Furry told him it should remain top secret. Booker got angry but he decided to take it easy. On his way back he got a message from Ki requesting for a dinner with both their parents. Booker accepted since he had never met his parents before. A week later he and Nia had prepared for that special dinner. On that night it was special because everyone enjoyed themselves. Then Booker told Ki that he wants to show him a new invention he was up to. So he went to his room and showed him the invention he had come up with. Then Ki saw a green cap which was lying on the wardrobe. He was quick to ask where did he get that cap from which looked like the one from big B. Booker was quick to say he got it from the supermarket, since he is a fan. He was very nervous until he started sweating. Ki did not ask him more questions. Then the dinner night ended and Ki left to his home. Booker was now nervous asking himself a lot of questions. The next day Ki started telling him how he is a big fan of big B. Booker started to act nervous once again. Even Collin noticed he was acting weird. Time went by and the second semester came to an end. Booker had done well in his examinations, and so his two friends decided to surprise him. They decided to do a prank on him. Collin decided they prank him they know his big secret. So they decided to tell his family members to help them prank Booker. They were told to come home later that night. So they decided to decorate everywhere in the house written ” we know your secret ”. Then they hid in the kitchen. Soon Booker came home and he was shocked to see many notes written ” I know you
e secret ”. So he entered and he found Ki and Collin sitting in his home. Then they said to him why were you hiding to us your big secret. Booker was shocked, how did they know his big secret. So he told them hes gonna open up. He went to his room and picked up his costume and cap and showed them off. Ki and Collin were surprised to know their friend is the neighbor hood super hero. Ki told him he did not expect him to be a super hero since he is does not like fighting. Collin even confessed he did not expect the person he had a crush is his close friend. They opened up to him telling him they wanted to prank him. They congratulated him for excelling in his examinations. He felt like he has dug his own grave. Booker told them not to tell anyone about it. He told them he is going to introduce them to the ultimate force. The next day he called furry and told him to bring the air spaceship. Soon furry opened the door and they all entered. Furry was enraged to see Ki and Collin. He shouted at Booker, why did you bring your friends over? Furry was so angry with what Booker did. Even Collin realized why it was a secret. This time Booker was also angry at Furry for not giving his friends a chance to work at the ultimate force. They argued for a while, until Booker told Furry if they could not join Ultimate force he is quitting. Furry although very angry decided that they could join the ultimate force. Furry told them to keep it a secret or else he will wipe out their memories.

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