The first ever superhero


They had to come up with a plan to make booker look bad. One evening they carried out an attack at night and even broke into a supermarket and stole all the cash. In the morning when the authorities came they were told it was a group of ninjas dressed in black. The journalist who was reporting the case started to say where was Big B when the attack was being carried out? He started to make the citizens question his loyalty to them. Ki was at home chilling and he saw the news. He was quick to call furry and tell him about what he had seen. Furry had not seen anything and so Ki sent him a video. Soon him and Collin were in the air spaceship and they started their work, they had to start investigating the journalist. Ki was quick to try and find some background information about the journalist. He realized that he could not find any information about the journalist who is jeopardizing Bookers reputation. They knew something was not alright. On the other hand booker could not believe what he was seeing. How did that attack happen? Why was that journalist tarnishing his reputation? Ki came up with a plan to try and unmask those ninjas who were wrecking havoc. In the city there were ninjas dressed in black who were vandalizing peoples property, but whenever booker tried to catch them in the act they were quick to run away. Meanwhile the reporter was busy tarnishing bookers name. The people were now brain washed and started to believe the journalist. Early in the morning when booker was going to school he saw many posters which rebuked him. Even at school he was hearing students and teachers mocking him. He felt very sad about the matter and so he went and lied alone in the basketball court. Then he saw Tess coming his way. She came to cheer booker up. Tess said to him ” Ive seen you lying by yourself and so I came to cheer you up ”. Booker was quick to open up about his issues but he had to bring it out in a different way. Booker told him he was goin through a tough time, and he was feeling emotional. Tess was quick to tell him everything is gonna be ok with time. She gave booker some motivation to go on with life. That same day as he was heading home he threw his costume to the dustbin. Then the next day a street guy picked his costume and gave it to the police. The journalist was once again quick to rubbish big b as worthless. Furry was quick to ask Booker why he did that? Booker said he does not feel like continuing. Furry and Ki had to try and convince him to continue and prove himself. They had to create another suit and even try to come up with new methods to deal with the ninjas in the street. Collin came up with microchips and drones which were to monitor the whole city. Ki also came up with glasses which could fire guns at the ninjas. With all that creativity he had to make a comeback. The next day Furry was watching the move of everyone in the city. Then in the evening there was an attack being carried out in the city hall, but this time he was ready to take them on by himself. Soon he jumped down to the floor and met face to face with them. This time he meant business, he started firing shots at them. This time he was determined to end them. As soon as he entered the mall, they were shocked to see him make a come back. They started to fire shots at him and he had to hide not to get shot. Soon he heard furry giving him directions on how to fight them. He was told to fire shots at them with his glasses. Soon he firing shots at them so they had to retreat. Booker was determined to destroy them and so he chased them away leaving them injured. The citizens who were there appreciated what they were seeing. Booker started to feel he is regaining the love of the city. Then later he went home and was chilling watching the news. He heard the same reporter claiming he has caused destruction by firing shots. He was left wondering what that journalist wanted from him? Nevertheless he knew he had to move on. The next day in school he went to thank Tess for checking on her. He still was developing feelings towards her. That day they exchanged numbers and even started talking on phone. He had become very attached to Tess, knowing that she was a fan of big b. Booker continued to fight crime and knock out ninjas. One day Ki thought of capturing one of the ninjas and asking them who is behind those attacks. Collin thought of humiliating him in the streets. One day while he was fighting the ninjas in the hood one of the ninjas scratched his hand and blood came out. Then he saw the journalist looking at him from a building, Nevertheless he had to question one of the ninjas who is behind this attacks? He said Carter was the one in charge of the attacks. Booker had never before heard that name. Even after consulting with Ki and Collin they could not identify who that is. Though they knew it has to be the name of a gang leader. After some time getting to know each other better with Tess one day Tess invited him for a dinner. Booker had to prepare himself and attend. When he attended the party he was shocked to find out the negative journalist is Tesss dad. He felt really disgusted. There at the dinner house he was just talking ill about big b. Booker was just bored by him. Then one of the housemaids came to serve him and spilled water. Then he knew if he removed his sweater his secret would be known. Then he was quick to say he will go to the washrooms. As soon as he got up blood spurt from his arm and fell on the floor. He knew he had made a mistake. Carter was shocked on seeing blood come from his arm. Later that night when Carter went to sleep he started to reminisce and he realized booker is the local hero who has been ruining all his plans. He got so happy because he knew from now he is going to end booker.

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