The last kaldwin


Monarchy is no ones best friend when it comes to power and respect. It also stirs jealousy and hatred among your own family. For the throne, the son murders the father, and the brother murders the brother. The throne is as beautiful as it seems from the front, carved with gold studded with diamonds and jewels , but from behind it is a pile of bodies. Many people fight wars just for the right to rule. For the empire, innocent blood is spilled, people rebel, and states fall. My father murdered my mother for the throne and tore the city apart to find me and subject me to the same fate. Years have passed in which he has helped the wealthy become even wealthier while dragging the poor into the streets. People flee from Annexia, leaving the city vulnerable to attacks from other cities. I must save my home and my people. My father will die by my hands, and I will make sure that no one meets the same fate for the throne. I am Amelia Kaldwin and this is my story.

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