The last kaldwin

\"The End and the Beginning\"

I was born in Annexia. Emily Kaldwin, my mother, My grandfather, Emperor Corvo Kaldwin, my grandmother, Empress Jasmine Kaldwin; and my father, General Emhyr Valeris. My mother and father married for love, but the father never loved her. He had different intentions. I was very close to my grandfather. He taught me how to fight and be stealthy, and a few days after my grandmothers death, he called me and said you are now old enough to learn a secret. He told me about the ancient one and his blessing and how it would be useful to me. He gave me the ancient one mark, unlike his one, which was burnt onto my skin. I always asked him why I needed this and he always replied the same, ”One day you will need this to protect you and your people ”. A few weeks passed, and Grandad passed away. I was too sad to do anything. It was like my whole life was taken from me I just stood there watching as the boat he was placed in sailed to a small island where the Kaldwins are laid to rest. Just a few days had passed when my mother woke me up in the middle of the night wearing her travelling clothes and with her sword. She told me to get my clothes and my weapons So, without asking questions, I dressed and took the sword and pistol that Granddad had left me, and we quickly and quietly left. As Mother explained how Father had planned to have us killed and take the throne, we left for the harbor, where a boat was waiting for us. We ran into patrol. They were given the order to kill us. I fought alongside her. We drew closer to the harbor. She ran toward them, drew her sword, and fought. One by one, every guard fell. A shot was fired and my mother stopped and fell. My heart fell like a stone. I looked around and I saw my father standing there with his pistol drawn. A fire was lit inside me. I wanted to kill him and see if Mother was alive, but I was drawn back and the boat left.

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