The last kaldwin

\"The Malfunctions\"

Seven years have passed since my mothers death. In the peoples eyes, my mother and I died in a bandit attack that Emhyr had faked. I had turned 18. All these years, I gathered information and perfected my skills till the eighth death anniversary of my mother. It is said Emhyr will be there, and that will be the chance to strike, but to reach him I must kill his pawns first, which is Hendrick, Gina, and Emred, Anna had arrived with a package in hand. Anna was my protector, my loyalist, and the one who drew me back on the boat to hide for a long time for Emhyr to forget. She was Legate in the army and Emhyrs guard. She was the one who told her mother to flee Annexia, She was a loyal soldier to my grandfather. What is supposed to be in the box? asked Anna. ”A round, a very special round, ” I replied to her. We have exploding rounds how can it be more special? I took out the bullet and showed it to her, ”This is the bullet he used to kill my mother, and this will be the bullet to his demise, Had to give a big amount of gold. I said, Anna was looking tense You better get some rest before we set off. You should go to nearby caves and try to meditate and relax. Without a word, I left, knowing I needed strength to begin. As I reached the cave, I met a monk. I talked to him about a quiet cave for meditation. I saw him look At the mark on my hand, the ancient ones mark. Then he led me to a very different cave, with strange markings. I was panicked. I thought my identity had been revealed as no one except the Kaldwins had received Ancient one blessing, but he quietly led me into the cave and left. I sat down and closed my eyes as soon as I opened them. I looked as if I was somewhere else, a place I had never seen before. A figure appeared in front of me and spoke, ”Amelia Kaldwin, Empress of Annexia. ” daughter to a dead mother and a traitor to the throne, ”You try to find a way to remove him from the throne, and yet you fail. Who are you? I asked him. ”The ancient one. I am who your grandfather once sought, ” he said, and looked at my mark. Suddenly, it started to burn and started turning black until it made the mark more visible. Now I give you the power I gave your grandfather; use it wisely to save your people. He said. ”What kinds of powers can I use ”? I asked I felt excited Grandad used to tell me stories about the ancient ones powers when I was a little girl, and now I can use them myself. The ability to cloak your to be stealthy so that your opponents do not hear your footsteps and to have eagle vision ability to use areas to your advantage, see through hidden things; ”How you end his reign is up to you. Either way, I can count on a good show. When you need us, you can call through your mark, ” said the ancient one. ”What do you mean for us? ” I tried to ask him quickly, but he disappeared. I looked around. So I was back in the cave and standing there in front of the monk, so the ancient one chose to say in a cold voice. I could only utter ”yes ”, and he said, ”Then the sacrifice must be completed. ” As he finished, he took out a dagger and held it up. I quickly got up and tried to defend myself. But he plunged the dagger into his own heart. He fell, and his body writhed and became stiff. I quickly left the cave and headed home. As soon as I arrived, I told Anna everything. She was torn between expressions. She left the room and returned with a book in hand, sat down and read ”When the ancient one chooses his champion, his worshippers, they sacrifice their lives in order to honour the ancient one and the champion. ” Anna looked happy and terrified at the same time. She managed to calm her down. and said, ”I have arranged a boat and a hideout in Annex. Prepare yourselves, long days are ahead. ” She left the room. I prepared myself by training harder. My power made things easier for me. The days ended quickly. The time had come. We headed to Annexia to end Emhyrs reign. We packed our weapons, ammunition, clothes, and gold to help on our journey. I talked to the boatman and told him to take us to the place where Kaldwin was put to rest. The boatman didn look surprised even though people aren allowed there , but just happy with more gold I had just given him. When we arrived, Anna said shed stay on the shore, so I went to my mothers and grandparents graves and noticed the mark of the ancient one carved on their gravestones. The mark on my hand started heating as I approached Suddenly, my mother, grandmother, and grandmother appeared in front of me. I was surprised to speak, but I noticed they were smiling.My mother spoke first. ”I am so proud of you, my daughter. ”You have grown so much in such a short time. ” Don avenge my death by killing Emhyr. Do this to help the people of Annexia. ”Let him be judged by the ancient one himself. ” Even though Grandad was ghostly butwhen he put his hand on my shoulder, I felt the weight ”When I was young, I was granted the power of the ancient one. I hid from my parents, I became an assassin, helping people in distress. Thats when I made myself an armored, light, stealthy, and grappling hook for scaling buildings. I hid it when I became the Emporer and because it was broken too. The man who made it died, but his son still lives. Maybe he can help you rebuild it. It is hidden beneath the castle through a cave behind the waterfall The one I used to take you to find and use it well, ”Grandmother was silent but smiling, ”May the ancient one be with you. ” She said, and then all of them disappeared. I walked silently to the boat As we set off for Annexia, I was thinking about the way that I would be able to dawn the armour of my grandfather to help the people of Annexia. I saw Anna looking rather worriedly, but she kept silent till we reached Annexia. We quickly went to the hideout because we couldn risk mingling around the street. We settled down, kept our things, and we put the plans on the table, quickly revising everything, but I had different plans. I told Anna about Grandads armour and my plan to retrieve it. I thought that she would probably tell me not to go for it, but she said to go and retrieve it. We must be prepared for everything. In the meantime, I will go find that armorer. I left quickly; I knew the streets of Annexia I reached it very quickly and entered the cave. It was very well thought out, unlike other dark caves. It was well lit up without any torches. I walked carefully, knowing Grandad to be careful. There were no traps, but when I got to the main chamber, I realised why there was a whole parkour path to the middle platform, where you had to swing through rods, which required immense power and years of practice. It took me five tries to reach the last one, which sank, raising a platform to land on. The armour was closed in a strong glass box with an ancient ones sign. Without knowing anything, I brought my hand mark closer to it and the glass box started ascending, leaving me to take the armor. I looked at the armour to take. It was black and sleek, light in weight but strong and tough enough to stop bullets. I picked it up and looked at it. I noticed the ancient ones symbol on the buttons. The grappling hook was broken, and the cloth looked a little ruined. I needed to find the armourer to repair it. I got out of that cave and went to Anna. When I reached home, Anna was standing there with a man. I shook his hand, which he shook happily and bowed. I was shocked because people don usually do this to ordinary people. Seeing my expression, Anna said. He is a loyalist, and he is the man you are seeking. He is the armorer. Edward, as he nodded, took the armour from me and looked at it. He said, ”It is very interesting work, surely my fathers. I can rebuild it easily if I can find the blueprints, but I will need some money. I would have rebuilt it for free, but Emhyr has put taxes on everything. People have to sell their homes just to have enough money to eat. Anna gave him the desired amount, and he bowed and left. After two days of waiting, he finally arrived with the armour retrieved to its former glory. He gave it to me with a bow. I went inside my room and changed and came out to see Anna beaming. I looked at myself if I felt stronger. But the grappling hook was missing. Edward replied, ”Wait a moment. ” He walked out of the room and arrived with a staff member. After some experimenting, I found that the old one was not accurate and didn allow me to go farther than a small house. I have made it accurate and, through a longer line now, you can scale todays higher buildings easily ”. I took it in my hand and carefully looked at it. It was made of strong wood and had a golden lion as the top handle. I pressed it, and a small hook appeared on the lower end, and a gap appeared in the middle. I pulled the staff out and inside was a concealed razor-sharp sword. It was a concealed weapon, which meant there was no use for the sword anymore. I could take the staff anywhere without it passing as a weapon. I was amazed. The Edward merely smiled and said, ”It was an honour to build something for you. ” Help the people of Annexia they need you. ” He said and left, ”Im ready now. It was time to head out. But Anna stopped me and said, ”Not now. ” ”Wait for two days rest and figure out your plans . ” I didn want to wait but still listened to her. On the second night, while revising our plans, I heard fireworks from everywhere. but couldn find the reason, so after revising our plan, we went to sleep.

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