The last kaldwin

\"The Last Party\"

I woke up the next day Anna was still sleeping, and nothing had woken her up.I got up and took the armour and op from the stand, put them on, took a gold pouch, and headed out. I went straight to a tavern, as that was a place where I could gather information. I entered the tavern and went to the barman and asked for tea. It was unusual for a tavern to have tea, but Emhyr had put tea taxes on, forcing many cafes out of business, which had resulted in tavern keepers smuggling tea. The man said, ”I put two gold coins on the table. He poured a cup. ” I pulled my hood down. ”Are you a foreigner? You must know that women aren allowed in taverns according to the law, but the laws my arse. I love money more than those damned laws. The man said, ”No, not a foreigner. I have a home here. ” I said to him. Then sell it and run away from here. People are killing each other to eat, and he spent thousands last night on the marriage of Hendrick and Gina. People say Gina is worse than Hendrick. She enjoys hurting people. She thinks it is all beneath her. People have found dead bodies beneath the sewer of Kaldwins summer house. Thats where they live now. It is said that Emhyr was at the wedding too. We have been planning to ambush the area as the security has been reduced due to the wedding, but we will live our lives as we have children. I thanked him for telling me that and quickly left for the summer house, where I usually hide. So I knew every nook and cranny very soon. I reached the summer house. I used Eagle Vision to scout the area and see how many guards were there. The only safe way to get anywhere near climbing was through the sewers. So I jumped in. The water was cold as ice. I still pushed through. As I reached closer, I pulled my stuff from the back, pointed it to a nearby railing, yanked it back, began to lift, caught the railing, climbed in, and hid in the bushes. There weren any guards in the yard, so they must be inside, so I tread carefully and looked around. The only way to get into the building was through a window. I pointed at the window with the grappling hook. I shot it. It stuck. I pulled it. A guard fell. Oh god, Ive got to be careful, I said. I hid his body quickly and tried to get in. I was in the kitchen. Two maids were working there. They were talking, ”It is a nightmare working here. Last night was horrible Gina and Hendrick are now in the steam room, even though the steamer is not in use. working properly. That information was enough. I quickly slipped out of the kitchen and went to the steam room. It was down in the basement, so it gave me cover too easily. Take them down. I got into the steam room. It has been changed. A new room had been made and a stone bench that had an invitation to the Embed party looked into it. It was to be held in the marble mansion. The invitation would be useful to get inside without forging one. I kept it inside the coat and looked up. There were pipes all over the place and a valve to increase and decrease the temperature. I could hear Gina and Hendrick. A plan came to my mind. If I increased the temperature high enough, the pipes would blow and it would look like an accident and wouldn draw attention to anybody. I raised the temperature to avoid drawing attention to myself, and the pressure began to rise as I realised I only had a few minutes. I quickly came out and jumped in the pool, swimming to the bottom because I knew there was a vent that led to a sewer that would allow me to escape quickly. When I reached the sewer, I heard a loud bang; Gina and Hendrick were dead. I quickly got to land and hurried home. I saw people glancing at me as I was dripping wet and smelling bad from swimming through the sewers. As soon as I reached home, Anna tried to hug me, but I held her back. Soon the smell came to her, so she sent me to the shower. As soon as I came back from the shower, Anna was bursting with expression, as though she would blow up I didn tell her anything, so I sat her down and told her everything. At last, she calmed and said, ”Good thinking of making it look like an accident. ” We didn need to wait until noon because the news spread quickly that Gina and Hendrick had died in a steamer explosion.

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