The last kaldwin

\"The Abolishment\"

As soon as I arrived from the party and entered, Anna looked stressed. Anna began to speak as soon as I entered the room, saying, ”I can believe I forgot about the torturer. ” ”Who, ” I asked, and Anna began again.He is Emhyrs personal torturer The ones unwilling to do his bidding are sent to him and the methods he uses are unspeakable. I once attended one of his tortures. I was called by Emhyr. I fainted halfway through. The thing is, no one survives his tortures Some people call him ”the butcher. ” I saw Anna shiver, which I had never seen her do. ”Where does he live? ” I asked where he lives. He lives in a warehouse near the palace. Thats where he performs his torture ”. I knew which warehouse she was talking about. Grandfather forbade me to go near that place and, as I remembered, I had once argued with Emhyr to have him removed due to his actions. He referred to him as the butcher. I did not need sleep, so I quickly got my armour on and stepped out again. It was almost midnight, which was good because this would help me disappear. The streets were quite It was quite peaceful, but it was not the time for peace, so I moved on quickly. I reached the warehouse. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath and hid in the darkness I saw two men walking, so I hid near the bushes. I heard one of them say, ” As soon ” as we delivered the crusher, we headed out. The look His eyes told me he wanted to use the machine on one of us. ”They moved and I stepped out and tried to find a way in. The only way in was a giant door and another through a window, so I took my staff out, pointed it toward the window and shot it. It stuck and I pulled myself up and started climbing down the platform. I saw the butcher. He threw a man down in the crusher. He screamed yet no one could hear his voice except me and a hundreds of dead tortured people hanging from hooks It was a sickening sight. The place reeked of dead people. I moved forward. The platform suddenly came loose and fell, taking me down with it. I quickly got up. The butcher looked around and saw me. He pulled out a cleaver and stood ready, so I took the sword from my staff and soon ran towards him. We were locked in battle. He was a skilled fighter. He deflected every blow of mine. We fought hard. For fifteen minutes, I started to breath heavily. Fighting him made me realise his reflexes weren as fast as mine; he couldn dodge like me. Once again, he struck hard. I doged and cut his elbow. He fell down on his knees. He turned to me and I kicked him square In the chest which threw him in the crusher, now his screams echoed in the place where his enemies once screamed, ”About time you have a taste of your own medicine. ” I did not have time to linger, so I came out of the warehouse. It was still night, so I hurried on as soon as I reached.

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