The last kaldwin

\"The New Dawn\"

When I opened the door, I was met with horror: the place had been ripped apart, there was blood everywhere, dead gaurds everywhere, and Anna was nowhere to be found.I was shocked that my friend, my protector , my only comfort, might be dead or being tortured by Emhyr. I couldn risk being here at night. Tomorrow was the day of my mothers 18th anniversary. I slept in an inn. The next morning, I woke up, got dressed and went down and sat to eat something as I needed energy and heard that the mourning had shifted to the castle for security reasons. Emhyr was cautious, believing that no one could enter the castle.But he was wrong, there was another way inside. I got out of the inn after eating. I quickly travelled near the castle waterfall and I started finding the secret door. The dirt and moss had hidden it perfectly. It was almost afternoon till I found the door and opened it. I went inside. It was a long passage which led to the tower, which led to the roof, which would give me easy access to Emhyrs balcony, where he would speak to the people and where I could assassinate him. I suddenly remembered the bullet, but my heart sank as I remembered giving it to Anna and telling her to give it to me when we went to Kill Emhyr.I carried on. I got into the tower, then onto the roof and looked at the balcony. There he was standing there in front of people lying about how much he loved her. I felt the surge of hatred and anger. I wanted to shoot him right there. But I stopped myself. Emhyr will die by my hands and I want to look him in the eyes before I kill him. So I shot his two guards and drew my sword from the staff and jumped down. I removed my hood and said, ”Hello Father, ” before facing him.Amelia was stunned. He just said, ”Amelia, you are alive. ” Before swinging a blow at me, we fought locked in battle, swinging our swords to land a blow. Emhyr finally landed a blow which staggered me. He finally knocked on the railing. We were completely locked in batte The weight was too much for the railing to hold, so it broke. We fell down between the people I was in pain, my back hurt, but I got up and so did Emhyr. We both picked up our swords and but Emhyr spoke. I spoke to Emily to let me be the butler. Your mother was a stupid one. She didn allow it, so I had to kill her. I saw his eyes move quickly. I looked back. A man was running towards me with his sword ready to strike. Out of nowhere, a woman came out of the crowd and threw a dagger, which hit him in the head and pulled her hood down. It was Anna She smiled and threw a pistol. It only had one bullet. I suddenly remembered this was the end. This was the bullet to Emhyrs demise. Anna shrieked, ”Now. ” I looked back Emhyr was about to strike me I doged his attack and stricked his leg. He fell down and I pointed my pistol at him and looked in his eyes and said ”may the ancient one be with you ” and shot him. He fell down. I collapsed on my knees. It felt as though all power had been taken from me. People were cheering all around me, but I could barely hear anyone. It was a weird feeling. I knew that all had been finished, yet I didn feel happy or relieved. It felt as though a heavy weight was placed on my heart After a few minutes, I had the courage to get up. Anna had silenced everyone so I could speak So I got up to the raised platform and spoke. ”8 years ago on this very day, we fled from our own home, but couldn run far. Emhyr cornered us. My mother sacrificed herself to save me and our legacy. I am Amelia Kaldwin. The bandit attack was staged. Emhyr tried to kill us and succeeded in killing my mother, but failed to kill me. I faced the death of my mother because of the throne, and countless others have been through the same fate. So today I end the monarchy and start a democratic state where people choose who they want as or don want as their leader, so no more innocent blood is spilled, no more families are torn apart in spite of the throne ”

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