The lost life within


Next day Rajveer goes to school. Before going to school, his mother put on some medicine on the wonds that Rajveer body has .His mothers eyes is full of tears while dressing the wonds for her son . Rajveer wipes out the tears of her face with a smile

RAJVEER- ”Mom its okay, its nothing to be worry about, I am completely fine .

MOM- ” I am so sorry son ,I can do anything for you.( tears rolls out from her eyes)

RAJVEER- ”I love you mom( hugs his mom)

Rajveer leaves for school with a smile on his face and heart and body full of pain.

On reaching the school he sees other students walking, jumping, and smiling while walking towards the classroom with their friends. Rajveer suffering has made him an introvert ,his communication skills or talking to others has not been that good .After reaching the classroom . He sits at the corner of first bench near to a window.Bell rings everyone goes to their own desk. Teacher comes in with two new students

TEACHER- ” Good morning class .

STUDENTS- ” Good morning mam

TEACHER- ”Let me introduce you to new students this is ,Mansa and his twin brother , Shiv.

TEACHER- ” New students introduce yourself to the class

MANSA- ” Good morning everyone. Myself Mansa . I have score of 79 percentage in the entrance exam.

( Everyone from the class was staring at the Mansa has she was the most beautiful girl in the entire school,her hair was very shiny,her smile was like a diamond sparks in the night when moon light falls on it).

SHIV- ” Good morning everyone ,I am shiv , I have score of 82 percentage.

( Shiv was very muscular, tall and handsome boy )

TEACHER- ” Go and grab your place for the lecture.

Mansa and shiv moves towards the benches . Shiv goes to the last bench .And on the other hand Mansa sits beside , Rajveer . The class goes on in the Lunch break , Everyone trys to introduce them to the new the students were very smart and good looking, everyone wants to be there friends.

Mansa notices a boy in the corner writing something ,who is sitting all alone in the corner .But is distracted due to the boys and girls who are trying to become their friends.

School is over , everyone heads towards the main gate, so they can go home with parents. Everyones walking with theirs friends toward the gate. Mansa and shiv having a huge group walking with them.Mansa see shiv alone walking towards the gate .And sees that shiv driver has come to receive him and he leaves the school

Mansa and shiv dad comes to pick them ,they go home with their dad.

At night while reading, Mansa remember that boy who is always away from the crowd.Always walks alone .She thinks

Mansa- ” whats is with that boy .Such strange boy he his .Talks to nobody and ,he so rich that driver comes to receive him.Still does not smile .

A new story is going to take place .Which, Rajveer does not know.A small plants buds are going blossom and create a new beautiful flower which will have a Positive or negative effects

Lets continue….

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