The lost life within


Mom keeps crying and calling his son from a heart full of pain .

Inside the room ,his dad after locking the room moves towards Rajveer,with wooden stick and a hot rod, which can burn a skin in just seconds.

Inside the room

RAJVEER- ”Please dad, let me go ,I am sorry, please

DAD- ”You little brat , how dare you raise your voice infront of your father, you will get a punishment, I will teach you a good lesson you little piece of shit, Good for nothing.

His dad moves towards him, Rajveer is scared and his legs starts to Shriver, His dad grabs him and removes his shirt .And takes the hand in the air and with full strength hits Rajveer on his back .

Rajveer shouts in pain

RAJVEER- ” MOMMMMMM, Please save me, ( crys out loud).

His dad hits him again ,

RAJVEER- ” Please save me mom, please let me go ,( garbs his dad legs and begs for mercy).

His dad hits him more 5 times , Rajveer starts to bleed and fells on the ground unconscious.

DAD- ” Now , thats a good lesson for you . ”

Opens the door .His mother crying for his son near the door , As the door opens his mother rush towards his son.

Seeing his son lying on the ground unconscious and bleeding from back with the injuries breaks her heart .

Grabs his son in her lap and says

MOM- ”Rajveer, Rajveer, my son please get up .I am so sorry my boy ,I can protect you.

(crying from all her heart)

Picks his unconscious son , and takes him to bed , Ask the maid to bring the first aid box ,As soon as maid arrives with the box , her mom starts to treat the wounds. Crying in pain for his son.

Suffering is a thing which can only effect good souls, sometimes god blesses people or cruses them with suffering no one knows why he always chooses the good soul to punish with suffering.

Lets continue….

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