The lost life within


MANSA( to herself): That damm fool!. what does he think ,he is ,bloody rich brat.

Mansa was lying on the bed and think about the day she was gone through in the school. Rajveer rudeness has made her mind so furious that he wanted to slap that boy.

And all of suddenly she remembers that she has taken something very precious from the him. Rajveers book ,she goes to the study table and ,opens her bag to see the book .

When she took out the book in her hand

MANSA (Reads the name of book ) : The lost smile.

Mansa sits on the study table and starts to read the book .The book was written in a such a manner that it tells story in the form of poem.

Book was having total of 10 chapters.

Mansa started to read the book after , completing the first chapter her eyes were full of tears. She was breathing heavily there was a small pain in her chest which was made by her heart to ache,her tears were not stopping.

Somehow she managed to wipe her falling tears and closed the book and kept it in her bag. Before that she hugs and kisses the book.

Sometimes we don really understand what a book can do in someones life its easy to criticise someones creation than to understand the hardships he went to create

lets continue…

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