The present I got for writing a story


Ring ! Ring ! (the alarm clock is ringing)

”Mmmhm…stop my ear is about to explode ” It was Friday, 8:00 in the morning. No matter how much I slept, I was always tired. I don know how I used to get so much sleep without doing much work.

”Oh god ! Look at the time. Im getting late…Its almost 8:15 now. That baldy will definitely scold me. I don want to hear his annoying voice first thing in the morning. Mom why didn you wake me up…Mom?…Mom? Hey, mom Im talking to you? Mom?

I yelled while wearing my favorite T-shirt and blue denim jeans underneath. Everyday whenever I got up late, I would always call my mom asking, why didn she wake me up? her one and only spoiled kid. And after calling her about 3 to 4 times if there was no answer then I used to remember that she is no longer with me.

Hey, everyone Im Gim-Iseul. A 33-year-old woman and I didn have a fixed job until I was 29. I have no family as my mother passed away 7 years ago because I gave her hyper tension being such a spoiled kid. When I was in elementary school my dad left us for another woman. And I don have siblings either. This is the story of my life when I was the most useless citizen of this country. I hope you can bear with me till the end.

At that time, I was too lazy to even make myself a well-made breakfast. So, every morning I used to go to work after chewing a piece of bread with milk.

I used to set my hair with my hand, as I was always late for my work. So, I thought it would be best to have short hair. And I won even need to comb it.

You know it saves time. After getting ready, putting on my long-sleeved black hoodie to match my yellow T-shirt, I closed the door and headed to my new workplace.

Oh wait, didn I tell you earlier, that this was my new job. Well yes I used to change jobs for some reason or the other, but that doesn mean they fired me. I used to leave those jobs on my own…you know…for Self-respect . Ah…okay lets not talk about it now.

”Oh look at this beautiful building, with little stars making it even grander ” I think it was my 10th day at work at that five-star restaurant. I guess it was the only place where I worked for so long.

You know how much I loved standing in front of that gorgeous looking five star restaurant. It always made me feel great. But it was just about the outside view. Although, from inside I had never felt like this.

I entered the restaurant through the back door because I knew well that my lousy new boss would be somewhere near the front door waiting to scold me nicely.

”Hey, Gim-Iseul-Shi, Boss is about to explode, you must hurry. You must head straight to the kitchen. Good luck ” As I entered the building, I was grabbed by Kim Dae-Jung. A good looking handsome university student, a perfect boy friend material. Who used to work as a part-timer in the same restaurant as a waiter. His small V shaped face with attractive facial features, his black lovely hair bangs covering his forehead made him look even more attractive. But he was not my type at all, so I considered him as my younger brother.

I then entered the kitchen and put on my uniform. And asked Kim-Byeol-Shi to give details of what I needed to do that day. Kim-Byeol-Shi was an old full-time worker who was probably in her 40s.

She used to work there as a cook. But for some reason she never liked me. She always gave me very tough tasks to work hard like lifting something heavier than my own weight or fixing something that is broken or just asking me to clean the kitchen, rest room and more.

I guess you must have guessed by now that I didn work there as a waitress, but as a person who could do things that no one would like to do, because that was a five-star restaurant. Where they only hired handsome looking people as waiters. But I also needed money so I accepted this job.

Kim-Byeol-Shi then asked me to clean the dishes, Then asked to replace the toilets bulb and then to lift all those heavy boxes lying on the back door. I didn complain and did what I was asked to do. And meanwhile a heavy voice arrogantly called my name ” Gim-Iseul-Shi ”.

I knew, it was my boss. I turned to look straight towards his big broad shoulders, his ugly square-shaped face with his shiny head. ”Ye…yes, Boss ” I replied. Then he asked me a question, which was the most terrifying thing that happened to me that morning.

” Let me ask you a question? ” He asked.

” ammmm ”

” So, Gim-Iseul-Shi, can you please tell me who moved those important crockery set of mine yesterday? ” his question really scared me to death.

”Ahem…yes it was me… ” I replied clearing my throat in a trembling voice.

”Oh so, it was you who broke my precious babies, huh? (his crockery set) ” he shouted loudly. The thing is the day before that day, when I was really tired and was about to leave for home, Kim-Byeol Shi asked me to shift the crockery set from the kitchen to the store room.

I didn want to do that, but since she was my superior, I had to obey her. I picked up the box and headed straight towards the store room and when I went inside the room, a big wild rat attacked me and the box hit the wall.

I didn know whether they were broken, I was just scared of the rats. So, after leaving it there I ran as fast as i could. I knew it was my fault so I was tongue-tied. I decided to face any consequences.

He constantly yelled at me, he humiliated me, criticized me. I didn say a word. But when he brought my late mother in the middle of my matter. I lost my temper and punched him hard in the face.

And unfortunately I was fired…

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