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After finishing their lunches, Yuriko and Takeru, both left the rooftop and walked down the set of stairs that led to the rooftop

”Tanaka-san, thank you for accompanying me again, I really enjoyed having lunch with you ”

”… I enjoyed it… Too… ”

Takeru who was still slightly embarrassed from earlier, answered in a low tone, but Yuriko was close enough to hear him, but she decided to act like she didn hear it properly

”Hm? What did you say just now? ”

”N-nothing!… … … ”

Although Takeru had said that with great vigor, he made an embarrassed face that clearly said he was lying, then his expression started to contort showing that he still had more to say

”… I just said that I wished you stopped petting my head… ”

”Fufu… That I cannot do, because Im really starting to enjoy petting you ”

”… *Pouts* ”

”Ahaha ”

Takeru started to pout even more at Yuriko because of her answer, which she enjoyed seeing again

”Ah, now that I think about it, would you like to accompany me to the rooftop again, Tanaka-san? ”

”Again? Well… Sure, I would like to accompany you… Ah! But this is not because I want to spend more time with you ”

”… ”

Yuriko was holding herself from laughing, at how different Takerus responses were, when he was embarrassed too when he was not. She breathed in to calm herself and then gave a response to Takerus agreement to her invitation

”Perfect! Then see you again, Tanaka-san ”

”Yeah… See you, Nanami-senpai ”

And they both went in opposite directions on the corridor after giving their farewells to each other. As Takeru made his way back to his classroom, he thought of the only thing that didn make him embarrassed and that he didn like on the rooftop

And he continued making his way, until he was back to his seat, right on time as the school bell rang shortly after he had sat down. With the lunch break now ended, the second lesson of the day started, when the teacher entered the classroom


Now that all lessons of the day had already ended, most of the students were either going home or going to their clubs, while Takeru decided to see where the places of the school were located, in case he needed to go there someday

And by chance, he was passing in front of the student council room

Then he noticed the suggestion box overflowing with letters near the entrance of the room

”… *Sigh* It doesn hurt gather the one on the floor ”

With that, Takeru started picking up some of the letters that had fallen on the floor

”… … … Hm?… Huh??… Eeeehhh???… ”

And as he picked up the letters on the floor, he started noticing that all of them were… Love letters… To Yuriko

”… *Looks at the letter he picked up* … *Looks at the overflowing suggestion box* … Why did the suggestion box become a love letterbox? ”

Although he was confused about that, he still managed to shove the letters in his hand into the suggestion box

”… Well… I guess… I can try to suggest something… *mumbles* For Nanami-san… ”

With that he picked a piece of paper and a pen from his bag, and when he tried to write a suggestion…

”… … … ”

Takeru started to brainstorm what he could suggest and nothing was coming up, aside from one thing. And without any other idea, he decided to write that suggestion that came up in his mind, which made him a little embarrassed

”… I think Ill just leave it in front of the suggestion box since the thing is already overflowing with love letters ”

Takeru left his suggestion there in plain, and before he could even leave

”Ara, Tanaka-san, I didn expect to meet you a third time today ”

”!? N-Nanami-senpai!? ”

Yuriko came out from the student council room which surprised Takeru

”Hm? ”

Yuriko then noticed the paper in front of the suggestion box, and with Takeru there, she concluded it was from him

”Fufu! ”

”! ”

Yuriko made a playful smile, and Takeru noticed that she was looking right at his letter. Then Yuriko moved to grab the letter, and so did Takeru, but Yuriko was faster than him and grabbed the letter and unfolded it

”Hmm… ”

”… ”

They both stayed quiet as she read the short letter, Yuriko had a serious face, while Takeru had a worried and slowly reddening face, and when she finished reading it, her serious face quickly broke into a

”Fufufufufu… Ahahaha! This is quite the bold suggestion from you, Tanaka-san ”

Yuriko was showing a beautiful playful and happy smile and expression as she held the letter close to her lips

”*Pouts*… If you didn like it, then give it back ”

Takeru looked away as he made an angry pouting face as usual

”I won give it back, because I really liked your suggestion very much, Tanaka-san. Also… Your suggestion is the first one I received since I became president ”

”I-I see… ”

Takeru still kept his angry pouting face, but Yuriko could see that his cheeks had loosened a little bit, as his lips trembled he tried to prevent a smile from forming on his face

”You know that you couldve suggested that to me directly earlier you know… Or did you suggest it, because you wanted me to feel good from receiving a suggestion? ”

”… I-its not like that… ”

Takerus face became redder as Yuriko said that, and he also started looking down as he kept avoiding making eye contact with Yuriko

”Fufufu! Then you succeed in doing that because Im feeling really happy because of it ”

”… T-then Ill be going home since its getting late ”

Takeru tried to make a retreat by saying so but…

”Then let me accompany you as thanks for everything you did for me today ”

Yuriko didn allow him to get away

”… Fine… ”

”Thanks ”

Takeru begrudgingly and embarrassedly agreed to Yurikos request, so they made their to the shoe racks, where they changed to their outdoor shoes

”Say Tanaka-san, do you mind telling me where you live? ”

”Sure… I live… ”

And Takeru told her where he was staying at

”I see, so that means you
e my neighbor there ”

”Huh? ”

”Yup, I live in the room right beside yours ”

”Eh? ”

”Yup, so I hope to continue on getting along with you, Tanaka-san ”

”Sure… Me too, Nanami-senpai… ”

Yuriko showed him a happy smile, while Takerus face had loosened enough for him to show an embarrassed but happy smile, and then made their way home together

That evening, at another place

”… ”

Daichi had a serious thinking posture as he sat on the chair in his room, and in front of his, on top of his desk, there was the photo he received from Yamada, and right now he was having a debate on what he should do with it

”… ” *Closes his eyes*

And as if to answer his question, his good side started speaking

And to combat his good side, his evil side starts speaking

”… ” < Damnit… Hes right, I want to j*** off while looking at this photo>

<… Fuck hes right! Yeah, j*** off to that photo at least once before getting rid of it! If you don do it you e going to regret it>

”… Alright, its decided ”

Daichi got up and started to unzip his pants to do that while looking at that photo of Yuriko in her underwear as she changed clothes




In the end, he regretted doing that while looking at the photo… And now it was late into the night… And the photo now had some stains caused by a mysterious white substance that had a weird smell

(A/N Notes: Worth every joke and meme put in here *mastermind evil laugh SFX*)

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