Chapter 001: A curse that uncovers you

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translated and edited by rie !

「To you in an imperfect world who longs for perfect salvation.」




“You’re as mannerless as you look.”

A woman’s offensive language poured cold water on the amicable banquet hall.

“I have to say goodbye now.
Still, it is a great honor to meet you, Count Zion Laurel.”

The ensuing insults cut off even the remaining laughter, and as if lightning had suddenly struck, the aristocrats were petrified.

The nobles who were enjoying the party blankly stared at the girl.

Evie Ariathe.
That’s the name of the girl in the sky-colored dress.

She’s the candidate for the next saint and the culprit who smashed the atmosphere of the banquet hall with just two words a moment ago.

There was a chilling silence in the banquet hall surrounding the girl.
And at the time when everyone was bewildered, Evie, the culprit of the situation, was extremely quiet but more intensely shocked than anyone else.

‘What did I say just now?’

Evie looked around at the silent banquet hall with surprised rabbit eyes.
Then looked back up at the gorgeous man standing in front of her.

His name is Zion Laurel, the brother of Grand Duke Laurel, who hosted the banquet, and the person who had just been accused by Evie of being mannerless.

While Evie was blinking and frozen, the Count spoke.

“What did you just say?”

In response to the Count’s monotonous question, Evie suddenly came to her senses and tried to utter excuses.

No, I’m trying to explain.

“You’re as mannerless as you look, but it’s such a great honor to meet you, Count.”

However, what came out of Evie’s mouth was a vivacious argument.
Then, she swallowed a gasp in shock.

‘Wh..  what’s going on here?’

There’s something wrong.
Otherwise, the polite Evie would not have said such rude things to a person she only met today.

Evie quickly shook her head in surprise.

“Um, excuse me, Count.
That wasn’t what I was trying to say….”

“If not…”


The Count leaned toward Evie, which prevented her from making excuses.

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With the distance narrowing, the Count’s face drew closer.
So, Evie looked at him, face riddled with confusion.

The Count was indeed a great beauty.

His delicate features that seem to have been carved by a skilled artisan were impeccable, and his wide shoulders that he lowered to face Evie made her realize just how big of a man he is.
In addition, his shiny blonde under the chandelier was as dazzling as a halo.

However, if there was anything different from the rumors, it would be his sky blue eyes, which were said to be empty and had no vitality, were strangely persistent now.

“If not, then what were you trying to say?”

The Count looked at Evie and asked.
It was unclear whether he was giving her a chance to explain or holding back his anger.

But the desperate Evie replied, leaving her judgment behind.

“Greet me properly and go away, you rotten bastard.”

I want to die.

‘Is this a dream…?’

Once again, Evie’s mouth moved against her will, putting her in trouble.

Evie found the situation absurd and looked at the Count like a rabbit caught in a trap.

The Count, on the other hand, was gazing strangely at her.

His gaze was akin to someone getting angry, watching something strange, and thinking about how to punish the previous disrespect.

His ambiguous eyes and the silence of the banquet hall choked Evie’s breath.

The nobles watched Evie silently.
Everyone looked curious as to why the good and gentle saint candidate suddenly committed such a rude feat.

Evie wanted to give them an explanation or excuse.
However, she couldn’t open her mouth out of fear of saying something strange again.

Frightened, Evie hesitated and hesitated then bit her lips.

Then, leaving behind the countless glances that fell on her, she eventually fled from the banquet hall.




‘How the hell did this happen?’

Evie, who got on the carriage, sighed and remembered what had just occurred.

Earlier, Evie insulted the great nobleman Zion Laurel, in the presence of hundreds of nobles.
What’s worse was that she commented on his manners.

It was something no one else would dare.

Only four families are called great nobility here in Thienda, and the first of them is the Grand Ducal family of Laurel.

Laurel is an aristocrat of the nobility and the de facto owner of this kingless continent.

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But to insult Count Laurel at the banquet hosted by the Grand Duke of Laurel…

Evie imagined what the aristocrats would say with the desire to cry.

— “Heavens, was she that kind of person in the first place?”

— “It’s good that we discovered her true nature before she was chosen as the saint.”

— “Manners aside, I knew the natives of Vis were low-class people.”

Evie closed her eyes tightly at her self-painted criticism.

Although she is now mentioned as the next most powerful saint, Evie is a lower-class member from the subcontinent, Vis.

Although she is now being talked about as a powerful next-generation saint, Evie is a lower-class citizen from the subcontinent, Vis.

Evie, who had been living at Vis’ orphanage, was blessed by God at the age of 15.
Thus, she caught the eyes of the Tower and came to Thienda, the upper continent, the world of aristocrats.

After that, at the age of 18, she entered the society of Tienda in earnest, but the conservative aristocrats were bitterly cold to the lower class Evie.
Some young aristocrats even made immature bets on when will the ‘lowly slave’ flee back to Vis.

However, despite the strong malice, the exclusion of Evie did not last long.

It was because of Evie’s wonderful ability to receive divine protection, and her kind and warm personality befitting it.

Eventually, the cold nobles opened their hearts one by one, and now they love Evie enough to mention her as the next saint.

But today, her efforts so far h

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