Su Huanyi didnt know who it was, but then he heard Su Chi call out, “Second brother.”

Su Huanyis nostrils instantly flared up. Crap, its the second brother! The sky puncher!

How could he forget that Su Jianchen had returned from a business trip and was definitely going to report to headquarters today!

Su Jianchen looked at him as if he had seen a fly, “Why is he here?”

Su Chi didnt speak. Su Huanyi touched the tip of his nose, “Second brother, I….”

Su Jianchen did not want to listen, so he turned his head and walked away.

Su Huanyi: “….” It seems that he has been snubbed by Su Jianchen in one way or another.

Su Chi stopped the man, “Second, you rarely come to headquarters. Lets have lunch together.”

Su Jianchen brushed back, “I cant eat when I see him!”

The three of them were standing in front of the restaurant, making them very conspicuous. There were already a few employees looking over. Su Chis face sank; “Did you grow up eating chaff in the last twenty years?”

Su Huanyi found out that his elder brothers sarcasm was indiscriminate. The six members of the Su family were all exposed to his rain and dew.

Su Jianchen also realised that he had lost his temper, so he could only carry his plate and follow Su Chi, not looking at Su Huanyi the whole time.

The staff restaurant at Sus headquarters was very well built, comparable to the buffet restaurant of a star hotel. Su Chi picked a table by the window where there were fewer people, and when they were seated, Su Jianchen was torn.

He didnt want to sit next to Su Huanyi, it was too close, and he didnt want to sit opposite him, as he would see that face.

Su Jianchen was stuck in mid-air.

Su Huanyi looked at his taut hip and leg and praised him, “What a standard horse stance.”

Su Jianchen glared at him and sat down on the opposite side.

The food in the staff restaurant tasted good, so Su Huanyi ordered a chicken curry, some grilled bacon and corn, and buried his head in his food.

The other two brothers were talking about work matters. Even at the table, Su Chi and Su Jianchen had straight backs and elegant postures, holding bowls and bringing chopsticks to their mouths, chewing and swallowing slowly.

Unlike Su Huanyi, who chased the bowl with his head.

When the meal was almost over, Su Huanyi raised his head from the bowl. The look on Su Chis face was quite calm, but Su Jianchens was quite complicated. After a long time, he couldnt help but ask, “How did you become like this?”

Su Huanyi: “..?”

Then he heard Su Chi let out a short laugh, almost inaudible but he heard it.

After eating, they parted at the lift. Su Huanyi followed Su Chi up the elevator and asked, “Why does second brother hate me so much?”

He went through the timeline before he came, and compared to the later episodes, the original owner had just brought up some minor fights before this.

If Su Jianchen couldnt even eat just by looking at him, then how did Su Jianchen put up with the original owner until the grand finale?

Su Chi first thought that this person was pretending to be a white lotus again, but soon found that he was genuinely confused, and could not help but pause for a moment, “You really dont have anyone in your heart?”

“Give me a hint, so I can go apologise to second brother,” Su Huanyi said, lowering his head and picking at his hands.

He was kind of afraid of the hidden plot.

Ding! The elevator door opened. Su Chi said as he stepped into the corridor, “Before second brother went on his business trip, Dad gave you and him a pot of Lohan pine. You pushed his pot down the stairs, turned around and told Dad that he thought your pot was better and didnt like his own. ”

“But second brother really liked it actually. Now when he sees you, he only thinks of that pot of Lohan pine. ”

Hiss ……! Su Huanyi understood.

The original owner was shameless, throwing things from a great height and having to backtrack.

He empathised now; he was so angry!

Su Jianchen may have even sobbed alone in the deserted night while holding the broken pot of Lohan pine…

Su Huanyi went back home, ran upstairs, and found the pot of Lohan pine in his bedroom. The pot Su Jitong had given was worth a lot of money, not to mention the exquisitely shaped Lohan pine inside.

The pot was a bit heavy, and Su Huangyis arms felt sore as he carried it to Su Jianchens room.

He carefully placed the pot on the balcony, and when he looked down at his fingers, they were covered with red cuts from the bottom of the pot.

“Im sorry, Second Brother. Ill pay you with this pot of pine. Please forgive me. ”

At the end of Su Huanyis note, he drew a kneeling figure with a fuzzy head on top of his head and his buttocks puckered up.

After having done so, he slipped away…..

In the afternoon, Su Huanyi called Sun Heyu.

Yesterday, they looked at the winery, and he planned to buy two million yuans worth of wine first. If the initial sales were okay, he would buy another two million after that.

He had thought about it carefully. Wine was something that would not expire, even if it sold slowly. Whats more, with Ling Wine as an example, if he invested in the right wine, his earnings would be doubled.

Sun Heyu was more cautious and invested only 1.2 million, while Zhou Qingcheng followed with 1 million. After the initial agreement was reached, they arranged to sign a contract with the distillery the day after tomorrow.

Su Huanyi and Sun Heyu talked until dinner time, and the two were carbing a beautiful blueprint for an overnight fortune when Su Chi came back.

Su Huanyi was sitting in the living room when he heard the noise coming from the entrance and hurriedly whispered to Sun Heyu, “My brother is back; dont give away anything!”

Sun Heyu was speechless. “Youre making the investment sound like an affair.”

Su Huanyi hung up on him directly.

When he turned around, Su Chi was walking into the living room, “Were you talking with your friends whom you were drinking with?”

Su Huanyi gave a vague “mmm”, attempting to change the subject, “Big brother, why dont I see second brother back with you?”

“Something wrong?”

“I wanted to apologise to him.” Su Huanyi asked eagerly, “Do you think I should make a love bento for second brother too?”

Su Chi raised an eyebrow, “Shouldnt you get to the root of the problem?” Which is you.

Su Huanyi, “……”

Not long after, Su Jianchen also came back. He greeted Su Chi and went straight upstairs.

Su Huanyi hurriedly got up from the sofa and rushed up with his hair bouncing.

Su Chi was leaning against the long table on the side of the living room and looking at his phone.

Su Jianchens bedroom was the first one on the left hand side of the first floor, furthest away from Su Huanyis.

Su Jianchen had just gone into his bedroom to change when there was a knock at the door, “Who is it?”

The door opened to reveal Su Huanyis fluffy head. He took one look at Su Jianchen and slipped in like a sardine without waiting for someone to shoo him out, and closed the door behind him.

“Second Brother.”

“Who let you in? Get out!” Su Jianchen frowned and strode over, reaching out to yank him away.

Su Huanyi went weak at the sight of Su Jianchens aura. He looked like he wanted to give him two punches. He leaned against the back of the door in an attempt to draw some strength. “Second brother, Ive brought the Luhan pine over for you.”

Su Jianchens hand stalled, but his expression became even more terrifying.”Get out!”

Su Huanyi shook his little finger and pointed to the balcony, “It was my fault before. I know Im wrong now. Ill give you my pot as compensation. You can choose not to forgive me, but dont be angry anymore. Okay?”

The phrase “not forgive” was a really humble and bitter play.

After Su Huanyi finished speaking, he turned to leave.

Su Jianchen watched his eyes droop as if he was about to cry, and the scene at the kitchen door last night suddenly popped into his mind-the winding water stains sliding down the corners of his drooping eyes, condensing into a water droplet hanging on his beautifully curved jaw.

To be fair, it made one feel protective.

If it werent for the poor character of the man in front of him, Su Jianchen would almost have waved his hand and said “forget it.”

But this was Su Huanyi, the vicious foster brother who turns black into white, was ungrateful, and had stepped on other peoples toes countless times.

Su Jianchen turned around and walked towards the balcony. He brought the potted Lohan pine back to Su Huanyi and said, with disgust, “Take it away.”

Su Huanyi continued to throw bitter lines, “Since Ive goven it to second brother, I wont take it back!”

“Thats fine.” Su Jianchen suddenly raised the Lohan Pine high above his head, making a gesture to drop it. The blue veins snaked from the back of his hand to the small of his arm, showing how hard he was holding it.

Su Huanyi was startled and lunged forward, holding Su Jianchens wrist with both hands, “Second brother, dont drop it!”

If he really dropped it, the relationship between them would be completely broken.

Su Huanyis fingers were delicate and slender, and they were holding Su Jianchens wrists. The contrast in strength was so great that the picture actually had a strange tension.

Su Jianchen was about to break away from him when he suddenly glanced at the red marks on his fingertips. His strength loosened a little and he almost lost his grip on the potted Lohan pine.

Su Huanyi was shocked, “Second brother… dont drop it, it will bloom!”

“Make up a more realistic reason; what kind of flowers can the pine produce?”

Su Huanyi paused and sobbed, “Mine can.”


Su Jianchen still put the pine down, but his attitude did not ease up. “If I accept it, youll become a good guy again, right? I was jealous that your pot was better than mine and took offence and dropped mine, so you, who knew better, gave me your own pot and coaxed me not to be angry. ”

Su Huanyis little head shook like a rattle, “No, no, I dropped it, I broke it, and I am paying you back.”

Su Jianchen was silent for ten seconds or so, then said, “Fine.”

Su Huanyi was stunned: mmm?

“Tell Dad the truth, and Ill forgive you.”

Su Huanyi met his mocking gaze and pursed his lips.

“Heh, I knew you…”

“Okay, Ill talk to Dad during dinner tonight.”

Su Jianchen froze, but Su Huanyi turned and walked out the door.

The door closed with a bang, and the room returned to silence. Su Jianchen looked at the pot in his hand, stunned for a long time, and laughed sarcastically.


Su Huanyi went out the door and immediately stuck to the wall on the side of the corridor like a piece of soft jelly.

He was scared to death! Su Jianchen was so scary, standing in front of him holding the pine like it was a titanic mountain.

For several moments, he thought he was going to fall here!

Su Huanyi slowly retreated down the stairs, holding onto the handrail, feeling his legs trembling. He walked through the living room to the kitchen. His knees almost gave a kowtow when they gave out as he passed Su Chi.

Su Chi gave him a hand and pulled him, “You….”

“Its as if I just got out of bed and had to hold on to the wall when I walk.” Su Huanyi was in a trance.

“….” Su Chi skipped the topic, “What are you doing in the kitchen?”

Su Huanyi smiled sadly, “To see if my last supper was rich.” Rich enough to eat, before I can go my way.

Su Chi was silent.

Before dinner, Su Jitong and Yu Xinyan returned home together. The two met with an old friend today. Su Jitong now had a successful career. His wife was beautiful and virtuous. Several of his sons were also outstanding. Hee was very happy when talking about his family.

Su Jitong had not even changed out of his formal clothes, and his face was glowing red as he went straight into the kitchen and instructed Wu Ma, “Lets add more dishes to celebrate tonight!”

Wu Ma was all smiles, “Sir is in a good mood today. What are you celebrating?”

“Celebrating a successful career and family harmony. God has treated me well! ”

Yu Xinyan glared at him, “Grow up, go upstairs and change first.”

The couple went back to their room together, and when they reached the staircase on the first floor, Su Jianchen was just getting out of his room, “Mom and Dad are back.”

“Yes.” Su Jitong answered and happily went upstairs.


Su Huanyi sat in the corridor outside the living room, facing the small courtyard. He had hidden here as soon as Su Jitong came home. He needed to brew his emotions first.

The sliding door behind him was suddenly pushed open, and Su Huanyi turned around. It was Su Jianchen looking at him condescendingly.

The sun was setting and the sky outside the courtyard was dark. The light from inside the house fell into the courtyard corridor, and the tall figure blocked the light, casting a shadow above his head.

“Mum and Dad are back.”

Su Jianchen said, “Remember what you said. Confess, and Ill forgive you.”

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