Su Huanyi was now embarrassed!

He felt like Su Chi was waiting for him to speak.

Su Huanyi examined the hand that was extended to him. The fingers were thick and the palm lines were interlaced, giving him a very solid feeling. He shouldnt refuse, whether emotionally or reasonably.

Su Jianchen stood in front of him. The tall, handsome man stood out in the crowd. Now that he had his hand outstretched and waiting for him, the people around him looked over.

Su Chi also looked at him. The hand that had been taken out of his trouser pocket was at his side. It was not offered nor withdrawn.

The sun was shining overhead, and Su Huanyi felt sweat forming on his forehead.

‘My God… Su Huanyi pondered.Should I take Su Jianchens hand and gently say, “lets go” but leave his big brother? Its also embarrassing to refuse Su Jianchen and turn around to go to his eldest brother.

Su Huanyi tentatively reached out and grabbed Su Jianchens wrist. He brought it to the two rabbit ears on his backpack.

Su Jianchen: “?”

Su Huanyi said, “Lets just walk in a line so that we dont block the people behind us.”

He was amazed by his ingenuity.

The corners of Su Chis mouth twitched, and he finally said, “Greedy.”

Su Jianchen hesitated for a second and said, “Okay.” He was a bit squeamish about holding hands, and he only suggested it because he saw that Su Haunyi was unable to walk forward. It was better to pull the ears to avoid embarrassment.

Su Huanyi slipped behind Su Chi. He grabbed the back of Su Chis shirt and shook it like reins. “Brother, lets go!”

Su Chi spared him no glance.

Three handsome men of different styles walking on the rope bridge should have been a beautiful sight.

But they had now become a beautiful line.

The tourists around them looked at Su Huanyi with complicated gazes. He is handsome, but its a pity that he has some problems with his brain.

Su Huanyi was unaware of this. He took about ten steps forward with Su Chi and Su Jianchen in tow. His back was sweating, and he didnt dare to look around.

Su Jianchen picked him up by his rabbit ears and said, “Are you so scared that youre shaking?”

Su Huanyi felt that his second brother was sometimes too straightforward and had no regard for a mans pride!

“No, I think its the backpack thats shaking from the wind.”

Suddenly, someone mischievous shook the rope bridge.

Su Haunyi violently grabbed the hem of Su Chis shirt, trembling!

Su Jianchen, “.…”

Su Chis tone was cold: “Su Huanyi!”

Su Huanyi saw that a part of Su Chis waist was exposed as the hem of the shirt was pulled into a V-shape.

A gust of wind blew by, and Su Chis voice turned a few degrees colder. “My waist is very cold.”

Su Huanyi obediently bent down to blow hot air at the man.

The warm, soft breath brushed against the skin that was not often touched, causing an itchy sensation.

Su Huanyi was picked up by the wrist before he had finished his breath.

Su Jianchen was clutching his backpack, and his wrist was in Su Chis palm, yanking him back and forth. His hair waved in the wind like a float in the middle of a tug-of-war rope.

“Watch your words and deeds.”

Su Huanyi obediently kept his mouth shut and nodded in agreement.

Seeing Su Chi turn back around, he asked Su Jianchen in a whisper, “Second brother, was my behaviour just now a disgrace to the gentry?”

He remembered that his elder brother was a man of style and etiquette.

Su Jianchen looked at him with complicated eyes and said, “That shouldnt be the problem.”

He walked down the rope bridge with difficulty and found Su Jitong and Yu Xinyan already waiting at the roadside. Yu Xinyan was drinking tea. Su Huanyi glanced at Su Jitongs open backpack. It was full of practical items such as tissues, towels and rain gear.

Su Jianchen let go of his rabbit ears, and Su Huanyi let go of the hem of Su Chis shirt. Su Yu saw the three of them and snorted, “Youre really slow.”

Su Chi tidied the hem of his shirt and said nothing.

There was a ten-minute walk after the rope bridge to the glass pallet. The rainforest on the other side of the road covered half of the sky, casting half shadows on the stone path. When the wind blew, the path had a lot of light and shadow.

The closer it got to noon, the hotter it got.

Su Huanyi followed the crowd for a while and felt that the backpack on his shoulder was getting heavier and heavier. He lifted the collar and looked over. He could see the red marks on his shoulder.

“What are you looking at?” Su Yu suddenly tilted his head towards him.

The hand on his collar loosened as he realised that his parents and brothers were all looking at him.

Su Huanyi,”… I was looking at the marks left by gravity.”

Others “??”

Su Chi understood and gave a “heh”. Su Haunyi felt that his manly self-esteem had taken another hit!

Along the way, the mountains, with their rich shade, were on the left, and the beach could be seen on the right. The wind was blowing from the shore, and there was a faint smell of salty water.

Su Huanyi brought out his mobile phone and took several pictures before sending them to the [Shooting Team] group chat.

Sun Heyu, who was forced to participate in the boring family gathering at this time, enviously sent back a series of lemon eating emojis.

Zhou Qingcheng recognised the scenic spot in a second and typed.

[Zhou Qingcheng]: “Thats the forest park in Nangang. I went there three years ago and it was quite fun. Theres also a glass walkway from there, which is very exciting! ”

[Su Huanyi]: “I know!” [child afraid.jpg]

[Zhou Qingcheng]: “Youre scared? Hahaha! You should proceed with caution. There was an accident on the glass road last year. A piece of glass cracked and people almost fell. ”

[Zhou Qingcheng]: [snap.gif]

Damn it! Su Huanyi was scared and immediately quit the group chat and turned off his mobile phone.

His courage, which was already low, was further compounded!

The glass pallet was located on the mountainside, winding up and down. The group had a panoramic view of the plank road when they reached the entrance.

Yu Xinyan pointed to a circular observation platform in the middle and said, “That side is the popular spot. Half of it is embedded in the rainforest and half of it is outside the mountain. Lets go there and take some photos.”

There were indeed a lot of young men and women on the platform taking photos with tripods, and it seemed that there were also some online celebrities doing live broadcasts.

Su Huanyi took advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention and sneaked up close to Su Chi. He whispered, “Brother, I seem to be dizzy.”

Su Chi: “Then dont look down at your feet.”

The glass pallet had a limited flow of passengers, and people were released in waves. Yu Xinyan and Su Jitong were cut off just behind them. They waved at the four brothers through the crowd, “See you at the observation deck!”

Su Yu gave an “mmm.”

It wasnt long before Su Huanyi and the others entered too.

The place was more spacious than the cable bridge, and tourists were walking around loosely. Su Huanyis mind was filled with the accident in Zhou Qingchengs message, and every step he took on the glass was soft.

He didnt have the heart to pull Su Chis clothes again, so he just shoved the rabbit ears into Su Jianchens hand.

Su Yu joined in the fun. “What are you playing with? Give me one.”

Su Jianchens hands were so big that he could hold both ears just right. He blocked Su Yu, “Its hard to walk if we hold on to them together.”

“Why not? Give me one. ”

Su Huanyis legs were trembling as he slowly moved forward. The backpack behind him was still being fought over by two large men for the rabbit ears.

The feeling of dizziness increased.

Amid the unreasonable chaos, a cold voice came from up ahead, “What are you fighting over rabbits for? Are you in a hurry to run to the moon tonight?”

“…” The two brothers let go.

Su Huanyi immediately felt saved.

After walking a short distance away, Su Chi said to him, “If you really cant do it, you can go back the way you came after taking photos later. There is a cable car that can take you directly to the end of the glass road.”

Su Huanyi shook his head weakly. A man cannot give up.

It was more than ten minutes later when they reached the viewing platform.

There were several tourists taking group pictures. Su Huanyis attention was completely focused within a metre of himself, trying to catch the slightest hint of broken glass, not caring what others were doing.

Yu Xinyan took a family photo with the brothers. She turned and noticed that her youngest son had a very stiff smile. She was startled and asked carefully, “Are you afraid of heights?”

Su Huanyi squeaked.

“Why didnt you tell mum and dad about it?” Xu Yinyan asked, quickly hugging him. She clearly remembered that her son was not afraid of heights. He even used to go to the Panorama revolving restaurant to eat, and he had a good appetite.

Su Huanyi squeaked again, “It was sudden.”

Yu Xinyan, “……”

She immediately asked Su Huanyi to go back to the cable car. Su Huanyi wanted to protest but was stopped by Su Jitong. “Dont force yourself. Who will accompany little Yi to go back? ”

Su Yu subconsciously looked at Su Chi, who was also looking at him. Su Huanyi was just about to open his mouth when Su Yu suddenly jumped over to him, “Little brother, third brother will accompany you.”

Then the rabbits ears were caught.

Su Huanyi thought that he was simply coveting the bunny.

Why do the Su brothers love plush!

Su Huanyi followed Su Yu back five or six metres when he suddenly remembered that Su Chis mouth looked a little dry. He wondered whether he had brought any water with him.

Su Huanyi then stopped, “Big brother, do you want to…”

His words gave a sharp pause.

The transparent glass beneath Su Chis feet had had a spiderweb-like crack that was spreading rapidly around him.

Su Huanyis mind buzzed.

There was an accident on the glass road… a piece of glass cracked… everyone almost fell.

He did not know where his courage came from, he fiercely pounced on Su Chi, grabbing a hold of his arms and quickly dragging him to the side!

“Brother, brother…”

Su Chi was stunned at the moment of being hugged, but he didnt push him away.

The person in front of him had turned pale, and his lips were trembling, but the speed at which he rushed forward was unprecedented.

This was the second time he acted instinctively, counting the time he fetched Su Jitong in the rain.

The two stumbled a few metres to the side, almost hitting other tourists in the process. Su Huanyis legs were so weak that he was almost hanging on Su Chis arm, still dragging him to one side.

“Glass! The glass is cracked… ”

Su Chi suddenly paused at the words coming out of his mouth. A large hand went to Su Huanyis back and steadied the two of them.

He patted it, “Its okay, its a special effect.”


Su Huanyis little brain gradually regained its composure, and he slowly looked up from the overwhelming panic: …… What?

Su Jitong and the rest also gathered around and laughed when they saw their faces. “Little Yi, you dont think its real, do you? The crack effects here are quite famous, dont you know? ”

Su Huanyi was dumbfounded.

He didnt know! He was new. How could he possibly know?

The tourists on the sidelines also laughed. A young woman turned to her husband and said, “Look at him. If I were to fall one day, would you take the risk to save me?”

Her husband immediately said, “Yes, I will!”

“Thats more like it.”

Su Huanyi had just exhausted all his courage, and he now felt like his body had been emptied. His legs went limp and he hugged his knees and shrank like a noodle.

Zhou Qingcheng, that dog thief. He had done this to him! Argh!

Su Jitong felt sorry for the little noodle and said, “Su Yu, take your brother back to sit down for a while.”

Su Yu: “Come on. Go back with third brother. ”

Su Huanyi tried to calm down for a while but couldnt, “Let me first calm down for a little longer.”

A shadow suddenly fell in front of him. A hand took his arm and lifted it upwards.

Su Chis voice rang out from overhead, “Come on. Ill carry you. ”

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