“Mr. Su.”

Su Chis eyes swept over Su Huanyi, and he turned to the man, “Mr. Nie.”

Su Huanyi was frozen on the spot. He didnt think that Su Chi would appear here, let alone that the two of them even knew each other! And –

“Arent you surnamed Hu?” Su Huanyis gaze was like a torch.

The man looked a little embarrassed, and Su Chi sneered, “Surnamed Hu?”

Nie Yihu turned to apologise to Su Huanyi, “I was afraid of scaring you when we first met, so I concealed my identity.”

Su Huanyi walked around him to shrink to Su Chis side, “I dont mind if you keep hiding it.”

Nie Yihu: “……”

He had just reached out to stop the boy when Su Chis chilling voice rang out from behind, “Mr. Nie, since you recognise me, then you should also know that this is my brother.”

Su Chi was not referring to a Su family member, but his younger brother. There was a subtle difference in the emotional inclination of this. Su Huanyi sensed it and raised his eyes to look at him.

Nie Yihus smile was gone, “So what? Im just chasing someone I like. Isnt Mr. Su being overly concerned? ”

Su Chis eyes suddenly sank. There was silence in the corridor and the air was stagnant. There was a spark between the two men as they stared at each other, needing only a fuse to start a fire.

In the tense atmosphere, there was a snort. Su Huanyi sniffed.

The two who were interrupted:”……”

Su Chi saw that Su Huanyi was looking listless and he did not care about Nie Yihu anymore. He directly walked over and blocked the latters arm to pull the person towards him –

“Lets go back.”

Su Huanyi only felt a warmth in his wrist, and then his whole body followed.

The carpet beneath his feet alternated between light and dark.As Su Chi dragged him forward by the hand for about ten metres.

Behind him, Nie Yihu did not follow, but stood there watching them leave.

When he turned a corner, Su Huanyi asked, “Brother, why were you there?”

Su Chi stopped and turned around, causing Su Huanyi to almost bump into him. “Why? Did I disturb your charm? ”

“No, no, big brother saved me from the fire!” Su Huanyi looked around. It was not the way back to the box, and he guessed that Su Chi wanted to talk to him alone. “Big brother, do you know each other?”

Su Chi was cold, “Yes.”

“His name isnt Hu, so whats his name?”

“Didnt he tell you? His surname is Hu.”

Su Huanyi thought Su Chi was treating him like a fool. “Im asking you seriously, brother.”

Su Chi held a handful of his standing hair strands and said, “Why are you asking such questions?” You only need to know that his name is “Hu.” From now on, whatever he says to you, you have to remember that hes talking nonsense. ”

Su Huanyi couldnt help giggling.

Su Chi almost lost his temper when Su Huanyi started laughing. He wondered where Su Huanyis former cunning in scheming had gone. Had his intelligence regressed from being good?

Nie Yihu could become a rich man in just a few years because his mind and methods were extraordinary. This small sesame dumpling could fall in his hands and end up crushed and rounded!

“Let me remind you, stay away from Nie.”

Su Huanyi corrected him with a giggle, “Its “Hu.”


Su Chi changed his words, “Stay away from Hu. Even if you like guys, you have to pick and choose. Dont just accept any guy that comes. ”

Su Chi felt that he had changed. He used to say it had nothing to do with him whether Su Huanyi liked men or women. It doesnt seem to be the case now.

Su Huanyis cackling came to a screeching halt. He was shocked by Su Chis unpredictable turn of events: When did he start liking men?

He had never liked anyone. Not even in the major categories, let alone the minor ones below!

“Brother, I dont like men.”

“Okay, tell me nonsense like that next time. ”

The two of them changed paths and headed for the private room. When Su Huanyi saw that Su Chi was looking better, he walked over to him and said, “Brother, were you angry because you think Mr. Hu is bad? Would it be okay if it was a kind, rich, and handsome man instead? ”

He didnt even notice that there was anything wrong with the phrase “rich and handsome”.

Su Chi said, “Thats not necessarily true. But its not possible if youre too stupid. You will be cheated out of the family property. ”

Su Huanyi burst out laughing with a snot bubble.

He thought that Su Chis requirements were too strict. Where would he find someone if he was so strict? People in this world must have an imperfection. But isnt Su Chi perfect?

Su Huanyi said, “You arent expecting me to find someone like you, right?”

Su Chi frowned, “Why not? You can just find someone according to my standards. ”

Su Huanyi said, “That is difficult.”

Su Chi was caught off guard and he felt quite fluttered. He felt quite comfortable when he recovered. He couldnt think of anyone who would be a good match for Su Huanyi, but that would also be bad.

Su Chi told him, “Its better to be short than excessive. If you cant find one, you can always find someone like me. ”

When they came to the box, Su Yu was still moving around the edge of the table, not even asking where they had been for so long. He could leave everything behind when he was playing.

Su Jianchen gave them a look but didnt say anything.

After playing until around 9 p.m., Su Chi said it was time to go back. They settled the bill at the front desk and were told, unsurprisingly, that the bill was waived.

Su Yu wondered, “Why?”

Su Jianchens gaze fell on Su Huanyi for a second. Su Chi held out his card, “Swipe it. If you dont, you will be accused of cheating consumers. ”

This was the first time the receptionist had encountered such an odd reason for a complaint! How are they cheating consumers? By saying that they dont have to pay?

The group exited the billiard hall and walked back after forcibly swiping the card to settle the bill. Su Huanyi secretly pushed Su Chi, “Do you think I am being chased? Its the first time Ive been chased. ”

He felt it was very novel. It was the first time a man was pursuing him.

Su Chi sneered, “Do you think youre a sandwich?” Seeing Su Huanyi choked up, he added educationally, “Using money to please is the cheapest way to court.”

Su Yu only heard the second half of the sentence, and he came over, “Why are you talking about emotional issues? Whos going to fall in love? ”

Su Huanyi carefully glanced at Su Chi. It seemed that his elder brother had not yet driven. How really rare.

Su Chis expression didnt change: “Its still early.”


Su Huanyi woke up the next day with a fever that had subsided. He followed Su Jianchen to practise on the rowing machine in the afternoon.

In the evening, they went with Su Yu to play poker in the room.

As the three of them played, they realised they were not getting any gaming experience against Su Yu. It was like they were being cheated by the game hall.

Su Huanyi called for Su Chi to come over and proposed that the four people play in two groups. When grouping, Su Yu wanted to pull Su Huanyi, “seeing that you are sick and pitiful, lie down and let third brother carry you to the win.”

Su Huanyi said, “I want to team up with my big brother.”

Even if Su Yu was lucky, his big brother was also a talisman!

Su Yu was still trying to pull Su Huanyi away from Su Chi, and Su Huanyi was going back and forth between the two. The unattended Su Jianchen, who had been sidelined, said, “Why dont you group me?”

He said to Su Huanyi, “Since you cant decide which one to group up with, you might as well follow me.”

Su Huanyi refused his naive kindness, “I respect permutations and combinations.” We, the novices, cannot be grouped together.

Su Huanyi ended up grouping with Su Chi, and with Su Chis participation, they started making money.

Although Su Chi did not have Su Yus luck, he was able to remember and calculate what cards were left and which card had the highest probability of being in whose hands. In the end, he relied on his brain power to win a few rounds and won some money from Su Yu.

After Su Yu and Su Jianchen went back, Su Chi threw all the money to Su Huanyi, saying, “You keep it.”

Su Huanyi was lying flat on the bed when the wind blew out of the window, spilling the money all over his body. His eyes jumped, and he sat up to collect the money. “Brother, dont put it on me. its unlucky if its blown away.”

Su Chi: “…”

After staying in the sanatorium for a few days, the vacation week was nearing its end. Su Huanyis cold had disappeared in a few days, but it left the whole person wilted.

The day before the return trip, the Su family had dinner at the most unique restaurant in the area. Su Huanyi just followed the crowd into the entrance, and saw “NY.” on the name of the restaurant.


Su Jitong followed his gaze and glanced at it, “What does “NY” mean?”

Su Chi didnt say a word. He should have thought of it long ago: Nie Yihu.

Su Huanyi looked blank, “It means bad luck.”

Su Jitong was astonished.

Su Chi: “….”

In between meals, Su Jitong opened a bottle of fruit wine and poured a glass for each person, except for Su Huanyi. Su Huanyi sipped on the freshly squeezed juice and watched as they commented on the taste of the wine coldly.

As the table mingled, Su Huanyi was sitting next to Su Chi, and he secretly poked him, “Big brother, what if the bill is waived again?”

Su Chi had a constant response of, “Well complain.”

Su Huanyi sighed. His big brother was worthy of being a talisman. He can apply the rules reasonably to the extreme.

Before going back, Su Huanyi received a message from the [Shooting Squad]. They wanted to inspect the market and sales points. Sun Heyu had already set the schedule and they would be leaving in five days.

Su Huanyi did not forget the account Zhou Qingcheng had dug and buried, and he silently counted down the days in his heart.

Because he was doing things secretly, he only told Su Jitong and Yu Xinyan that he would be going out with friends for half a month.

Su Jitong was not too sure about it, “The grandson of the Zhou and Sun families? Just the three of you? Where are you going to play? Do you want dad to hire a bodyguard to follow you on the road? ”

Su Huanyi hurriedly said no! Su Chi watched his father worry about Su Huanyi as if he were a schoolboy on a spring trip, as if he could be abducted by a human trafficker.

He wasnt worried about Su Huanyu being abducted by a human trafficker; he was worried about this person being abducted by a wild man and running away with him.

After pacifying Su Jitong and his wife, Su Huanyi slipped away to type in the group chat. He was chatting when Su Chi came over.

“Zhou Qingcheng and Sun Heyu?” Su Chi looked at him, “When did you guys get so close that you had to go on a trip before you recovered?”

Su Huanyi looked particularly guilty as he shut off his phone in a second! He hung his head and picked at his fingers. “Its the first time Ive made friends and I want to go and have fun.”

“Dont be petulant.” Su Chi frowned. He wanted to say something but stopped.

He mentally weighed up Zhou Qingcheng and Sun Heyu. Not to mention that they were not as good as him; they were a cut below Nie Yihu. Su Huanyi, this little fool with regressed intelligence.

“Remember to regularly report to your family about your trip. Dont let your parents worry. ”

Su Huanyi raised one hand to promise, “I will. Ill post it in the family group chat. I will send pictures, words, and descriptions in addition to scenic selfies and group photos. ”

Su tugged at the strands of hair in satisfaction, “Thats right.”

As he was about to leave, Su Chi suddenly answered a phone call. Su Huanyi faintly heard the voice of his secretary, Xiao Qin, whom he still greatly coveted.

He was waiting for his brother to sack the man so that he could poach him.

He waited for Su Chi to hang up the phone and padded over, “Is that Xiao Qin?”

Su Chi glanced at him, “It seems you are very impressed with Xiao Qin.”

Su Huanyi: “Xiao Qin is indeed very good.”

“Yes, hes good. Hes good at his job and doesnt give me any trouble.” Su Chi paused as he said this, and then turned his head to scan Su Huanyis expression carefully, adding cautiously, “But he is not stable enough.”

Su Huanyi couldnt agree more, “Yes, thats right, hes not stable enough!” Hurry up and give someone the sack!

Su Chi was reassured: its good that you know.

Su Huanyi was also relieved: Its good that you know.

In the inexplicably peaceful atmosphere, Su Huanyi was lounging on the edge of his chair with his legs swinging, “Xiao Qin was reporting to you?”

Su Chi said, “Yes, he was telling me about the arrangements after the holiday. I might have to go on a trip.”

“Where to?”

“Banyan City.”

Su Huanyis legs paused.

Damn it! Banyan City? Arent they going to Banyan City too?

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