The arm around him was firm and secure, separating him from the crowd and carrying him all the way out the door.

Su Huanyi was like a little chicken, pinned in Su Chis arm, and he stopped moving after two flutters.

His heart was pounding, half frightened by the crowd, half frightened by Su Chi. Su Chis tone was a little fierce, and the suppressed panting reminded him of a stalking beast laying dormant as they hunted in the grasslands.

And he was the prey that had been targeted and was now being carried back to the nest of the beast by the skin on the back of his neck.

Wuu wuu. How could this happen?

They squeezed out of the surging crowd, and the air around them cleared abruptly. Su Huanyi felt his feet settle on the ground, and he turned his head to see Su Chi towering over him, his eyes downcast as he looked down at him.

“Big brother, what a coincidence… actually I am…”

“Why are you scurrying about in so many people?” Su Chi interrupted his nonsense, “You think youre a free bird? Can you stand in the mountains and sea of people?”

Su Huanyi: “…”

Three consecutive questions, indicating strong emotions; he was finished.

Zhou Qingcheng and Sun Heyu were also crowded out this time. The two saw Su Chi and instantly stood by the side, as quiet as a pair of quails.

Su Chi only looked at Su Huanyi, “I am asking you, why were you hiding?” Su Huanyi didnt say anything, so he asked again, “Were you hiding from me?”

Su Huanyi shrank into his scarf and began to play dead.

A big hand grabbed his scarf and carried him towards the square. “Where do you live?”

Su Huanyis voice was like a mosquito, “The hotel in the city.”

Su Chi paused by a beat, “huh”.

The four walked together, and no one made a single sound during the journey. Su Chi walked into the hotel lift carrying Su Huanyi. Zhou Qingcheng and Sun Heyu followed and stood close to the wall, carefully poking the eighteenth floor.

Su Chis floor was on the twenty-first floor. Ding! The eighteenth floor arrived, and Su Huanyi was about to follow his quail companions and slip away when the skin on the back of his neck was pinched, “Stay.”

“……” The two quails slinked away without a second thought, leaving Su Huanyi nestled under Su Chi, not even daring to squeak.

They reached the twenty-first floor, and Su Huanyi followed Su Chis footsteps towards the room. With a “click”, the door unlocked and the room that fell into view was much more spacious than the one downstairs. It had floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room and transparent glass walls in the bathroom.

Su Chi released him and unbuttoned his collar before turning around and saying, “Say it.”

Su Huanyi hung his head and buried his face, his strands of hair nodding.

Su Chi stared at the strands, “Its no use being coquettish.”

Su Huanyi looked up, “???”

Although he didnt know how he was being coquettish again, Su Chis words inspired him with new ideas. Su Huanyi slid over and shyly put up his little face, “Big brother, I missed you so much! I didnt think we lived so close! Fate is so wonderful! ”

Su Chi sneered, “You miss me so much that you turn around and run?”

Su Huanyi: “I was so happy that I wanted to run ten times around the square!”

Su Chi was rendered speechless by his forced explanation and didnt bother to pursue it. He saw that Su Huanyis mouth was a bit dry, so he turned his head and poured a glass of water, “Drink it.”

Su Huanyi accepted it with uncertainty, “Its for me?” A large cup of poison…..

“Your mouth is dry.”

“Oh.” Su Huanyi then stretched out his tongue and licked his lips. The lips immediately became moist and full.

Su Chi then said, “The more you lick, the drier they get. Drink water.”

Su Huanyi nodded as he let out a question, “Then arent all the people kissing on TV sayingIll moisten you with my lips, fake?”

Su Chi did not know what kind of messy TV shows Su Huanyi had watched, but said, “Those are all mens excuses, do you understand?”

Su Huanyi was taught, “I understand, I understand.”

The two sat in the living room as Su Chi gave a half hour lesson on potential safety hazards before finally saying, “Dont join the bustle and go to crowded places, you dont know how many stampede accidents happen every year.”

The skin of the sesame dumpling was so soft that the filling could be squeezed out with a little pressure.

Su Chi let him go after making repeated promises.

It was already 9 oclock, and Su Haunyi was used to taking a bath before going to bed. He looked at Su Chis big bathtub and said, “Brother, are you living alone?”

Su Chi: “Or else, you want to fight someone?”


Su Huanyi tentatively inches a little closer,, “Can I take a bath here?”

The bathtub in his bathroom was boat-shaped, with an inexplicably large mirror on the opposite side, which always felt odd. Su Chis bathtub was round and looked big and luxurious. He knew that Su Chi always takes a shower, so it would be a waste not to use it.

Su Chi asked, “Is this a bath center?”

Su Huanyi pressed on, “There is a mirror opposite my bathtub, and I feel uncomfortable every time I see myself in the bath.” He was puzzled, “Big brother, why do you think a mirror was installed?”

Su Chi knew why, but how could he say it.

So Chi said, “So that you can check whether youve cleaned yourself properly.”

Ten minutes later, Su Huanyi came with a change of clothes in his arms, reeking of joy.

The bathroom walls were transparent, but Su Chi remembered that there was a remote control panel to lower the curtain. So, he waited for Su Huanyi to get in and put his clothes away before lowering the curtain to block the view.

As a good brother, he had to respect his brothers privacy.

The sound of rushing water came from the bathroom as Su Chi sat in the living room flipping through the local travel magazines. He didnt notice anything wrong at first, until there was a “crash” in the bathroom.

Su Chi subconsciously turned his head to the bathroom.

The bathroom was brightly lit, and the curtain let in so much light that the silhouette was clear. Even the standing strands of hair were visible.

Su Huanyi was climbing into the bathtub with half of his body over the edge. The curtain only reflected the lines of the silhouette. The valley was deep, the mountains steep.

Su Chi quickly withdrew his gaze.

He couldnt sit in the living room any longer, so he dropped his magazine and went to his room.

Su Huanyi remained in the bathtub until he was melting before climbing out.

He was like a freshly steamed bun from the oven. He searched for his big brothers magnificent figure in the living room. There was no one, so he knocked on the bedroom door and found Su Chi sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to him, looking at his phone.

Su Huanyi remained at the door, “Big brother, Im done washing up.”

Su Chi didnt even look back, “Go back to bed if youre done.”

“Can I come back tomorrow?”

After a few seconds of silence, “No.”


“The bathtub is disposable.”


Su Huanyi went back to his room with his clothes in his arms. He was swiping his door card when the door behind him opened.

Zhou Qingcheng peeked out, “Su Chi didnt say anything to you?”

Su Huanyi turned back with a flushed face, “What would he say to me?”

Zhou Qingcheng wanted to say something, but he stared at him for ten seconds or so. His expression was complicated as he said, “You look like youve just come from sucking up Yang energy.”

Su Huanyi, “What?”

Their next days schedule was to go shopping in the ancient streets. They heard that there were many local snacks and handicrafts on the streets, so Su Huanyi planned to bring some back as souvenirs.

He had already revealed his whereabouts anyway, so he had nothing to fear!

The three had breakfast at the hotel and ran into Xiao Qin on their way out. Su Chi was not around, so when Xiao Qin saw Su Huanyi, he greeted him, “Young Master Su, how are you?”

Su Huanyis gaze instantly heated up! “Secretary Qin, its been a long time since Ive seen you. Ive missed you so much!”

“Thank you for your kindness.” Xiao Qins eyes deviated, “Mr. Su.”

Su Chi walked out from behind Su Huanyi and asked, “What were you talking about?”

Xiao Qin said, “The young master said he missed this subordinate very much.”

Su Chi had a light expression and said, “Its good to hear.” The water mark was high today.

Su Huanyi missed the subtext of his words, “Does big brother have any plans today? Do you want to come hang out with us.”

Su Chi tugged at his strands of hair, “You hang out by yourselves.” He then looked at Sun Heyu and Zhou Qincheng and said, “Im counting on you two to take care of my younger brother.”

Zhou Qingcheng was nervous. “We will definitely take care of our younger brother.”

The rest of the group, “……”

After parting from Su Chi, the three walked towards the ancient street. The ancient street was only a kilometer or two away from the hotel, so they leisurely strolled there.

Sun Heyu had an unforgiving look on his face and said, “Zhou Qingcheng, please go back and learn the language.”

Zhou Qingcheng was now so embarrassed that his toes curled up and he walked like a nail harrow ploughing the ground. “I just had a mouthful.”

He poked Su Huanyi, “Your big brothers eyes are so meaningful when he talks! He said he wanted us to take care of you, but he sounded like he was sayingyoud better keep your distance. ”

Su Huanyi thought he was overly dramatic. “Youre overthinking it hehehe!”

Zhou Qingcheng patted his chest, “I hope Im overthinking it. No wonder youre always trying to avoid him. I want to avoid him too.”

Su Huanyi tried to defend himself, “I have a reason for hiding. My body is hiding but my heart is getting closer.”

The other two did not wish to argue with him.

There were many vendors on the ancient streets, mostly selling local pastries, snacks, and fried skewers. None of the three were short on money, so they basically bought each kind and tasted them one by one.

The weather was good. It was cloudy when they left the hotel in the morning, but the sun came up at noon. Su Huanyi took off his scarf and pulled his jacket open, revealing the red mole on the side of his neck.

Sun Heyu always finds it eye-catching, “Your mole is so ……nice.”

“Foxy.” Zhou Qingcheng perked up.

Su Huanyi put away the scarf and asked him, “Is that the only adjective you know?”

Zhou Qingcheng said, “Theres also a demonic, but I dont think it has a good connotation.”

Su Huanyi treated everyone equally, “Theyre all family; whats the difference between whos bad and whos good?”


After a day of playing on the ancient street, Su Huanyi had a pile of things in his hands by the time the sun set, all of which were to be sent back to his family.

Sun Heyu was curious, “Who is this biggest bag for?”

“Its for my big brother.”

“Hes here, and yet youre bringing him this much? Thats more than everyone elses! ”

“Because the others can fit in my suitcase. My elder brother can just take back his himself. ”

Sun Heyu was speechless.

When they returned to the hotel, the three went to Zhou Qingchengs room to play cards. Zhou Qingcheng was a very bad poker player, and Sun Heyu was a very unlucky one. In the end, Su Huanyi won all the games.

Su Huanyi sighed: it turned out that he was not a dish but had gone to the wrong set. He should be the uncrowned king among novices.

After nine oclock in the evening, Su Huanyi saw that it was almost time to take a bath, so he sent Su Chi a WeChat message.

[Su Huanyi]: “Big brother, are you back?” [probe.jpg]

[Su Chi]: “Im in my room. Whats up?”

[Su Huanyi]: “Can I come and take a bath there?”

[Su Chi]: “No.”

Su Huanyi, “……”

Bathing once is bathing. Bathing a second time is still bathing! Why was it okay yesterday but not today?

He saw that Su Chi was being tough, so he didnt force it any further. Zhou Qingcheng saw his strands of hair drooping down and asked, “Whats wrong with you? Are you unhappy after winning at cards?”

Su Huanyi explained, “The bathtub in my bathroom is uncomfortable to sit in, and theres a big mirror opposite, which is a bit creepy.”

Zhou Qingcheng said, “How is that creepy?” Thats erotic.

Su Huanyi was suspicious, “I always think something will come out of it at night ……”

Zhou Qingcheng instantly withered.

Su Huanyi got up, “Then Ill go back and take a shower. Ill come back to play with you guys after Im done.”

“You go ahead, well play with smoking turtles first.”

Su Huanyi sighed in admiration, “The pinnacle match.”

Click. The door closed. Zhou Qingcheng had just shuffled his cards when he suddenly noticed a mobile phone on the stool, “Su Huanyi didnt take his phone with him?”

Sun Heyu didnt think so, either, “Hes going to come over later anyway, so dont mind. Deal the cards! ”

In the roomon the 21st floor.

Su Chi turned on the computer and sat there for awhile. His phone was resting on the side of the computer, and he could easily touch it with a tilt of his hand.

A few minutes later, he picked up the phone.

[Su Chi]: “Come over here.”

Come here. He can always go to the bedroom and stay there.

The message went through for half a while without a response. Su Chi frowned slightly and called directly.

After ten seconds or so, the call was answered, “Hello.”

The other end was silent for a moment, then Zhou Qingchengs voice rang out, “Well…hes in the shower……”

Beep! Su Chi hung up and then got up before pushing the door to step out.

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