Chapter 25

Su Huanyi intended to go to Zhou Qinchengs room after his bath and change of clothes.

He had just gone out when he saw a man standing in the middle of the corridor.

Su Chi was standing five or six metres away from him for an unknown amount of time. Shadows loomed in front of him, and there was an invisible pressure. Su Chi saw him come out and walked over with a single stride.

“Big brother?”

Su Chi stopped in front of him, “Where did you take a bath?”

Su Huanyi was puzzled. Where else could he have gone, “in the bathtub?”

The door behind Su Huanyi was already closed, so one couldnt see the situation inside. Su Huanyi wondered why his big brother had come, his expression was also cold to the core. “Big brother, why didnt you tell me you were coming to see me?”

Su Chi asked, “Wheres your phone?”

“I left it at Zhou Qingchengs place.” Su Huanyi responded, “Did you send me a message?”

His heart thumped. His big brother didnt know where his room was. Could it be that he had been standing in the corridor waiting for him?

Su Chi said, “He answered your phone.”

Inexplicably, Su Huanyi felt a chill run down his back. He balled himself up and said, “Im sorry brother, I didnt mean to leave you hanging. Let me first get my phone, then you can come in and sit down. ”

Su Chi didnt reply, so Su Huanyi went around him and knocked on the door of the opposite room. The doorbell rang, and Su Chis voice came from behind him.

“…… Zhou Qingcheng stays in that room?”


The air pressure in the corridor gradually rose.

The door opened from the inside, revealing Zhou Qingchengs face. “Youre done bathing? Come on, lets-” The voice stopped abruptly.

Zhou Qingcheng was startled by Su Chi, who was standing behind the door. Fuck, Su Chi was staring at him!……

This child is afraid.

Su Huanyi slid in through the door, oblivious to the delicate atmosphere between the two. “My big brother is here, so Im not going to play. Ill take my phone back. ”

Zhou Qingcheng followed suit and slipped back in. “Oh, your big brother just called.”

Su Huanyi shuddered. As expected, he left Su Chi hanging!

He took back his phone, bade farewell to the two, and left. Su Huanyi took Su Chi into his room.

Su Chi entered the door and saw the side bathroom. The door was still open and the hot air had not yet dissipated. Opposite the bathtub was a large mirror, blurred out by the water mist.

“So you cant bath in your bathroom, huh?”

Su Huanyi whispered, “Its still an uncomfortable bath.”

Su Chi felt the need to give a warning, “There are a lot of inconveniences in moving about, so youll have to make do with it. Dont use other peoples bathrooms. You should have a sense of privacy. ”

Many people do not have the same level of awareness in this area. Su Chi once attended a CEO training class where a group of corporate executives were sharing a room. Some wore only underpants at night, while others wrapped themselves up tightly even in bed.

He felt that Su Huanyi lacked this awareness and was so silly that he would be taken advantage of one day.

Su Huanyi felt very good about himself, “I know, big brother. I will only use big brothers bathroom and I wont use anyone elses. ”

Su Chi had a critical look, “What if the bathroom in Zhou Qingchengs room is better than yours?”

Su Huanyis eyes became ferocious, “Then hes too much of a dog!”

Su Chi, “…”

Su Huanyi carried out the souvenirs he bought this afternoon and piled them on the sofa like a squirrel piling up pinecones since Su Chi had come over.

“Big brother, this is for you. Take it back with you.” Su Huanyi pointed to a big bag before pointing at a small one, “This is for mum and dad, second brother, third brother, Wu Ma, driver Lin.”

Su Chi took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Why do I have more than everyone else combined?” he asked, picking up the large bag.

“Thats the difference between self-pickup and package delivery.” Su Haunyi then carefully admonished, “You must remember to hide it when you take it home. Dont let dad see it.”

Su Chi didnt know what he was trying to achieve by giving him a gift.

Su Chi had a return flight at 10 oclock the next morning, so he didnt stay long.

Su Huanyi woke up early the next morning. He guessed that Zhou Qingcheng and Sun Heyu were not up yet, so he went upstairs to look for his big brother.

He rang the doorbell, and the door opened from the inside. Xiao Qin stood at the door, and Su Chi was inside collecting his luggage.

“Good morning, Secretary Qin.” Su Huanyi greeted him as he slipped in. He suddenly stopped and looked at the person carefully, “No wonder big brother wouldnt let me come over to take a bath at night. It turns out that Secretary Qin stayed here last night… ”

Su Chis forehead twitched, “He stayed in his room.”

Xiao Qin stood with his hands folded, “You think too much, young master. This subordinate is an honest and proper person.”

……Wait, thats not what I meant! Su Huanyis heart shook violently. He meant that if Secretary Qin was there, it would be inconvenient to come and take a bath!

Why did it sound like I am here to settle accounts? Secretary Qins mouth is indeed powerful.

Su Huanyi changed the topic, “When is Big Brother leaving? Theres still half an hour to go. ”

Su Huanyi went to a sofa bench and sat down, “Then Ill accompany big brother until then.”

Su Chi praised him. “Sure enough, you are most eager to send me off.”

One of the partners he was working with on this business trip was the Banyan City Investment Group, and Su Chis reception was entirely borne by the other party. Not only was his room the best, but there were pastries and fruit plates on the table as well.

Su Huanyis eyes were red with jealousy, and his gaze was substantial.

The pastry plate was pushed, “Eat if you want, its free.”

Su Huanyi was instantly flattered and carefully rolled away most of the plate, “Youre so nice.…”

Su Chi had no desire to cooperate with his performance.

One had a good time eating, and the other watched. Time quickly passed. Half an hour later, Su Chi estimated that it was time, so he stood up.

“Im leaving.”

The eating stopped.

Su Huanyi put down the pastry. He didnt like that sentence. His dad had said it to him and his mum had said it to him too. One left his family, and the other left him.

There was a sudden pain on the top of his head, and his hair was tugged. Su Huanyi looked up to meet Su Chis eyes from the angle of death.

Su Chi looked at his motionless cheeks and asked, “Did you knock your teeth?”

Su Huanyi, “…”

The three went down to the hotel lobby together. Su Huanyi and Su Chi were waiting at the entrance for the special car that would take them to the airport. Xiao Qin was standing next to them like a signpost.

Su Huanyi took a small step toward Su Chi and said, “Brother, I have a request.”

“What request?”

“A farewell hug.” Su Chi seemed angry that he hadnt hugged him before. So he decided to offer it first.


Su Huanyi didnt understand his brothers iron-stanced attitude, “Why not? Were going to be apart for ten days.” He liked hugging. When his arms are filled, there will be no void in his heart.

Su Chi said, “As long as there is socializing, there will be separation. Will you want a hug from everyone? ”

“Its big brother who is different from others.” Su Huanyi gave an example, “Look, didnt Third Brother hug me when we left Nangnang?”


There was a brief silence in the air. Su Huanyi turned his head to find his big brothers dark gaze. It was over! Did Su Chi think he and Su Yu were too undisciplined……

“Just one second.”

Su Huanyi quickly looked up! Su Chi frowned, “What are you doing frozen? Are you waiting for me to open my arms in respect……”

Plop. Su Huanyi lunged in.

Su Chis words were cut off, and his lips were poked by the stands of hair. Su Huanyi wrapped his arms around his broad back. His arms were filled to the brim, and the little reluctance over the separation was squeezed out.

The two were hugging tightly at the hotel entrance when Xiao Qins voice rang out, “Im very sorry to disturb your close embrace, but Ive just received notice that the flight has been delayed until this afternoon, Mr. Su.”

Su Chi, “……”

Su Huanyi, “……”

The three returned to the hotel lobby.

The earliest the flight could take off was at least eight hours away.

“Brother, do you want to wait?”

“Can I leave on my own?” Su Chi tugged on the hairs again. He was now getting good at it. “You think Im a free bird like you?”

Su Huanyi had a feeling that his stunt was not going to be easily forgotten; “You still have eight hours. Do you want to come hang out with us until you have to leave?”

“You do your own thing.” Su Chi said, “You wont be free with me around.”

Su Huanyi couldnt say anything against his conscience; Sun Heyu and Zhou Qingchengs restraint were obvious. A meticulous person like Su Chi would have noticed it too.

He thought about it, “Then Ill hang out with my big brother today.”

Su Chi looked at him, “You want to join me?”

“Yes, I do.”

For a rare moment, the thin lips hooked up, “Good. You want to come with me—”

Su Huanyi turned his head and called on Secretary Qin, “Great, Secretary Qin can also come with us!”

Su Chi, “……”

A rare look of trepidation surfaced on Secretary Qins calm face.


Su Huanyis “betrayal” got no objection from Zhou Qingcheng and Sun Heyu. In particular, Zhou Qingcheng, who got Su Chis deep stare only yesterday, was now silent.

So Huanyi went on his way with his big brother on his left hand and Secretary Qin on his right.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get close to his big brother and abduct Secretary Qin. It couldnt be more perfect!

The surrounding ancient streets, which Su Huanyi had been to yesterday, and other entertainment items were not worthy of Su Chis style. Secretary Qin checked his phone, “There is a temple nearby. I hear it is very spiritual, so, do you two have any interest? ”

Su Huanyis interest was picked. Su Chi glanced at him and said, “Lets go then.”

The Zhaoyun Temple was located just five kilometres from the commercial centre. The temple had a thousand-year history and had been restored several times. It stood in the downtown area, giving a kind of “hidden in the city” vibe.

Entering from the side door, there are red walls and golden tiles, and verdant trees. A pool in the courtyard reflects the forest and sky overhead. The environment was very quiet, and two worlds were isolated by the wall.

The three lightened their steps and walked along the spacious wooded path to the main hall.

In the clear forested courtyard, Su Chis talked in a low, steady, and unhurried voice, “The main hall of Buddhism is called theMahavira and is the main building at the centre of the temple. We are now visiting in a clockwise direction. Going around to the right is good luck. ”

Su Huanyi listened and duly delivered a compliment, “Youre so great, big brother. How do you know everything? ”

“Read more.”

A monk was sweeping the floor beside the road. He put down his broom when he saw the three of them and bowed with his palms together. Su Chi stopped and bowed back slightly, and Su Huanyi followed suit.

After leaving the monk and continuing, they crossed the door. They walked around the building and entered a circular square in front of the hall. Su Chi said, “Third brother likes going to the temple.”

Su Huanyi was surprised, “Third brother is so Buddhist?”

Su Chi: “He enjoys the thrill of drawing lots.”

Su Haunyi: …This is quite in line with the persona.

The Mahavira Hall was solemn and majestic. A few pilgrims knelt devotedly on the futon in front of the hall. The incense swirled around, and the dense white smoke hovered in the air outside the temple. The pines outside the temple were lush, giving a peaceful and calm feeling.

There were few people at this point, so the three men standing in front of the hall were very conspicuous.

The monk next to the temple came up to them and said, “The three benefactors can worship the Buddha before going to ask for a sign. If you are sincere, it will be very effective. ”

Su Huanyi was thinking of praying to the Buddha for a sign to bless the sale of Kun wine, so he asked, “What kind of sign is the master talking about?” Hed prefer one for career, family, or peace…

The monk put his palms together and saluted, “Marriage.”


Neither Secretary Qin nor Su Chi wanted to get married. Su Huanyi was lost for a moment and then said, “Big brother, you are already here…”

Su Chis tone was cold. “How dare I take you to see any heritage exhibition in the future.”

Su Huanyi choked and tried to win him over. “Big brother, you can also ask for one. Youre almost thirty and you dont even have someone to give your bank card to. ”

Su Chi raised an eyebrow, “Why would I give my bank card to someone else?”

Su Huanyis eyes slowly widened: What a straight-faced and uninterested Su Chi!

In the end, no one could sway anyone. So Su Haunyi went alone to ask for a talisman to bless him in the marriage aspect and carefully put it in his pocket.

Su Chi watched coldly from the side, “Do you want to find a partner?”

Su Huanyi was wronged, “No!”

Su Chi educated him, “Thats good. You cant even distinguish between good and bad, so you will be cheated by people with ulterior motives if you start dating. ”

Su Huanyi was powerless to retort. He remembered the “consumer trap” and felt that he really does misjudge people!

Under the simple green pine, he put his hands together and asked for advice, “Then what do you think I should do, brother?”

“I can reluctantly help keep an eye out for you.”


Secretary Qin, who was listening on the sidelines, was expressionless. Two people who have never been in love got together to discuss. One dares to believe and the other dares to say.

Su Huanyi did not doubt Su Chis words in the slightest. In his heart, big brother was the talisman ah!

He held up a hand and meekly promised, “Dont worry, big brother. If theres anyone who covets me in the future, Ill immediately report everything to big brother! ”

Su Chi put his hands in his pockets, “Thats right.”

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