Su Huanyi finally compromised by turning on the air conditioner and hunkered down under the covers to sleep.

The next day, he got up for breakfast and found Zhou Qingcheng swiping his mobile phone and forcing Sun Heyu to see, “Let me show you, Su Huanyi was posted on a website. When we were at Banyan City, he was secretly photographed…..Huh? Its gone?”

“What?” Sun Heyu poked his head over, “404 Not found? ”

Zhou Qingcheng swiped it again, “It was there last night.”

Su Huanyi sat across the table sipping milk. He savoured the taste and boasted, “I complained about it.”

Zhou Qingcheng was suspicious, “Is your complaint so useful? Can your complaint make a website 404?”

Su Huanyi felt questioned, “You know nothing about power.”

Zhou Qingcheng intuited that there was no need to discuss it in-depth, so he changed his words to, “But this website casually steals other peoples photos and the comments are not clean. Someone should complain about it. ”

Su Huanyi was pleased, “Then I did a very good deed.”


The episode was quickly turned over.

The city of Huadu was well developed and densely populated, with plenty of places to eat and drink. They moved their trip to the capital up by one day, which was barely enough to have fun.

Before Su Huanyi flew to the capital, a message came from Su Yu.

[Su Yu]: “Little brother, call me when you land and Ill pick you up.”

[Su Huanyi]: “Okay.”

He put his phone away and turned to Zhou Qingcheng and Sun Heyu, “My third brother is coming to pick us up when we arrive.”

Sun Heyu asked keenly, “Whats he coming to pick us with?”

Su Huangyi had not cared, so he hesitated for a second, “……  a car?”

Sun Heyu, “Did he buy a car in the capital?”

Su Huanyi, “Maybe??”

The three fell into an unspeakable silence at the same time. Why did they have a feeling he would be unreliable?

It was officially afternoon when they got off the plane.

Su Huanyi sent a message to Su Yu, and the other party said he was near the entrance, so the three people walked there.

They saw Su Yu from a distance. He was standing amid the crowd. His white coat framed his slender figure, his chestnut bangs slightly above a pair of narrow eyes. He was tossing a coin with one hand in his pocket, his gaze falling on an unnamed point.

Su Yu suddenly turned his head and his eyes focused on Su Huanyi, and he called out with a curled lip, “Brother.”

Su Huanyi took three or two steps over to him, and before he could open his mouth, his standing strands of hair were ruffled, “The buds have grown taller.”

Su Huanyi has a good memory: “Big brother plucked the seedlings so that they could grow taller.”

Su Yu, “…..??”

Sun Heyu and Zhou Qingcheng greeted Su Yu, and the four walked out of the airport together. At the doors, Su Yu stopped and took out his mobile phone before tapping it a few times.

Su Huanyi inched closer, “Third brother, what are you doing?”

Su Yu raised an eyebrow at him, seemingly not understanding why he would ask such an obvious thing, “I am calling a cab. How can we go back if I dont call a cab? ”

The rest: “?”

Ten minutes later, four big men with long arms and legs filled the cab.

Zhou Qingcheng, the tallest, sat in the passenger seat, leaving Su Yu, Su Huanyi, and Sun Heyu stuffed in the back seat and unable to move. Su Huanyi, who was sitting in the middle, could hardly even breathe.

Su Huanyi spoke silkily in the shaking car, “Third brother, the three of us would have had much more space in the cab if you hadnt come to pick us up.”

Su Yu sighed sadly, ” I wanted to see my brother as soon as possible.”

If it werent for that cheerful look on his face, Su Huanyi have believed it.

“Third brother, didnt you buy a car in the capital?”

“I bought one. Its just that I had sent it to be washed yesterday. Its only today that I remembered, but I couldnt find a car when I went out. But I didnt want to go back on my word since I promised my younger brother that I would come to pick him up, even if it meant getting squeezed. ”

Su Huanyi exclaimed, “Its really hard on third brother.”

Su Yu stopped tugging on his hair and sighed, “You are too polite to third brother.” The remaining two people who were listening to the whole thing were expressionless, “….”

They soon arrived at the hotel. Sun Heyu, who was leaning against the door, was almost ejected when the car door opened,

Su Huanyi took a big breath of fresh air the moment he got out. Su Yu came around behind him and urged him, “Put your luggage away quickly. I want to take you to eat something delicious. ”

Zhou Qingcheng and Sun Heyu, who were already used to the Su brothers interruptions, waved to Su Huanyi and said, “Take care.”

They seemed to be politely chasing him.

After putting the luggage away, Su Huanyi followed Su Yu into the cab.

It was early autumn. The trees on both sides of the road outside the window had tall branches and sparse foliage. The yellow leaves fell to the ground and were swept up in a cloud of dust and mud by passing cars.

“Third Brother, where are we going?”

Su Yu lazily leaned back, “To third brothers school. Our schools second canteen is famous. Ill treat you to a meal. ”

Su Huanyi remembered that the book said Su Yu was a doctoral student majoring in chemical engineering at Capital University of Science and Technology and his grades were among the best in his major.

“Third brother, is the white coat youre wearing for doing experiments?”

Su Yu, “No.”

“Then what is it for?”

“To maintain the cool look.”


Su Huanyi sighed in admiration. The ego of the Su brothers was really strange.

Capital University of Science and Technology was located within the university district. Su Huanyi accompanied Su Yu into the campus. The latters fluttering white coat became a beautiful sight in the bleak autumn scenery.

It was close to 1 pm and it was lunch break. Many students were returning to their dormitories after eating, and the wide asphalt road was lined with college students in groups.

Su Huanyi had graduated in his previous world several years ago, and the sight of the campus brought a touch of nostalgia.

“Want to go back to school?” Su Yu spoke up, “You didnt take the entrance exam last year when I asked you to.”

Su Huanyi pulled it out of his memory, “I enjoy being leisurely and hate hard work.”

I just wanted to fight for the family fortune.

Su Yus bangs hid half of his eyes, and that gaze that fell on Su Huanyi was inexplicable. After a few moments, he let out an “mmm” and changed the topic.


It could be seen that Su Yu was a big man on campus. Several students greeted him along the way. Some called him “senior” and others called him “advisor”.

During this time, some of the gazes fell on Su Huanyi, but he remained quiet and did not say a word.

After walking for about ten minutes, they finally reached the second canteen.

The cafeteria looked ordinary on the outside, but on entering, the decoration became exquisite and the environment elegant. It looked very much like a restaurant. This was the first time Su Huanyi had seen such a beautiful canteen in a university, and he let out a sigh of admiration, “Third brother, the environment here is really nice.”

Su Yu hooked his lips and pulled out his card, “Look at you. You look like you havent seen the world.”

While waiting for the meal at the table, Su Jitong and his wife sent greetings in the family group chat. They figured that Su Huanyi had already arrived in the capital and asked if Su Yu was taking care of him.

Su Huanyi was editing a message in the dialogue box when a click came from the opposite side. He looked up and saw Su Yu putting down his phone and typing.

“…… Third brother, what are you doing?”

“I am collecting evidence.”

Half a minute later, a picture of Su Huanyi was uploaded to the family group chat – his coat was off and he was wearing a light shit. The wide collar showed a large part of his neck and his head was lowered, showing the stubborn strands of hair.

[Su Yu]: “Here! Im treating my brother to a meal.” [picture]

[Yu Xinyan]: “How come youre wearing so little? The weather looks cold when you look at it.”

[Su Huanyi]: “I took off my coat and put it on my seat. I will wear it when I go out.”

Su Yu: ” If my brother feels cold, I will take off my clothes for him.”

[Su Chi]: “Oh.”

Su Yu: “…”

Su Huanyi: “…”

The two held their phones as they silently stared at each other across the table.

After a long time, Su Huanyi sighed softly, “Third brother, you still have to go home.” Why make things hard for yourself?

Su Yu: “I only pursue the happiness of the moment.”

Su Huanyi: “Thats why the happiness is short-lived”

The sadness at the bottom of Su Yus eyes instantly cascaded into a river.

The food in the second canteen was really good. Su Huanyi ordered the chicken with mushrooms in hot sauce and ended up eating all the soup with the rice.

When he had eaten and drunk enough, he lifted his dignified head from the bowl, only to find that Su Yu had been watching him for a while.

Su Huanyi was so surprised that he instantly let out a loud and clear burp, “Burp! Third brother, whats wrong…”

Su Yu leaned back against the seat with one hand on the table, his fingertips meticulously tracing over the front and back of the coin.

For a moment, it was like Su Huanyi had returned to that afternoon with the sea breeze, the moment when he first met Su Yus eyes that were carelessly analyzing him.

His heart thumped. Before he could speak, Su Yu laughed mischievously, “The sauce on the rim of the bowl is imprinted on the bridge of your nose.”

“…” Su Huanyi took a tissue to wipe it away with embarrassment.

After lunch, he followed Su Yu around the school. “Werent you busy?”

Su Yu raised his hand and greeted the students walking toward him, “No matter how busy I am, I can make time for you.”

A few students across them froze in their smiles and looked at Su Huanyi.

“…” Su Yu spoke numbly, “Third brother is a really wonderful brother.”

The eyes that landed on him withdrew. Su Yu smiled and asked after the few students left, “So which of the several brothers does little brother like the most?”

Su Huanyi looked at his hand that was in his coat pocket and said, “Please turn off the recording, third brother.”

Su Yu paused and blinked, then stifled a sigh, “Alright…I just wanted to send it to Big Brother. ”

Su Huanyis footsteps paused, his expression suddenly grave. Su Yu followed suit and looked at him. A gust of autumn breeze brushed under the hem of their clothes, and Su Huanyi slowly spoke, “We seem to have removed Second Brother from the group chat just now.”

Su Yu: “…”

Su Yu looked up into the sky, “As long as we dont say anything to anyone.”

Su Huanyi: “Okay, thats our little secret between brothers.”

After a full day at the Capital University of Science and Technology, Su Yu drove Su Huanyi back. They were sitting in a spacious and comfortable luxury car, and the car stereo was playing happy disco music.

The windows were half-open and the hair on the top of Su Huanyis head was fluttering and dancing. His face was calm, his gaze indifferent. “Third brother, didnt you say you took your car to be washed?”

Su Yu smiled, “It ran back on its own after being washed.”

Su Huanyi let out a sigh of admiration, “So it recognizes its owner, ah.”


After saying goodbye to Su Yu, Su Huanyi went back to his business in the following days.

The trip to the capital was compressed by one day, so they only stayed for three days before preparing to return.

Zhou Qingcheng and Sun Heyu had travelled with only a bag and left with the same. Su Huanyi came with a large suitcase and left with a suitcase that was crammed to the seams with souvenirs.

Before boarding the plane, Su Huanyi sent a message to his family before going to poke his big brother again.

[Su Huanyi]: “Big brother, my suitcase is about to explode. Can you come and pick me up?” [Photo].

[Su Chi]: “Am I a bomb disposal expert?”

Su Huanyi: “…”

[Su Huanyi]: “Im about to explode from missing my big brother!”

[Su Chi]: “I suggest you restrain yourself, flammable and explosive items wont pass the security check.”

Su Huanyi, “….” Big Brother is still the same.

The return trip from the capital would take three hours. Their flight was at 5 p.m so they would land at eight p.m.

The sky was dark when leaving the airport. Zhou Qingcheng and Sun Heyu were picked up by their familys drivers, so the three of them parted ways.

Su Jitong and Su Chi said they had told driver Lin to pick him up and that he would most likely arrive soon. So Su Huanyi waited in the parking lot with a suitcase that was about to explode.

After about ten minutes, a familiar private car came into view. Its pale yellow lights swept through the dimness and slowly pulled up in front of Su Huanyi.

Driver Lin opened the door from the drivers seat and helped to take the luggage and put it into the trunk.

Su Huanyi went over to the back seat and reached out to pull the door open-click!

The lights from the parking lot suddenly shone onto the back seat of the car, illuminating the person sitting inside.

Su Chis gaze fell on his face. “I risked my life to come over and transport a dangerous item.”

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