Chapter 2 – Things Have Taken a New Turn

There are 10,000 groundhogs revolting inside Su Huaiyi ’s heart. Fuck this golden finger! This is simply the guide across the underworld!

He was in a trance and saw the hand beckoning to him: What are you waiting for, you do it.

Su Chi frowned and walked forward. Seeing that Su Huaiyi didn ’t have a word of explanation, his face suddenly became as cold as the gusts of wind in the first month of the lunar year.

He thought that Su Huaiyi had already changed and became sincere, yet it turned out to be nothing but to wait here.

Su Chi half-closed his eyes, concealing his deep gaze, ”Dad, you asked for me? ”

”I have something for you. ” Su Jitong ’s gaze remained stunned, ”Xiao Yi, what are you doing in your eldest brother ’s room in that outfit? ”

Su Huaiyi was just immersed in the sadness of the broken golden finger. For a while, he didn ’t pay attention to Su Jitong and reluctantly cheered up, ”I ’m looking for my eldest brother to ask for clothes. My shirt is dirty so I borrowed it earlier and I asked my eldest brother to lend me one. ”

Su Jitong said in disapproval, ”His clothes are too big for you. ”

Su Huaiyi showed him, ”This size is very fashionable on me. ” 

”… ” Su Jitong doubted his own taste as he turned his head and asked Su Chi, ”Is it stylish? ”

Su Chi said nothing, and just watched Su Huaiyi talk nonsense. This person still has the virtue of lying, but there is something different.

Su Jitong dropped the subject, ”I think it ’s average. If you really want to pursue fashion, Dad will ask someone to order two new items for you on another day. ”

His gaze rested on a bunch of dull hair swaggering in the wind above Su Huaiyi ’s head, and couldn ’t help but to stretched out his hand to smooth it out, ”Tell your father what you ’re missing in the future, and don ’t fight over things between your brothers, okay? ”

”I understand, thank you Dad. ” Su Huaiyi was comforted by his paternal love.

It seems that the bug left by the author is still there. Although his golden finger didn ’t arrive, Su Jitong is his protective talisman!

Su Huaiyi was happy, he wanted to step forward and hug his amulet tightly.

As soon as he opened his arms, there ’s a person stopping him from behind.

Su Chi was holding the back collar of Su Huaiyi, ”You are not a child anymore. ” Pay attention to your words and deeds.

”… ” Su Huaiyi felt his warning and tacitly withdrew his hand.

Su Jitong immediately expressed his pity. A child is still a kid in the eyes of its parents. He hopes that the eldest, the second, and the third son will stick to him as a father like the youngest son.

When Su Jitong adopted a child, he originally intended to take a daughter and find a sweet little cotton padded jacket1. However, Su Huaiyi was too well-behaved and good-looking. He stood out among the children. When he saw him and his wife, he rushed up to them. He was sweet and coaxing. Su Jitong discussed this with his wife, and simply took back a fourth son.

He thought of this and glanced at Su Huaiyi again. The latter was dragged by Su Chi, but he didn ’t show any disgust. It seemed that the relationship between the two brothers was still good.  

”Xiao Yi, go back and change your clothes. I ’ll talk to your eldest brother about something. ”

Su Chi let go of him. Su Huaiyi immediately slipped to Su Jitong ’s side, as if running back to the safety zone.

The corners of Su Chi ’s eyes twitched slightly. He turned his head and went back to his room.

Su Huaiyi took the opportunity to give Su Jitong a hug. He whispered, ”It ’s not that I won ’t embrace, it ’s not time yet. ”

Su Jitong laughed in silence.


Su Huaiyi went back, and once the door of the room was closed, only Su Jitong and Su Chi were left.

Su Chi glanced at the smile that had not yet dissipated on Su Jitong ’s face, and had a slight headache, ”Dad, don ’t get used to him too much. ”

One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature, and furthermore it was an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf2.

Su Jitong shook his head, ”Xiao Yi is just a child, which is different from your brothers. He had suffered before and was abandoned by his biological parents. I didn ’t ask him to do anything. It would be nice for him to be happy and safe. ”

Su Chi pursed his lips and did not respond. People of this age have their own stubbornness. Su Jitong has always believed that Su Huaiyi is purely a child who lacks love, and he cannot break Su Jitong ’s insistence.

In the past, Su Jitong was filled with paternal love. The elite education of high society has sacrificed the emotions and freedom of the heirs to a certain extent. Someone from the Su family must come out to take the lead. Su Jitong couldn ’t spoil the three brothers like the father of an ordinary family, so Su Huaiyi was chosen for this vacancy.

Later, when Su Jitong got older, Su Huaiyi was not only Su Jitong ’s adopted son, but also the sustenance of his goodwill. After the power of money reached a certain level, if the person can still do kindness and love people, then it shows that the bottom line of morality was still attached to the person.

At the beginning, the adoption was for this purpose. However, after raising him for almost 20 years, he already treated him like one of his real sons.

Su Chi couldn ’t change his father ’s mind, so he could only find a way to get his anxious adopted brother back to the right path.

Su Jitong didn ’t know what his eldest son was thinking. After the two talked about the company, Su Jitong added, ”There will be a party the day after tomorrow. Why don ’t you take Xiao Yi with you. ”

”He ’s been there once or twice before and found it uninteresting. ”

Su Jitong disagreed, ”Xiao Yi is shy and slow. Go a few more times and get familiar with him. You ’ll find him amusing. ”

Su Chi and Su Huaiyi ’s previous two encounters deeply questioned the interpretation of these two adjectives.

”Then ask him tomorrow. ”


When Su Huaiyi woke up, it was already dawn.

He stood in front of the wide mirror in the bathroom, looking at the unfamiliar face in a daze. To be honest, this face is top quality, and even he was stunned for a brief second when he looked himself in the mirror.

Furthermore when he takes a closer look, the countenance is somewhat similar to his original looks——the facial appearance is soft, the corners of the eyes are slightly droopy, and the lips are plump, with a lip bead. The combination is completely different from himself, yet there ’s a miraculous and subtle connection.

Su Huaiyi suddenly remembered something. He leaned closer to the mirror and pulled open his collar!

His breathing suddenly stopped. Sure enough, there is a small red mole on the right side of his neck and it was located on the upper half of his shoulder. The same spot, which is identical to his actual body.

Su Huaiyi actually felt it yesterday. There are some similarities between him and the original owner. He also had no sense of distance when facing the characters in the book, as if he had really been in contact with them for more than ten years.

His soul is rapidly merging into this world, as if a bug had appeared in the program. Then it was automatically filled and fixed by this world.

Su Huaiyi was in deep thought while he closed his collar. He went downstairs to eat.

At the table sat the patriarch Su Jitong, his wife Yu Xinyan, and his eldest son Su Chi.

Su Jianchen, the second son of the Su family, is working on a project abroad and will not be back until next week; Su Ting, the third son, is studying PhD in the capital. There is no holiday at this time. Now there are only four of them at home.

Su Huaiyi obediently greeted them good morning one by one, and sat back in his seat.

As soon as he sat down, Su Jitong stroked the dull hair on his head, ”There will be a party tomorrow. You can go with your eldest brother. ”

Su Huaiyi chewed the oatmeal and accidentally ate two raisins. He spit it on the plate with a flick of his tongue, ”Okay. ”

Su Chi is the key figure who decides his fate, and he needs to get along with him a lot to whitewash himself.

Su Jitong gave Su Chi a proud look: See, how well behaved Xiao Yi is, I told you he would go.

Su Chi didn ’t want to battle this overly subjective issue with his father. He dropped his gaze on the two raisins, ”Picky eater? ”

Su Huaiyi paused, ”Quitted sugar. ”

He never ate candied fruit, so he vomited it subconsciously, but he didn ’t expect to resist the original owner ’s eating habits.

Yu Xinyan smiled, her soft wavy curls trembled slightly, ”You don ’t lose weight and grow acne. Why quit sugar at a young age? ”

Su Huaiyi pursed his lips, ”I ’m too sweet… ”

Su Jitong burst into laughter and his trembling voice was directed at Su Chi!

Su Chi hand halted, and his appetite decreased significantly.

After the meal, Yu Xinyan planned to personally help her two sons choose the clothes for tomorrow ’s party.

In the past, Su Chi attended social events alone, and he chose what he wore. Now, he ’s with his younger brother. It has to emphasize collocation, and it is up to her, as a mother, to decide what ’s the best.


Today is not the weekend, the Su family ’s father and son both went to the company, only Yu Xinyan and Su Huaiyi were at home.

Yu Xinyan took Su Huaiyi back and forth to try on the clothes. When Su Huaiyi tried on the sixth suit, his expression was already at a loss.

Is it necessary to choose so carefully! In addition…

”Mom, I don ’t think there ’s any difference between the two sets. ”

Yu Xinyan frowned disapprovingly, ”Why is there no difference? The dark patterns on the sleeves of the suit on the left are cloud lines, and the waist is a little obvious. The dark patterns on the hem of the suit on the right are ripples, which is a bit atmospheric and does not really close the waist. ”

Su Huaiyi looked at the dark patterns on the cuff. Unless he fed his elbow into someone else ’s mouth, no one would notice it.

Yu Xinyan was still carefully distinguishing the differences between several suits, ”Otherwise, this set of cloud patterns is also suitable for your eldest brother. If you two brothers go to a party together, you have to wear more matching clothes. ”

Su Huaiyi suggested, ”We can wear two of the same ones. ”

Yu Xinyan imagined for a moment, and slightly frowned, ”It ’s not like it ’s a set. ”

Four hours later, Yu Xinyan picked out Su Huaiyi ’s outfit, and then pulled the person to Su Chi ’s room.

”Your eldest brother has two or three sets of cloud patterns. Come and pick them with mom. ”

Su Huaiyi ’s face was distorted: Why are there two or three sets of cloud patterns! Is there any difference in cloud patterns, stratocumulus clouds? High cumulus clouds? Cirrostratus clouds?

He doesn ’t understand, for the time being he ’ll treat it as a hobby for rich people.

This was the second time Su Huaiyi had entered Su Chi ’s room after transmigrating. He had a lingering fear and involuntarily glanced at the bottom of the bed.

Yu Xinyan noticed that his eyes were lax. ”Xiao Yi, what are you looking at? ”

”The place where a person dreams… ”

Yu Xinyan thought he was talking about tomorrow ’s party, ”Follow your eldest brother tomorrow to get to know the people in the circle. ”

”Yes. ”

Yu Xinyan found a few sets of Su Chi ’s suits, and took a few pairs of cufflinks from the drawer to match. When she was picking, she suddenly compared it to Su Huaiyi ’s wrist, ”Why do I think this pair of cufflinks is more suitable for you to wear than your eldest brother? ”

This pair of cufflinks is dark blue, with silver edges. Under the light it looks like a sea of ​​stars and the Milky Way. Su Huaiyi ’s hands are born pretty, the back of his hand is very thin, and his bones are distinct. His thin white wrists stretch out from his sleeve, which really matches the cufflinks.

Seeing that Yu Xinyan was about to push the cufflinks up, Su Huaiyi immediately retracted his hand with a jeer, and his desire for survival was like a surge, ”No, no, eldest brother owns this. ”

He doesn ’t deserve to get his hands on it!

Yu Xinyan was helpless, ”I just asked you to compare, and I will give you a pair that is about the same if it looks good. ”

Her son ’s things belong to her son, and she has no right to send them even if she is the mother. Yu Xinyan has been the mistress of the Su family for so many years. With her first four sons, she also understands the fairness in her family better than anyone else.

Su Huaiyi still hid his hands behind his back, and he was determined not to have a trace of involvement with Su Chi ’s things!

Yu Xinyan didn ’t understand why he was being stubborn. She jokingly pulled his arm. ”We ’re just going to compare. Your eldest brother is not that stingy. ”

”No, no, no, no, no… ”

After two or three rounds of tugging, Yu Xinyan didn ’t hold it steadily in her hand, and the cufflinks rolled to the bottom of the bed with a grunt .

Su Huaiyi, ”… ”

Yu Xinyan, ”Oh my! ”

What are you saying oh my!!! Su Huaiyi ’s heart was tight. Under the bed, under the bed again! He always has numerous accidents under Su Chi ’s bed!

Yu Xinyan, ”Xiao Yi, you take a look where it fell? ”

Su Huaiyi composed himself, he clung to the bedside and looked at the bottom of the bed. The cufflinks fell deeper. After a second of silence, he lowered his head and dived in.

Yu Xinyan was taken aback, ”It fell inside? Get up quickly, I ’ll let the servant come to retrieve it. ”

Su Huaiyi found himself digging under the bed with ease. He moved backward and had no urge to make progress. He said, ”Forget it, it came all the way here. ”

Yu Xinyan, ”… ”


Su Chi ’s afternoon meeting was temporarily cancelled. He came home from work before five o ’clock. When he went up to the second floor, he heard a faint voice coming from his room:

”Xiao Yi, why does mom think you are shrouded in sadness? ”

”I ’m afraid to go back to the beginning, and see the young and inexperienced facade in my memory. ”

”… ” Su Chi paused for a second, then walked straight to the room.

The entrance was half closed. As soon as the door was opened, the entire room fell into his sigh——Yu Xinyan was sitting at the headboard. When she saw Su Chi, her whole body shook slightly. She wanted to say something but hesitated.

Su Chi followed her gaze and looked at the bottom of his bed.

A hip and waist were exposed under his bed.

The waist is thin and the butt is upturned.

The author has something to say:

Yu Xinyan: Xiao Yi, what song are you singing?

Su Huaiyi: Mournful song.


1. ”小 ” means ”small ” and ”棉袄 ” means ”padded jacket ”. This term has been used metaphorically by the Chinese to refer to daughters, who are often considerate and heartwarming, and therefore are compared to a ”padded jacket in winter ” for parents. 

2. 白眼狼 – thankless wretch / an ingrate

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