Su Huanyi was stunned by Su Chis serious nonsense!

His straightened spine even became slightly bent from carrying the overwhelming praise.

There was a moment of stagnation in the office, then Minister Chens awkwardly amended “Then… the profession doesnt seem to be suitable…”

Su Chi lightly responded, “Minister Chen seemed to not have majored in human resources either.”

“Thats right… Ill go first, Director Su.”

Su Huanyi hastily took three big steps backwards, and then returned to a forward posture the moment the door opened, pretending to have just arrived.

He met up with Minister Chen, who was in a hurry to get out of the office. The other party saw him and looked away. They brushed past each other.

When he entered, Su Chi was sitting behind his desk. Su Huanyi handed the document over, “Brother…”

“Youre not calling me Director Su anymore.”

“Should I change it back?”

He called out “brother” because his emotions had suddenly risen. Because Su Chi did not protect him as his boss, but as his brother.

Su Chis said, “Its up to you.”

Su Huanyi discovered that Su Chis standards didnt seem to be that strict, so he tentatively made a preposition, “How about I call you Director Su in front of people, and call you Big Brother when its just the two of us?”

“It seems like you wont have much chance of calling me “Director Su.”

“…” Su Huanyi felt like he had been snowed in.

The company was busy until 5 pm when it closed on time. Su Chi still had a bit of work, and he was sitting behind his desk tapping on his computer.

Su Huanyi wandered over, “Brother, are you still not finished?”

“What? Are you in a hurry to go home?”

“No, Im just worried about Big Brother.”

Su Chi had a hunch that this statement was very watery.

Su Huanyi sat on a bench near Su Chi and watched him finish his work. Moments later, Xiao Qin came over to ask for permission to leave work, and Su Chi let him go first.

Su Huanyi also waved to Xiao Qin, “See you tomorrow, Secretary Qin!”

“See you tomorrow, Assistant Su.”

Su Chis voice rang out in the office after Xiao Qin left, “Should I change the office walls to transparent glass?”

Su Huanyi withdrew his gaze, not understanding why he suddenly wanted to change the decoration style. “Why?”

“To make it convenient for you to watch Xiao Qin leave.”


The work was completed only after half an hour, and the two went home together.

It was at the peak period of the elevator rush, and many employees were coming down to the parking lot as most of them came by car. So when they arrived at the underground parking lot, Su Huanyi followed Su Chi into the car before everyones eyes, and skillfully got into the passenger seat.

The crowds eyes instantly froze – this was an incredible relationship!

Once the car door was closed, Su Huanyi relied on the one-way see-through film on the car window to unscrupulously survey the stunned faces of the crowd.

“Brother, Im going to be famous after today.”

“There are better ways.” Su Chi turned the steering wheel and pulled the car out of the parking space, saying, “Just bring your pass from now on.”

Su Huanyi corrected happily, “It is better to bring my ID card. That way, everyone will know Im one of Big brothers people. ”

The car was going over a speed bump when the body jolted.

“Then there wont be a situation like todays…” he stopped abruptly.

But Su Chi looked calm and unsurprised. “So you heard all that?”

“Mmm.” Su Huanyi honestly admitted it. But how did Su Chi know that he was outside the door? Was there surveillance installed in the corridor?

He secretly glanced at Su Chi in the drivers seat. As the car drove out of the parking lot, the light from the outside suddenly lit up the latters brow and eyes, and the dark underbelly of his pupils glowed.

He was like a piece of jade with heavy colour and texture.

The jade lightly opened its lips and said, “Heh, I knew there was a reason as to why you would be so attentive earlier.”

Su Huanyi, “…”

They got home just in time for dinner.

Su Chi went upstairs to change his clothes Su Jitong sat on the sofa and called out to Su Huanyi, “How was your day at work? Are you tired? ”

“No, Im not tired.” Su Huanyi said, “I felt the warmth from my colleagues.”

Su Chi was walking to the staircase when he heard Su Huanyi, and he said, “I didnt let you come to work to feel the warmth.”

Su Huanyi was stunned for a moment, and his strands of hair slowly drooped. Su Jitong quickly stroked them up for him, “Oh, the interpersonal environment is good. What else?”

“There are not many work tasks, and big brother took care of me.”

“Thats good. Follow your big brother and learn more.”


According to the plot of the original book, Su Jitong would probably hand over a subsidiary company to him in two years.

Su Huanyi felt the need to study hard so that he would not inadvertently achieve the original owners goal of harming the Su family.

Su Jitong let him go after he had obediently responded, “Go change your clothes and come down for dinner.”

Su Huanyi finished changing and came out just in time to meet Su Jianchen.

The two were standing three meters apart in the corridor. Su Jianchen was heading downstairs, but he stopped when he saw Su Huanyi who seemed to be waiting for him.

Su Huanyi took two steps forward, “Second brother.”

“Mm.” Su Jianchen answered. He hesitated for a moment and then said, “What did big brother ask you to do as his assistant?”

“Sending and receiving documents and helping Secretary Qin.”

“Oh, you werent asked to serve tea and water, were you?”

“No, big brother doesnt let me serve tea and water. Probably because hes afraid Ill splash him.”


Su Jianchen, “Thats fine.”

There was silence between the two. Su Huanyi wondered whether Su Jianchen was concerned about him. He saw that the former couldnt find a topic, so he took the initiative to speak, “Second brother, can I ask for your advice?”

Su Jianchen was vaguely relieved, “What is it?”

“Theres only one bed in big brothers lounge. When I go to sleep, Big Brother can only rely on the sofa. But big brother doesnt want to sleep with me……”

“You shouldnt sleep together…” Su Jianchen blurted out. Then, reacting to the excitement of his tone, he blushed and eased his voice, “Then add another bed. It will be quick to set up.”

Su Huanyi clapped his hands and said, “Wow, thats a good idea.”

Su Jianchen took out his mobile phone and ordered quickly, as if to cover up his abnormality, “Ill have someone send another bed in for big brother tomorrow.”

Su Huanyi complimented him, “Second brother is really good at what he does!”

“Hmph, thats for sure.”

The two went down to the dining room to eat. Su Jitong was talking to Su Chi about the company, while Yu Xinyan instructed Wu Ma to stew the soup a little longer. Su Huanyi came over, “What kind of soup are we having today?”

“Kidney bean and hoof flower soup.” Yu Xinyan smiled, “Its for beauty and skin care.”

Su Jianchen said, “We men dont need beauty care. You should drink more, mum.”

“Who says men dont need beauty care? The pursuit of beauty is a common thing for all mankind.”

Yu Xinyan pinched Su Huanyis face and said, “Look at how well maintained Little Yi is.”

Su Huanyi: “…” he did not maintain himself!

Although there were many maintenance products in the washroom, they were all for the original owner. He rarely used them after he crossed over.

Su Jianchens gaze scanned him. “Mom, youre pinching his face red.”

Su Chi stopped talking and looked over. Yu Xinyan hurriedly let go, “Why is it red? Does it hurt?”

Su Huanyi rubbed his face and said, “I dont feel it.”

“Thats good. Have a few more bowls of soup to nourish it. ”

What is there to nourish! Su Huanyi rubbed his face in astonishment.

The next day, when they left for work, Su Huanyi consciously got into the passenger seat. Su Chi started the car and drove down the road. His focused eyes showed his usual meticulous composure.

Su Huay suddenly remembered the shock that Zhou Qingcheng and the others had received when Su Chi drove to pick him up that time. He couldnt help but wonder, “Brother, has anyone else been in the car you drove?”

“There have been two times when I picked up Dad from home.”

“What else?”

Su Chi chuckled, “That would be when Im transporting dangerous goods.”

Hiss ……! Then he was really the only person other than Su Jitong to hog his brothers passenger side.

Su Huanyi was suddenly sitting on pins and needles, shifting around on the silky leather cushion.

“Sit tight and dont squirm.”

“Oh ……” Su Huanyi was slightly embarrassed and said, “Brother, youre so kind to even allow me to sit in the car.”

Or else? Let you lie in the trunk?”


They arrived at the office, and Su Huanyi followed Su Chi upstairs. People were coming up from time to time in the elevator, and the employees were all secretly glancing at Su Huanyi in the corner of their eyes, probably because word had spread overnight about the two leaving together.

Others didnt take the initiative to come up and ask, and Su Huanyi was too embarrassed to stand up and introduce himself. Su Chi, the domineering tyrant, maintained his indifference, standing aside and not saying anything.

The people in the elevator came and went, and it finally rose to the top floor. The two exited the lift together.

Xiao Qin was still early and greeted the two men passing by the door, “Good morning, Mr. Su. Good morning, Assistant Su.”

Su Chi gave an “mm”, and Su Huanyi nodded, “Good morning, Secretary Qin!”

The next second, the strands of hair were tugged. Su Chis eyes were downcast and his gaze locked on the tufts of hair; “Its growing so long, isnt it time to cut it?”

Su Huanyi instantly faded in fear, “Isnt that the result of your plucking the seedlings to encourage them to grow!”

How can you even enforce the law even when fishing!

Su Chi sneered, “But I dont think they know how to be thankful at all.”

The strands of hair were encircled around Su Chis knuckles. Su Huanyi had to show his loyalty, “How could it be? They were raised by big brother himself.”

Su Chis fingertips itched, and he let go. He turned back in the direction of the chairmans office, “Then keep them for now.”

Official working hours started at nine in the morning.

Su Huanyi opened his computer and looked at Su Chi in standby mode, like a child waiting for his class teacher to assign him homework.

“Why are you staring at me?”

“Im waiting for my big brother to instruct me.”

Su Chi felt the corners of his forehead slightly twitch, “If only you had half the subjective initiative as your strands of hair…”

“Then all would be uprooted.” Su Huanyi held down the strands of hair that had just come back from the dead. His tone was firm.


Su Chi had to go to a meeting at 10:30. Xiao Qin came over at 10:10 to ask for instructions. The two packed up and got ready to go downstairs. Su Huanyi peeked out from behind the mahogany table, “What about me?”

Su Chi straightened out his jacket and walked out the door, bringing a gust of wind with him as he passed Su Huanyi, “Stay behind.”

He was the only one left in the office, so Su Huanyi sat down peacefully to deal with his work. As a result, Su Chi was still not back even after all the work was completed.

It was close to half-past eleven, and lunchtime was half an hour away. He was about to go out and take a look when he heard a faint noise coming from the elevator.

The chairmans office was located at the end of the corridor. Even if Su Chi had come back kicking his feet, there would not be any sound from this distance.

Su Huanyi stood up and pushed the door open.

The safety passage door next to the lift was wide open, and workers were slowly coming into view carrying a large bed.

The bed was disassembled into several parts because it was too big, and was being transported towards the office in a line like ants moving.

Su Huanyi was shocked.

Dam it! He felt like he had forgotten something when he woke up today. It turns out that he had forgotten the gift from his second brother!

It looked like they had taken advantage of the fact that Su Chi was in a meeting and the companys lobby was unguarded. So the group of people went straight up with Su Jianchens pass.

The worker at the front of the line couldnt understand his shock, “Youre an employee here, right? Help open the door all the way, otherwise it will not be able to get in. ”

Su Huanyi, “…” No, I am the future owner of this bed.

Forty minutes later, the workers finished loading the bed and left.

Su Huanyi stood in the doorway looking into the room and fell into silence…

The new bed was bigger, and it was side by side with Su Chis original bed, seamlessly occupying the entire lounge.

He felt that instead of sleeping in the bed next to Su Chi, it would feel like two people were sleeping on a trampoline.

After a moments thought, Su Huanyi decided to separate the legs of the bed a little to reduce the appearance of a large trampoline.

He went up and grabbed the edge of the bed. He had to spread his legs apart to facilitate the force and even slowly made splits because he was exerting too much force.


A slightly muffled sound suddenly came from behind and Su Huanyis heart skipped a beat. He looked back from the foot of the bed.l

He didnt know when Su Chi had come back. At the moment, he was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed. His eyes were half-closed as he looked at him. “What are you doing?”

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