A startling emotion was suppressed under Su Chis eyes. It was as if a gaping hole had opened in the ice, and the raging undercurrents could be glimpsed beneath it.

Su Yu raised an eyebrow and sat back. He had gotten the answer he wanted.

When Su Huanyi regained his senses from the sudden shaking, he peeked his head over the backrest in front of him, “Whats wrong, big brother? Why did you suddenly brake? ”

Su Chis fingers on the steering wheel curled. He gathered his emotions and returned his gaze to the front as he started the car. “A cat scurried past; sit tight.”

He emphasized in a cold voice, “Especially you, third brother.”

Su Yu who had been pretending: “….” Hiss…he had stepped on the line again.

The car smoothly got back on the road, and Su Huanyi remembered the face that emerged from the darkness. He began to blame it, “Third brother, why did you suddenly lean over?”

Su Yus tone was leisurely and inaudible, “I wanted to see if your tongue was blistered.”

Su Huanyi sighed in admiration in the darkness, “So I played the role of a light bulb?”

A sneer came from the front at the right time.

Su Yu: “….”

It was ten oclock by the time they arrived home. The car was parked, and the three got out of it.

The garage was brightly lit, and Su Huanyi remembered Su Yus ill-timed care before. He took the initiative to poke out his tongue, “Third brother, dont you want to see the blisters, look?”

From the corner of his eyes, Su Yu saw Su Chi turn his head and he hurriedly waved his hand to drive the tongue back, “There are no blisters, quickly…quickly take it back.”

Su Huanyi retracted his tongue.

Su Chi turned and walked out of the garage, “Lets go back.”

The three walked through the front yard to the house, with Su Huanyi and Su Yu at the back.

Su Chis back was tall and straight, and he walked ahead of them to open up the night.

Su Yu mentally tsked and looked at Su Huanyi meaningfully as he whispered, “Brother, third brother can tell you, dont punk me again, or youll reap your consequences.”

Su Wuyi giggled loudly, “You rhymed third brother.”

Su Yu: “….”

They entered the house, and Su Chi went straight upstairs. Su Huanyi followed like a pendant.

Su Yu watched the two go upstairs. He was probably too liberal to think about stopping his big brother, and was instead feeling surprised.

Alas, his big brother, who was so stable and disciplined, was going to shock the world…


Su Yu had to leave the next day, and the rest of the family came to the door to see him off.

Su Yu decided to bounce on the line once again as he was leaving, “Little brother, do you want to see third brother off?”

Su Huanyi had a familiar sense of foresight, “With a taxi?”

“Its still my little brother who understands me.”

Su Chi on the side urged him coldly, “Turn around so we can see you off. Say two more words and well go back. ”

Su Yu: “….”

Su Yu eventually got into the car with driver Lin and raised the window to isolate himself from the ruthless Su family outside the car.

Su Huanyi comforted him from the closed car window, “Go quickly, third brother. People have to learn to grow up by themselves. ”

Su Yus face was expressionless. “Okay.”

The car disappeared at the end of the road, and Su Huanyi followed the family back. He and Su Chi were at the back, “Big brother, is third brother sad? He didnt even wave back. ”

Su Chi was used to it. “Dont underestimate his ability to recover.”

Su Huanyi fished out his phone in disbelief and sent a message to Su Yu.

[Su Huanyi]: Third brother?

[Su Yu]: Whats wrong, little brother?

Su Huanyi turned his phone off and apologized to Su Chi, “Im sorry big brother. I shouldnt have questioned you.”

There was a heavy snow warning in mid-December. The roads were unsafe for traffic, so Sus family didnt head back to the hospital for a while. They stayed at home and did not even go to the company.

On the third day of their stay at home, heavy snow fell quietly.

The Su family was eating dinner at the table when the snow fell. Yu Xinyan got up to serve the soup, she looked up and she saw the porch light outside the hall reflecting a snowy white.

“Its snowing heavily.”

Su Huanyi turned his head, “Its really heavy.”

He had never seen such heavy and dense snow. It was falling in the half-lit courtyard.

He put down his chopsticks and jumped at the chance to go out.

Su Chis faint warning drifted over, “Youll be as lonely as snow even at home if you go out now.”

“….” Su Huanyi picked up his chopsticks again.

It was snowing and cold, so everyone went back to their rooms after eating.

Su Huanyi took a shower and wrapped a blanket around himself before going downstairs.

The porch light in the courtyard stayed on all night, reflecting the heavy snow on the doorstep. He found a cushion to sit on in front of the door and watched the snow up close through a layer of glass.

There was a noise on the staircase not long after that. Su Huanyi turned around and saw Su Chi approaching. “Why did you come down, big brother?”

Su Chi didnt answer him. His eyes fell on the three-layered dark green blanket in which he was wrapped. “Youre a sesame dumpling today?”

The sesame dumpling obediently sent out an invitation for companionship: “Big brother, would you like to watch the snow with me for a while?”

Su Chi was silent for a moment before speaking, “Okay.”

They sat side by side in front of the glass door. There was no sound, even with the heavy snowfall. Su Huanyi extended the blanket, “Do you want me to share half of the dumpling leaves with you?”

Su Chis breathing suddenly stagnated.

Su Huanyi intended to clear out the burden, “We shall be wrapped together, and become two snow dumplings hehehe.”

Su Chi: “….”

Su Chi calmed his breathing and rejected him, “Youre fine being the sole seedling.”

The temperature at night was cold, and although the heating was on in the house, the area near the glass door was still soaked with the coolness from the outdoors.

Su Huanyi sat for a while before automatically leaning towards the heat source beside him. The person beside him seemed to stiffen for a moment when he got close. He turned his head, “Am I making you cold?”

“……” Su Chi loosened the pursed lips and said, “Not so much as to be so penetrating.”

“Thats good.” Su Huanyi was moved by the scenery outside. “If only I wasnt afraid of the cold, I could even sleep in the snow.”

“Are you a hazelnut?”

Su Huanyi plunged himself further into the blanket. He tilted his head and poked Su Chi with his strands of hair, “Why are you mocking me, big brother? Then what about you?”

Su Chis head tilted back. Su Huanyi followed him after he missed the poke.

“Su Huanyi, what are you….” The words ended abruptly.

Thud! A dumpling fell into his arms.

Su Chis heart missed a beat, and his arms were suddenly full. A tingling sensation instantly spread to his heart, and all the blood rushed to his brain as he tightened his arms subconsciously.

His fingertips trembled, and he pulled the person away with a grip on his shoulder. His voice was steady when he spoke again, “What are you doing?”

Su Huanyi quickly made up for it with heartfelt praise. “You know, big brother. Youre reliable! ”

Su Chi stood up, “Lets go back.” He carried the blanket and lifted the man upstairs.

The sesame dumpling was thrown back into the bedroom and the door closed with a click.

Outside the door, Su Chi stood still for a moment, then he turned and went back to his room.

The snow continued for several days, and it was a week later when the roads were cleared of snow.

The Su family went back to work.

The weather was colder than when the snow was falling. Su Huanyi felt that a down jacket was not enough, so he put on padded boots. He sat in Su Chis passenger seat and asked, “Big brother, do you think I can survive this winter?”

In previous years, at this time, the family would spend winter in the south. Su Chi said, “We might still go south when Dad gets out of the hospital.”

They reached the top floor of the office and met Xiao Qin, who was still dressed in a sober suit. Su Huanyi greeted him through clenched teeth, “Good morning, Secretary Qin. Arent you cold dressed like this, mmm….?”

Xiao Qin was very professional and said, “The face of the company cant be afraid of the cold.”

Su Huanyi turned his head and said, “Brother, I think you should give Secretary Qin a pay rise.”

Su Chi was unmoved. “I suggest you go downstairs for a walk.”

Su Huanyi: “To let the cold winter wind clear my head?”

“I want you to see that 90% of the companys employees dress like this.”


There was quite a bit of work left over from the days off. There were dozens of documents that were in transit at Su Huanyis desk, let alone at Su Chis.

The sound of keyboards tapping continued until noon. They looked up and realized that it was already past one oclock.

Su Chi brought out his phone and said, “Im going to order a meal. What do you want to eat?”

A head came over to look, “I want something with soup, something warm.”

Su Chi was squeezed by his fluffy down jacket, “Soup dumplings?”

Su Huanyi connoted, “Not the ones with soup in their names.”

So Su Chi ordered a soup pot with rice.

It was almost two oclock when the lunch was delivered. The lunch box was once again put on Su Chis magnificent desk, and Su Huanyi sat face-to-face with him.

The fluffy down jacket had been taken off for the time being, and Su Huanyi was only wearing a sweater with the sleeves pulled up a little, revealing thin white wrists.

Su Chis gaze swept over, “Not afraid of the cold?”

Su Huanyi was embarrassed and said, “This is more convenient to wield chopsticks.”

Su Chi praised him, “Youve prepared well.”

The soup pot was boiling, and it was half an hour later that they had finished eating. They got up to clear the table; Su Chi held out the paper bag and Su Huanyi put the lunch box in it.

The rim of the bowl was stained with oil, and his fingertips slipped. The bowl was falling towards his other hand when his wrist was suddenly pulled away by a strong force, “Watch your hand…”

The bowl fell onto the table, spilling soup all over the table and drenching his sweater.

Su Chi frowned and walked around the table, “Did you get burned?”

Su Huanyi lifted the hem of his sweater, tucking in his stomach to keep it away from the soup, “No, its just that my sweater got wet.”

“Its okay if your hands arent burnt.” Su Chi looked at the wet part of his sweater, “Look in the wardrobe in the lounge. There should be a replacement sweater. ”

Su Chi continued to clean up the table while Su Huanyi went to the lounge and looked through the wardrobe. There were clothes for all seasons in the wardrobe, and Su Huanyi soon found two sweaters.

Su Chi was tall and his size was all large.

He took the smaller one, but it was still too big for him. The collar and cuffs were loose, which suited his “fashionable” aesthetic.

There was a knock at the door, “Did you fit it? If not, Ill have one sent over. ”

“I can wear it, but its a bit too big.”

The voice at the door hesitated for a moment, “How big is it?”

Su Huanyis poor verbal skills couldnt describe it, so he pulled on the loose collar and ran to open the door…

The light dimmed in front of him. Su Chi was standing outside the door and his eyes fell on him.

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