Su Jitong and the others were resting at the pavilion by the lake shore when Su Huanyi walked over with his backpack clanking along the way.

Su Chi looked at the bulging backpack and he reached out for it, “Do you want to transfer your gravity potential energy to me?”

Su Huanyi thought it could be done in another way, “Do you want a snack or a drink?”

“Then Ill have some water.”

They reached the pavilion after a few words. Su Huanyi was walking while digging out of his bag, and Su Chi reached behind his shoulder for fear that hed be bumped into and led him inside.

Yu Xinyan saw the two enter, “Where did the eldest and Little Yi go? It took you awhile to come back. ”

It cant be to take photos. Her eldest son had never taken photos outside of family photos, of which those were even less than those of her second son.

Su Huanyi took out a bottle of water and gave it to Su Chi. “I took a picture with big brother in front of the lake.”

Yu Xinyan: “…”

Su Jitong was amazed, “The eldest also took a picture?”

Su Yu hugged his arms and snorted at the side. Heh, I knew it.

Su Chi gave a calm “mmm” before smoothly taking the water to drink. His behavior was so natural that Su Jitong was only surprised for a moment and then thought. Yeah, whats so strange about that? Taking photos is just about taking photos whenever you feel like it. Perhaps Little Yi dragged the eldest along.

“Thats good. Its just that you dont take that many photos, Su Chi. You need to take more in the future so that you can look back on them when youre older. ”

“Got it.”

Su Huanyi had given Su Chi water, so he asked the other people if they wanted to eat something. Yu Xinyan happened to be thirsty and took some fruit from his bag to eat.

Su Yu came over and also took some, “Although I am not hungry, its not easy seeing you carry so much. Ill help you share some of the load.”

Su Huanyi was once again moved, “Third brother is so kind. Thank you.”

A sneer rang out from the side, “Thank him for what? For not carrying his own bag and for hauling food and drink?”

Su Huanyi and Su Yu: “…”

The rabbit backpack was half empty by the time they came out of the pavilion. Su Huanyi jumped easily, “Look, big brother, my gravitational potential energy has been converted into kinetic energy.”

Su Chi praised him, “Its unreasonable that you havent been nominated for the Nobel this year.”

Su Huanyi said sheepishly, “I…Im not that good yet.”

After Lovers bay, the cliffs were narrow enough for three people to walk alongside each other.

The steep cliff dropped almost vertically, as if it had been cut off by nature. From below, one could still see the green of the cliff; it looked like a huge jade with a mixture of emerald and ink, towering into the clouds.

Su Jitong, at the front, was holding Yu Xinyans hand and said, “Dont walk too fast, there are many people here and the road is narrow.”

“Oh, yes.” Yu Xinyan turned her head and instructed the brothers, “You should all watch the road.”

Six people were lined up in pairs, with Su Huanyi and Su Chi walking in the middle. Su Jianchen took a half step forward, “Do you want me to hold your ears so that you wont be squeezed and fall over?”

Su Huanyi was sure that his second brother just wanted to touch the rabbit ears, so he kindly refrained from exposing him and said, “You can grab them if you want.”

“What do you mean if I want? Im just afraid youll fall. ” He said as he tried to squeeze up and stand side by side.

The narrow passageway could not accommodate the three of them as Su Chi and Su Jianchen were both bigger, and Su Huanyi, although a little thinner, was also a grown man.

Su Jianchen, turned to Su Chi, “Big brother, why dont you go to the back? Its easier for you to watch him from behind. ”

Su Chi frowned for a few seconds, then he grabbed the rabbits ear with one hand and said, “No, Ill just hold on to this.” Then he added leisurely, “Dont you want to hold the second one, second brother?”


Su Jianchen was knocked back to the original point. Su Huanyi was indirectly carried by the backpack and he secretly sighed. Big brother isnt very good at reading peoples minds – Second Brothers words had a deeper meaning but he couldnt even see that!

He went up and whispered to Su Chi, “Second brother just wants to hold the rabbit ears.”

Su Chi put him back on his feet, “Walk properly.”

That was the end of the conversation. It was not until the group had walked past the cliffs that Su Huanyis backpack was let go.

This part of the lake belonged to the left shore of Lushan Lake. To the right was the open lake, while to the left was the low mountain range. Even in winter, there are patches of thick forest spread along the shore.

The branches were lined with three-coloured wishing cards. The red ties fluttered as the breeze blew through the lush forest.

The guides voice spread through the loudspeaker in a ten-metre radius, “This is the famous Wishing Forest. Later on, you can climb up to the mountain temple to ask for a wish card and then find a place to hang it on the top of the trees. ”

Su Huanyi followed the guides words and looked ahead.

Ahead was a stone staircase leading deep into the forest to the mountain temple above. Its red pillars and green tiled eaves faintly peeked out from the top of the forest.

“Shall we go and make a wish this year too?” Su Jitong said, “I think its quite spiritual. I wroteturn bad fortune into good fortune last year, dont you think its why I ended up falling? ”

Yu Xinyan said, “You are in good health, so its better to pay attention to yourself than to pray for the gods to bless you every day.”

The family still followed the endless stream of tourists up to the Mountain Temple.

Su Yu walked ahead and turned his head to look at Su Chi and Su Huanyi. His chestnut bangs swept across his eyebrows, “Red for love, yellow for career, blue for peace. What do you want this year? ”

Su Chi didnt answer him, only steadily stepping on the stone steps.

Su Huanyi said, “I think peace would be best.”

“Oh… what about big brother?”

Su Huanyi also turned to look at Su Chi. He guessed tha Su Chi would probably pray for his career. After all, he was the next head of the Su family, and his career must be the most important.

As they waited for Su Chis answer, Su Jianchen sent out a cross-examination, “Third brother, why didnt you ask me?”

Su Yu gave a muffled snort and said, “I dont need to ask to know that you seek a career-based wish.”

Su Jianchens face cleared up a little. It seemed that the brotherhood was still there.

The temple was enshrined in incense, and after worshipping, one could go to the side to ask for a wish. Perhaps it was because customs differed from place to place, it was Su Huanyis first time seeing such a way of praying. After paying his respects, he waited in line with the crowd at the wish place.

There were many people making wishes, so the Su family members spread out and stood in the queue.

Su Chi was three people behind Su Huanyi. His tall figure was a cut above the crowd, and his eyes easily locked on the latter.

“Line up properly and dont scurry around.”

Su Huanyi waved his hand at him and said he knew, before he turned back.

There was a couple standing in front of him, and Su Huanyi heard them discussing.

In a moment, Ill pray for our health and safety. You can pray for our love to last. That way, we wont waste our wishes.”

“Youre really resourceful. Can we ask for children for the future? ”

“En, you can……”

Su Huanyi was stunned by their efficiency.

Then, could he also make a wish for the safety of his whole family?

The line at the front shortened a little, and it was soon Su Huanyis turn. There was a girl in a long robe standing at the place where the wish cards were collected. She seemed to be a staff member.

Su Huanyi took the wish card and thanked her before asking, “Can I make a wish to bless a group of people at the same time?”

The girl smiled, “Its best to pray for just one person. Too many people will spread the blessings, so you shouldnt be too greedy. ”

“Thank you.”

If he couldnt pray for so many people, why not just choose a representative every year? The God of this Mountain is above, blessing the whole country with smooth love, successful careers, and a long and healthy life.

There was a pen on an empty table to write the wish. After thinking about it for a while, Su Huanyi wrote down the following sentence

[I wish Su Chi good health, peace, and prosperity.]

He guessed that Su Chi must be praying for career blessings. Since his brother had taken care of him so much before, he could only write him down since he could only pray for one person.

I hope big brother will always be a talisman!

After writing the wish, he didnt wait for Su Chi to join him, and he found a place to hang it secretly.

He finished hanging and saw Yu Xinyan and Su Jitong already waiting at the exit. Su Yu had also just finished hanging his card and he came over, “Is little brother done? Lets go over to mom and dads side and wait.”

Su Huanyi said, “Yes.” He looked back, but didnt see Su Chi anywhere, only Su Jianchen coming from a short distance away.

They went to the entrance together to meet up with their parents.

“I wrote no disease and no disaster this year.” Su Jitong was still reflecting, “Its not good to first have bad fortune in order to have good fortune. What was I thinking last year?”

Yu Xinyan reassured him, “It seems youve grown intellectually this year.” She also wished for good health. At their age, nothing else matters but good health.

A few minutes later, Su Chi came from the other end of the Wishing Forest. One could see the cold and sharp aura around him from afar, but he was close enough to smell the incense on his body.

“Lets go down the hill.” Su Jitong said.

Su Chi fell at the end, and Su Huanyi came over, “Big brother, you prayed for your career, right?”

Su Chi took his arm to avoid the pedestrians around him, “Watch the road. Dont look at me. Do I have a convex wide-angle mirror on my face? ”

“Oh.” Su Huanyi concentrated on walking.

The two walked down the hill together, and Su Chi didnt let go of his arm. Their limbs touched as they walked.

Everyone in the family thought he would seek career blessings, but that was the first thing he ruled out. Things like careers are in the hands of people, but emotions and health are out of control.

At that time, he hesitated between the two, then he looked up and saw strands of hair not far away bouncing around hanging signs.

Su Chi decisively chose health.

He didnt care what Su Huanyi had asked for, he just wrote down his wish on the card at that moment.

[I wish Su Huanyi good health, peace, and prosperity.]

The flow of people suddenly decreased after the Wishing Forest.

There was only a horse trail ahead. So it was either ride to the end and return by car, or walk back.

Su Jitongs injury from the fall had not yet fully healed, so Yu Xinyan decided to accompany him back, “You brothers dont need to worry about us; go and ride the horse if you want to.”

Su Jianchen waited for the other brothers to speak before making his choice.

Su Yu said, “Ill do whatever. Ive ridden in previous years anyway. ”

Su Huanyis eyes strayed in the direction of the trail, his longing overflowing. Su Chi glanced at him, “…… Ill ride.”

Su Huanyi hurriedly said, “Then I will also ride.”

Su Yu lengthened the tone of his voice, “Ohh..then am I riding or not?”

A line of sight swept over.

Su Yu: “I wont. I dont look suitable for riding today. ”

Yu Xinyan frowned and looked around at her third sons face for awhile.

Except for Su Chi and Su Huanyi, the rest of the group turned back. Su Jianchen was dragged away by Su Yu as he protested, “Why are you making the choice for me?”

“Im doing it for your own good, Second Brother.”


Riding was billed as a one-way trip, and it was five hundred for each horse hauled on by professionals. One needed to pick the right horse and put on protective gear before going on.

The two arrived at the riding spot, and Su Chi asked the staff, “Is there a docile horse?”

Su Huanyi peeked over, “You like gentle horses, big brother?”

“Im asking for you.”

“What about you?”

“I can ride whichever.”

The staff came back after a while, saying, “There are no adult docile horses, only the ponies that children ride.”


Su Huanyi, who was already a mature adult, didnt feel very comfortable. He turned his gaze to Su Chi, who was also looking back.

The staff member across the table glanced at the two and suggested knowingly, “Actually, two people sharing a horse would be fine.”

He added, “But thats a different price.”


A few minutes later, a stallion was brought to the two of them. The horse was as tall as an adult. It panted and snorted, and its dark eyes turned to look at Su Huanyi several times.

Su Huanyi: “Brother, it keeps looking at me. Does it like me?”

Su Chi ruffled his strands of hair and said, “It should be that you look like grass.”

Su Huanyi: “…”

The two were guided by the staff to put on their protective gear and prepare to get on the horses. Su Huanyi went up first. He felt high sitting on it, and he looked at Su Chi from a forty-five degree view.

“Big brother, you look even more handsome from here.”

Su Chi stepped on the stirrup and mounted the horse.

Su Huanyi only saw the figure in front of him shifting, and a warm body close to his back in the next second. Two arms then came from behind, firmly imprisoning him at his side.

He was circled within Su Chis body, and he heard the latters steady voice from above his head, “Lets go.”

As the horses hoof took its first step, Su Huanyi leaned back due to inertia and fell into Su Chis arms with a thud, bumping the top of his head against the mans chin.

Su Chi turned his head to the side, “Are you the gear stick on the horses back that is pulled to to start?”

Su Huanyi hastened to sit upright again.

The horse was led forward by the staff. It lurched as they went, and his body swayed, occasionally brushing against Su Chi behind him.

Su Chi sat steadily without moving. His arms were firm and powerful in front of him, so Su Huanyi did not worry about falling off.

After ten minutes of bouncing on the horse with his back straight, Su Huanyi gradually felt his back and hips getting a bit sore and soft, so he slightly relaxed his body and leaned back.

The chest behind him retreated a little as soon as he was pressed against it.

When he tried to lean in again, the arm at his side tightened abruptly, stopping his movement.

A slightly tight breath puffed in his ear with heat, “Dont lean in so close.”

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