The breath that hit his ear was deep and shallow, and the temperature was hotter than usual.

Su Huanyis heart skipped a beat and he turned his head slightly, “Big brother, are you uncomfortable?”

On second thought, he felt that there was no need to ask that. His big brother was fine a moment ago, and the way he mounted the horse was as if he was going on an imperial expedition.

“Yes, I am.” Su Chis voice was low, “So sit straight.”

Was it really uncomfortable? Su Huanyi immediately sat up, “Should we turn back? Why are you uncomfortable? ”

The staff member holding the horses rein in front turned around and said, “Weve already gone halfway. Its better to finish the trail and go back in the tram car.”

“Its fine, lets keep going.” Su Chi then turned to Su Huanyi and said, “Im just a little thirsty.”

Su Jianchen had taken the rabbit backpack when they parted ways, and neither of them had any water with them. Su Huanyi carefully maintained a position where he didnt touch Su Chi, and he turned his head to look at the person behind him.

They were now face-to-face, and their breaths intertwined for a moment. Su Huanyi felt Su Chis breath a little hoarse. He moved his eyes, and sure enough, Su Chis lips were a little bit dry.

Su Chis lips were perfectly shaped and well defined and seemed to hide a little aggression, just like the man himself.

“We should have carried some water before separating.” Su Huanyi thought carefully, “Theres no water here to even moisten your lips.”

Su Chis gaze fell on his lips, which looked lustrous as they opened and closed. His eyelashes drooped, “I can only moisturize with birds nest.”

Su Huanyi didnt respond for two seconds before recalling what it was and laughed, “Didnt you say you shouldnt moisten them so much; the more you moisten them, the drier they get?”

“Turn back if you wont moisten them.”

Su Chis voice sounded more hoarse than before, so Su Huanyi obediently turned back. His big brothers mouth was dry. Its better to stop chatting and save a bit of birds nest for now.

After another five or six minutes of moving forward, Su Huanyi suddenly reacted: What did he mean by “turn back if you wont moisten”?

Why is this line a bit ambiguous?

Half an hour later, they finally reached the end of the trail. Several horses were taking a break, and some tourists were sitting on horseback taking pictures.

Su Chi asked, “Do you want to take one?”

Su Huanyi was thinking of Su Chis thirst, so he said no, “Lets go straight back.”

“Okay.” Su Chi held the saddle and leapt off the horse. He didnt wait for the staff to help Su Huanyi, and he extended an arm out, “Come down.”

Su Huanyi jumped off the horses back with Su Chis arm as support. His waist was held the moment he landed, cushioning the force of his jump.

“Thank you, big brother.”

The hands holding him loosened, and Su Chi said, “Come on, lets take the car back.”

There was a small supermarket at the end of the trail. Su Huanyi saw it and told Su Chi to wait. He went in to buy a bottle of water and brought it back to him, “Drink, big brother. Your lips are going to peel. ”

Su Chi twisted the cap of the bottle and spat out a word, “Fiery.”

Su Huanyi reflected, “I knew I should have bought herbal tea earlier.”

Su Chi glanced at him.

The tram to take them back to the entrance of the scenic spot was open on all sides, and there were about fifteen people already seated. Su Huanyi and Su Chi got on and sat in the last two rows of seats.

The driver saw that there was no one getting on after them, and he started the tram back.

“Big Brother, third brother, and the others are already in the parking lot.” Su Huanyi was looking at his WeChat, “I told third brother that we have just gotten on the tram.”

“The tram will arrive in less than a quarter of an hour. Tell them to wait.”

“Okay.” Su Huanyi lowered his head to type.

He started looking around after sending the message. On one side of the road was a low mountain forest, and on the other side was grass. From a distance, you can see the low-lying grass swaying in the wind.

Su Chi followed his eyes, “This area has not been developed yet. It will be made into another scenic spot in a few years. I heard that a “magpie bridge” will be erected to echo the Lovers Bay at the other end. ”

“Then we can go walk that bridge when the time comes.”

Su Huanyi realized that it sounded wrong when he finished his sentence, so he added, “Instead of meeting from both ends, well just walk side by side.”

Su Chi: “…”

Su Chi sneered, “You want to walk two-three legs?”

Su Huanyi was pleasantly surprised, “Are we so in tune?”

The cold wind outside the car whistled in. Su Chi unscrewed the lid and took another sip of water.

They reached the parking spot and found Su Jitong and the others waiting by the car. Yu Xinyan was asking Su Yu to take a photo of her when she turned and saw the two Su brothers getting out of the tram. She waved her hand.

“Eldest, little Yi, did you have fun?”

Su Chi gave a faint “mmm” while Su Huanyi gave an excited, “Yes!”

Su Jitong came over, “Oh? How big was the horse little Yi was riding?”

Su Huanyi gestured to him, “It was… so big.” Seeing Su Jitongs skeptical look, he explained, “I rode with big brother.”

Only then did Su Jitong understand, “I see.”

Su Yu sniffed in awe, “Ohhh~”

Su Huanyi turned his head, “What are you doing, third brother? Your ending sounds twisted. Are you mocking me?”

“No, no.” Su Yu quickly slipped into the car under Su Chis gaze, “Lets go back quickly. Im so hungry. ”

Yu Xinyan then said, “Lets eat at that barbecue restaurant on the way back, its half an hour away.”

They arrived at the scenic spot in the morning, and it was now past two oclock after moving around. So they hadnt eaten lunch yet.

Su Huanyi said, “Why dont you have a snack to pad your stomach, third brother?”

He ran to Su Jianchen to get his bag back, and then keenly noticed that the rabbits ear seemed to be balding.

He was suspicious. “Second brother, did you…”

Su Jianchen blushed and said with a straight face, “I didnt pluck it!”

Su Huanyi: “….” I havent said anything.

It was already four oclock by the time they finished eating lunch and went back home, so Yu Xinyan told Wu Ma not to prepare dinner until after seven oclock.

Su Huanyi was a little tired after moving all day. He went back to the bedroom and changed his clothes before taking a nap. It was dark when a knock came on the balcony door.

He popped his head out from under the covers and saw Su Chi standing outside the door.

“Get up and get ready for dinner.”

“You can come in, big brother.” Su Huanyi peeled back the covers and patted a hand on the quilt in search of clothes.

The balcony door was pushed open and was immediately closed, cutting off the cold air from outside. Su Chi walked over to his bed and bent down to pick up his trousers.

Su Huanyi was still scanning, “Socks, socks…”

Su Chi did his good deed for the day by helping him drag his socks out from inside the nest. Su Huanyis sleep-shrouded brain cleared up a bit, and he shyly took the socks with both hands. “Big brother, am I being too unbridled?”

Su Chi said, “When did you stop being unbridled?”

Su Huanyi came over and pressed against him, “Your tolerance is the capital for my unrestraint~”

Su Chi sneered, “Then you must be very rich by now.”

The tone of his voice was too sarcastic, and Su Huanyi didnt grasp the subtext of the words. He dressed up and went with Su Chi downstairs for dinner.


It was already late, and most foods were not easily digestible, so the food on the table was mostly light seasonal vegetables.

Su Huanyi picked at the minced meat mixed in with the tofu and sandwiched it in a large nest of cabbage in the bowl.

Su Chi: “Dont eat so much oily meat on a night like this.”

Su Huanyi: “Existence is justification.” Whats on the table is what you can eat.

Su Chi replied lightly, “No one maximizes rationality to such an extent as you do.”

“……” Su Huanyi hung his head and ate vegetables.

Su Jitong saw his strands of hair droop down and he cleared his throat to change the subject, “The walk around Lu Shan Lake made me think mountains and water make people refreshed.”

Yu Xinyan heard the rise at the end of his tone and knew he was laying the groundwork, “So?”

Su Jitong, “Didnt we discuss having a swimming pool in the courtyard a few years ago, but ended up not doing it because we felt it wouldnt have much use? When we first arrived here, I thought that we should either have a rockery or a soup pool in the backyard at home. That way, the family can sit inside and take a bath when its cool in spring and autumn. In addition, decorate the surrounding area so we can enjoy life at our age. ”

Su Huanyi was stunned. His strands of hair immediately stood on end; a soup pond! He was open-minded to the idea!

Su Jitong caught a glimpse of his reaction and immediately pulled in his forces, “Little Yi also thinks its good, right?”

Su Huanyi thought highly of it, “Its a wonderful idea!”

Yu Xinyan cast a tolerant and loving glance at the two of them. Su Jitong basked in her gaze and turned to his sons. “What do you think? It just so happens that were here on holiday, so we can get someone to start work on the backyard. ”

Su Chi said whatever, Su Yu said it was fine, and Su Jianchen managed to say yes after each answer.

The matter was finalized, and Su Jitong called his contact to go to the backyard to prepare for the start of construction….

The construction at the main Su residence soon began. The Su family lived in Yunnan undisturbed. Eating and drinking every day, going out and walking around. They occasionally got together with the Liu family for a meal or out to the surrounding area for fun with them.

Halfway through January, a phone call came to Su Chis mobile phone.

The call came as they were finishing their lunch and getting ready to go out for a walk. Su Huanyi heard Su Chi say, “Yes, I understand,” and then hung up.

Su Jitong asked, “Whats wrong?”

“A cooperation had not been finalized and the other party came back to us, saying that we could discuss it again.” Su Chi had a slight frown and said, “Ill be going back in the next few days.”

Su Jitong patted his shoulder, “Okay, then it will be hard for you.”

“Its what I should do.”

At night, before going to bed, Su Huanyi took a shower and slipped to the balcony, knocking through the glass door, “Big brother, are you still awake?”

The curtains were pulled back from the inside. Su Chi opened the door and he stood in front of it, “Whats wrong? Did you eat too much again? ”

“….” Su Huanyi thought that his big brother was just biased. He ate a little in the evening, “I came to ask when you planning are to go back?”

“Tomorrow afternoon,” Su Chi moved to the side to let him into the room.

Su Chis room was tidy; the bed sheets were flat, and the clothes were hanging on hangers. The suitcase was pushed out of the wardrobe and placed in the corner. It seemed that it was ready to be packed.

“So when will you be back?”

“I cant say three or five days if its quick, not until the end of the month if its slow.”

Su Huanyi was suddenly a little reluctant to see him leave. He was used to spending time with his big brother, so it was unsettling to have a piece of him suddenly empty. “Ill miss my big brother.”

Su Chi sighed, “What a familiar line.”

Su Huanyi: “….”

He put his hands together and made the biggest heart ever, trying to emphasize, “I am being sincere.”

Su Chi watched as he cocked three fingers up on each side, as if a disabled crab, “Hmm, I feel it.”

Su Chu started to sort the luggage, and Su Huanyi sat by his bed and watched. There was not much to take away; after all, all the daily necessities were at home.

Su Chi finished packing his suitcase in just 20 minutes and turned to look at Su Huanyi at his bedside. “Is there something you want to say?”

Su Huanyi still said, “Ill miss big brother.”

Su Chi was silent for two seconds, then he walked to the bed and sat down. They were facing each other, and Su Chi looked at him, “You dont want me to go?”

“A little bit, but big brother must prioritize work.”

“Then do you want to come back with me?”

This scene gave a sense of déjà vu. Su Huanyi hurriedly sat upright and made his attitude clear, “I am reasonable and I know when to advance and retreat. I wont insist on going if big brother doesnt have to take me.”

He remembered the disagreement they had last time. The misunderstanding was later cleared up, and he would not do the same thing again.

Su Chi was speechless, and the room was quiet for a moment. Su Huanyi saw that it was getting late, so he was ready to go back. “Big brother, Ill go back first. Good luck with your work!”

He had just gotten up when his wrist was suddenly pulled back.

The thin fingers were clasped around his wrist, and Su Chi was sitting on the edge of the bed looking up at him. “If I want you to come with me, will you go?”

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