”So what you
e telling me is that I died and somehow transmigrated into this world? ”


”This world full of those Cultivators? ”


”The ones like in those webnovels who did some crazy shit for face or honour? ”

[Thats totally right.]

”Like when you bumped into them or glanced at their woman, youll be beaten up? ”

[When will you stop, dude? I had already said this before. This is a world of Cultivation, and Im not a ducking cultivation system.]

”Ducking? ”

[Autocorrection. We all have an in-built one.]

I guffawed at the system. I don know why, but I felt somewhat safer now. Maybe because I got someone to talk to even if they weren real. With my sides in pain from laughing too much, I wiped the tears off my face.

[Anyway, you got it right?]

”Yeah. You
e a knowledge and technology system, and right now I am an intern and only have level 1 permission to access you. ”


”Since both of us don want to die like a chump in a ditch somewhere, we will help each other. You will provide me with the materials and stuff, while I design a portable dungeon to protect ourselves. ”

[Good. You will get the benefit of an intern. A body modification at a genetic level. The modification chamber will be sent in three… two… now.]

A silvery white rectangular box with yellowish lines of pulsating energy materialized in front of me. It was sleek and futuristic. However, its rectangular design and the cross on its lid reminded me of something else.

”Its a **ing coffin, ain it? ”

[No. Its the most advanced body modification chamber available for civilian use. It was designed to be sleek and lightweight, capable enough of defending against all forms of energy up to the level of one light year away from a sun. It also doubled as a crafting station for those customers on the go, and it will always have your back. Don call it a ducking coffin.]

”I ain going inside that thing, thats bad luck! No matter how good it is, I ain . ”

[According to my omniscient archive of all knowledge, there is such a thing called luck and probability. But, going inside a modification chamber and getting bad luck was not within my archives. It was hogwash.]

”Cmon, you sounded like a salesman desperate to sell his unsold goods. ”

[*Cough* *cough* I do have 999,999,999,999 of them still in stock. But not because it isn popular. That kind of number is a small one if you see things on a macrocosmic scale. I couldve been on a great space journey across dimensions and multiverses with an adventuring protagonist, but Im stuck with you.]

”Fine, fine. Thank you for helping me. ”

[(/// ̄  ̄///)]

I stepped inside the coffin. I mean the most advanced body modification chamber available for civilian usage that was designed to be sleek and lightweight. The lid closed and I felt my physical body fall into a deep sleep while my consciousness stayed awake. It was a strange experience, to be honest. I could see what the chamber was working on. It first worked on my brain and nerves to give me better capabilities for learning, such as photogenic memory and stuff, while also improving my reflexes up to the maximum limit a modified human could handle. Then the chamber moved to my muscle, tendons, and bones. My muscles and tendons were granted layers upon layers of muscle, capable of exerting strength no man ever could, while my bones were modified so that they became infinitely more pliable and strong. After improving those parts, the chamber worked on my organs. It improved every organs capability, making it able to work even when damaged and increased my natural healing factor. It also changed how the human body was designed, to make it more efficient and effective. I gained the ability to hold my breath for far longer than any animal back on earth, and many other things. Finally, it worked on my consciousness. It stripped my soul bare and modified it. From that modification, I gained the ability to freely lock or unlock my soul from my body. Granting it the capability to manifest in reality. I became the ultimate mortal, so to say. However, the last thing the chamber did was put some mental locks on my modifications. Which was a good thing, since I almost lost myself in the deluge of information my new body gave me.

The chamber lid opened and I crawled out.

[What do you think?]

”Its the **ing best. I could feel what has been modified, and thanks to the chamber putting on locks to it, I managed to stay in control. ”

[Good. Now lets talk about how you can upgrade your permission since I want to ducking go off this bullshit galaxy.]

”Okay, give it to me straight. ”

[With every knowledge shared, you will gain one PP (Performance Point). Thats the hard part. I have ALL knowledge within my archives. But I don have the wisdom, or dao, or the ducking bullshit word they used here. So I need you to take in a disciple, build a sect, and expand it. By doing so, youll get enough PP to upgrade your status. I calculated that if you managed to expand your sect to every inch of this planet, youll reach level 5 permission by the end of it, granting you the status of a department head. With that status, you will get the department head benefit, a spacecraft. But you still need to work a little bit more to gain points in order to exchange it for a hyperdrive kit. Do you get what Im saying?]

I saw the line of text and remembered it. I don get it, but I remembered it. I have to scam a disciple, build a sect, and then expand it to the world. How? I don know.

”So the gist of it is that I need to share knowledge with others to gain peepee, I mean PP? ”

[Thats it.]

”Can I do what I have done before? Creating dungeons and giving them loot. In this case, cultivation manuals or something. ”

[… Thats actually an even better idea than creating a sect.]

I sighed at the system that tried to act smart. I also felt bad for it because it has all knowledge. That means its archive was full of all kinds shit and extra bullshit. Thats why its CPU was fried.

[What? Why did you sigh as if seeing something pitiful?]

”Nothing, nothing. Lets go to the whole wide world then. System, be my minimap! ”

[… Im a system which houses all knowledge and you want me to act as your minimap? The gall of this guy…]

Though it complained, I could see a minimap popping on the left corner of my view. My system is such a tsundere.

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