Mazelina was shocked at the males when anger with her. She wasn trying to offend him. She was just explaining her packs way of doing things. She didn want him to think she was disgusted by his talk, because in fact, she had liked it. It made her warm and desired like she never felt before.

She took off in the direction he went but didn see him anywhere. She felt guilty for making him feel bad.

”Mazelina, what are you doing here? You should be with the others! ”

Mazelina smiled at Ertha. ”Im sorry. I was looking for someone. ”

The old female shook her head. Youll eventually find this person when everyone gathers this evening. Be patient. ”

Sighing, Mazelina went back and watched as males and females met. Males why up to her, but after a time, they always left, eyeing her as they found someone else. She scowled and sat at a table.

Josiah finally appeared an hour before the mate-finding ceremony ”I have been looking for you. Where have you been? ” she asked, fixing his collar.

”I got sidetracked. What did I miss? ”

Mazelina shrugged. ”Nothing. The best part is yet to come. ”

”Meet anyone you think could be him? ”

She sighed. ”No. ”

They talked for a bit until Owain walked up onto a platform and the crowd bushed. He smiled at the audience. ”Welcome to Brokenbite Packs New Moon Festival! ” Everyone cheered. ”First, I want to share a little advice with those of you participating for the first time. ” He looked into each eye with a stern look. ”You may not like your mate at first. You will find that you have opposite opinions on certain subjects. You may find their lifestyle is completely different from your own. But its all about compromise. Give and take. You have to be willing to learn from each other and to be patient. You must give each other a chance to show how committed you are before giving up. Above all, be willing to forgive their pasts. ”

The was a long silence as everyone progressed his words.

”Will those who are finding their mates, please come up here and stand beside me? ”

Mazelina stiffly walked up with Josiah, finding herself even more nervous than before. She didn know why, but the thought of mating just seemed to be going too fast.

Her eyes caught on Turk standing beside Owain looking irritated. She ran up to him and put a hand on his arm. He turned to her with a raised brow. She stepped back with a gasp. Words failed her just then and she kept opening and closing her mouth like a fish out of water. It made the male frown and say, ”I won hurt you. ”

Mazelina shut her mouth and bowed her head. ”Please forgive me for earlier. I did not mean to offend you. ”

A hand appeared under her chin and lifted her face. The male stared at her with gentle grey eyes. ”It is I who should be asking for forgiveness. I scared you, ” he said and bowed his own head. ”I shouldn have acted the way I had. ”

She smiled softly at him. ”I will forgive you if you forgive me. ”

He returned the gesture. ”Deal. ”

”Now, participants! ” Owain turned to them, all huddled on the platform with him. Mazelina stood tall beside the male and listened as her Alpha gave them directions. He would call each male up first. Once all of them were through, hed go through the females just in case something went amiss and they missed something. Mazelina stood to one side of the platform while the male went with the others to the opposite side, along with Josiah. ”First up, Antony. ”

Antony stepped forward, a lanky male with blonde hair and blue eyes. Immediately, something shimmered around a redhead female as they met eyes and held. Mazelina smiled as the redhead ran into the males arms and he carried her away. Next was Carson, then Cory, and so on.

Finally, Josiah was stepping forward and Mazelina held her breath, not daring to blink. When her eyes met him, though, all she felt was content. There was no overwhelming need to go to him, no longing to be with him. His eyes swept over her and onto someone else. Mazelina felt lost. There had to be some kind of mistake.

She opened her mouth to say so, but already, Josiah was carrying off a brunette. Mazelina shook her head. This couldn be happening.

Turning, she went to the back of the group and sat down, refusing to meet any other males gaze, refusing the Goddesss blessing.

It seemed as if hours had gone by when she heard her name. She glanced up to see Owain looking at her expectantly. ”What? ”

”Its your turn. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”We have gone through the males and half the females already. You are up next. ”

She shook her head. ”No. I don want to. ”

”Why not? ”

Mazelina opened her mouth to tell him, then realized how foolish and childish it would make her sound. She shook her head and stood, walking over to where shed be center and in front of the five or so men still there. She realized the male from earlier was still there, looking desperate to get away, looking as if all his dreams were gone too.

Then he looked up and their eyes met.

Mazelina sucked in a breath she didn know shed been holding. All thoughts of Josiah left her as this tall, gorgeous male slowly made his way to her. She tried to move, but her legs felt as if one step would turn them into mush. They trembled already. Her heart raced.

When the male finally reached her, he wrapped his arms around her and gently pulled her to him. She reached up and touched his chest, hardly able to breathe.

He tilted his head to one side and asked, ”Are you okay? ”

She nodded dumbly.

He chuckled. ”I can believe its you! ” he breathed. ”All this time, and you just weren ready yet. ”

Mazelina wondered at his words but still couldn form the words.

”Turk, why don you take her away so you two can talk? ” Owain suggested with what sounded like caution.

Turk, her mate, nodded and wrapped his arms behind her back and under her legs, then carried her away from the staring crowd.

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