Mazelina had just packed all her belongings in a suitcase and stepped outside her house where Turk was waiting when she saw Rina flirting with him. She stopped just inside the house and watched as the raven-haired female batted her eyelashes at Turk. She couldn hear what she was saying, but Mazelina was sure it was all husky and throaty.

Face turning hot with fury and embarrassment, Mazelina watched as Turk grabbed Rinas wrists and pushed her back a good distance, and said something to her. Rina laughed and said something back, straining against Turks hold on her, but he didn give in.

To Mazelinas amazement, whatever Rina had said made Turks claws shoot out of his fingers and his teeth bare. Rina went still in front of him, tears in her eyes. Mazelina could understand the females fear because she had been in the same position just the day before. Now, however, she was liking the sight of her mate in feral mode.

After a few seconds where Turk said something to Rina, the female darted off, not once looking back. Turk took a deep breath and his claws disappeared as the rest of his body relaxed. Mazelina hesitated to go to him for fear of him doing something to her instead, but then he looked at her and stiffened. She did the same, unsure of what he would do. He said, ”Come here, Lina. ”

She gulped, looked down to make sure his claws were still retracted, then cautiously stepped out and over to him. ”What did you say to her? ” she asked softly.

Turk took her into his arms and buried his face in her neck. ”That if she ever insults my mate again, Id rip her throat out and feed it to her. ”

Eyes wide in shock and a bit of horror, Mazelina tried to relax. But she asked, ”Didn you like her? ”

He growled and it sent vibrations through her bones, but he didn squeeze or bite or claw her. When he calmed down, Turk said, ”Ever since I arrived, shes been suggesting herself. Im fed up with it. When she spoke ill of you, I was ready to kill her. ”

”Why? ”

Turk pulled back and looked down at her. ”Why wouldn I? ” Mazelina shrugged. ”There are things I can handle, like overbearing females who can control themselves. But Ive realized recently that having a mate who is being insulted is something I will not handle well. ” Turk cupped her face in both hands. ”I told you Ive been waiting a long time for you. Ive dreamed of what it would be like to protect you from threats and insults and uncaring souls. Now that I can do so physically, I will not hold back. I won lose you, Lina. ”

His words made her relax and lean against him. He held her tightly, but gently. She said, ”I can believe youd do that for me. ”

”Of course, ” he replied and she felt a kiss on her head.

Two hours later, Mazelina and Turk went into the forest to the pack border. She got permission from Owain to meet Turks team who had traveled here and waited just outside pack territory. It was tradition and respectful to leave whatever team you brought with you outside any territory as a sight of trust and good nature. Of course, if said territory asked for the team to help to fight, then theyd be allowed within. Or maybe the Alphas of each pack were great friends and their packmates wouldn cause a commotion that the team is let in. but it wasn often and only a few packs were deeply bonded enough to let that happen.

”I have three males and three females here with me, ” Turk said.

”Both? ”

”Of course. My pack is full of great warriors. Why waste the strength if you got it? ”

Mazelina smiled. ”Good point. ”

”Rudi is the leader and Anju is his right-hand. While there are no ranks in my pack, I need ranks for my warriors so they know who to follow if Im not there. ”

”I understand. ”

Turk squeezed her hand lightly. ”They will take a bit of time to warm up to you, but they
e loyal and strong. ”

Mazelina nodded as they reached the border and Turk led her to an encampment where six figures were sprawled around a fire pit. She smiled at the leisurely sight and let go of Turks hand so he could address them.

Each of his team stood and saluted with a left fist to the right shoulder. As one, they bowed. It wasn like a normal bow though where they bent at the waist or the knee. Their bow to Turk was to bare their necks to him, their throats. It was something Mazelina had only heard of. This bow was reserved for those wolves most respected. It was a sign that whatever Turk decides, they would not fight him, that if he chose to slaughter them, they could not retaliate. It was a sign that they trusted Turk no matter what with their lives and the lives of their families.

Turk didn seem to like their show of respect, but said, ”At ease. ” When all six stood and faced him, he didn speak for a long time. It was as if he was taking in what he had and realizing for the first time how fortunate he was to have such loyal packmates. Mazelina immediately liked this group.

”Rudi, please tell me you haven just been lounging around since Ive been gone, ” Turk said. Mazelina thought she heard amusement in his voice.

”No sir. Not the whole time. ” Rudi was a tall dark-haired male with a mustache and sharp cheekbones. He was muscular with brown eyes and a lopsided grin. ”Weve been keeping guard at night. ”

Turk huffed but nodded. He turned to Mazelina and held out his hand. ”Stand beside me. ”

Slowly, she went to him and stood before the warriors who trusted Turk beyond anyone she had ever met. ”This is my mate, Mazelina. She will be coming home with us and be named Luna upon arrival. ”

All eyes stared at her and took her in. Rudi looked perplexed and a little cautious for some reason. The two other males, one redhead, and the other brunette were smirking like idiots but also were alert. The three females, two of which had black hair while the third had brown, scowled with disdain and suspicion.

Mazelina crossed her arms and dared one of the females to say a word. She dared any of them to pounce.

Turk felt the tension and growled. ”As you all know, being Luna means the utmost respect. If harmed, the suspect will be put down without question. ”

All heads turned downwards in submission as they murmured their devotion.

Turk looked at Mazelina. ”Do not antagonize them. Anju is easily bated. ”

She huffed and said, ”Fine. ”

”When do we leave this place? ” the redhead asked.

”When she is ready, Kortan. I still have a few more nights before I am to be gone. ”

”What do you expect us to do while we wait for her to sob her goodbyes? ” asked the brunette female. ”While we
e out here hunting our food, shes living the life of luxury. ”

This stung Mazelina. While she hadn thought about how Turks warriors could be suffering, she knew it wasn all parties in the pack. There were still different finalizations she had to do with Owain for her to leave with Turk. While she didn like the idea of traveling with a group of wolves who didn like her, she knew they couldn do anything except throw words and insults. And while she knew Turk would defend her, she didn want any of them died because of her.

”I expect you to wait, Anju, ” Turk hissed. ”There is much to be done before we can leave. I will send a message the night before we are to leave, but until then, you must wait. ”

Rudi looked at Mazelina with narrowed eyes, but stepped forward and said, ”Alpha, may I have a private word with you? ”

Turk glanced down at Mazelina with concern, but she nodded her head. She knew Rudi would be vouching against being here and wondering who she really was, but better Turk gets the conversation out of the way now than later when she was in their territory without an escape.

Turk left with Rudi a few feet away so they could whisper without being overheard. Mazelina looked around, feeling awkward and a little annoyed the rest were just staring at them.

Finally, Kortan said, ”Is your hair color real? ”

Mazelinas eyes widened. She had never been asked that before. ”Yes? ”

”What about your eyes? ”

She shrugged. ”I don wear lenses. ”

Kortan grinned. ”Five bucks, Inigo! ”

Groaning, Inigo handed over the money. Mazelina put her hands on her hips. ”You bet on me? ”

Kortan shrugged. ”We do it with everyone we meet. ”

Inigo lost his frown and said, ”Its the first time Ive lost. ”

”Thats nice I was the center of your game, ” she said with mock irritation.

”Oh please! ” said a raven hair female. ”Stop with the act! No one cares how you look or who you are. Get over yourself! ”

Mazelina raised a brow at this as the other black hair female nudged her friend and said, ”Shiba, take pity on her. Shes just trying to find her way with us. ”

Shiba smirked at Mazelina. ”You
e right, Lass! How about we do the same? ”

Anju rolled her eyes. ”As much as I would love to see how this fake female screams, I do not wish to anger our Alpha. Keep your hands to yourself, Shiba! ”

”Oh, no! ” Mazelina said with up-raised hands. ”Please don stop them. Im enjoying myself. ”

Anju glared at her but said, ”As I said, I do not wish to anger our Alpha. ” With that, she forced the two females away to their tent.

Kortan and Inigo shrugged and began to go about their business, ignoring her. Mazelina watched in awkward silence while they did their thing. Turk was still in a heated conversation with Rudi and didn look like hed be finished soon, so she went to a nearby tree and sat down. Sighing, she rested back along the trunk and closed her eyes.

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