Universal Harem Of the Seggs Cyborg

Chapter 2: Clappi\'n alien cheeks part 2

Seated upright on the metal dentist-like operation chair. A red dim lit room, with beeping noises had a naked black haired male cyborg with glowing pink eyes, and a muscular lean body, forcefully embracing a green skinned young lady.

Jake silenced her with a kiss to her small lips, and forcefully invaded her small mouth with his tongue, sloppily twirling and hugging her tongue with his virgin mouth. ”Im actually kissing a girl! And an alien to boot. He thought, feeling warm air from her small nose, lightly brush his face.

Setting his sight on her heart shaped face, a deep red blush formed on her green cheeks, as she started losing strength from the sudden assault to her small mouth.

Teasing her tits under the yellow fabric, he also felt them poking back at him. The three mounds pressing against his chest. Starlights heart and his, pounded madly together.

He was also surprised that he could actually feel the sensation of touch, from his silver prosthetic robotic arm. ”This mechanical limb, feels the same as my other normal Arm, he thought. Kneading one of the three juicy peaks.


*Surrounding oxygen levels are low, Conditions to share oxygen are met, do you wish to activate passive skill?*

Hm!? Low oxygen, He inwardly exclaimed, and paid back his attention to Starlights eyes, that now rolled back as her breathing from her small nose stopped, due to the now vacuumed red lit room.


*Do you wish to activate*


[Air regulator 1/2]

*A passive skill that is activated, when sensing low oxygen levels in surrounding space, and uses the stored oxygen in your mechanical body to maintain biotic functions. To share oxygen with your partner, lips must be locked together.*

”Mmmhhhh… ” a muffled moan escaped from Starlights mouth. Her eyes slowly regained clarity, as Jake felt her literally taking his breath away.

Her disoriented breathing regained rhythm followed by her giving me a relieved but fierce glare.

”Nngh! ” Cheekily caressing, softly pinching, and squeezing her center breast. Starlight moaned once again closing her eyes seductively, from Jakes unbridled hands.

After ensuring her oxygen intake was satisfied. He signaled her, and slowly separated their sloppy wet kiss connected by a thin bridge of saliva.

Reaching out his hand to the blue cables connected to his back, with the intention to yank them off, Starlight who was still shuddering from her wild tongue war, snapped back to reality and, hurriedly reached out and stopped him.

Pulling a button like device from her front pocket she shyly pushed it into his right ear.


*Telepathy button connected, share your wanted thoughts and information with the other party at the end.*

”Don pull those out, it will help with transferring magic energy you produce to the ship, ”

He nodded, ”Okay but, in order to make power it says I have to have sex with you. ”

”S-sex!? W-well I have been in this dead space for almost a year now. Whatever! I need to get out of here, so just do it. ”

Jake smiled at the blushing Starlight, who looked more beautiful than the celebrity top models back on earth, and her resolute face caused him to see this alien girl he just met, to suddenly make his virgin blood boil with strong lust.

Paying attention to her again, he pulled her slender waist to his naked body. Kissing and, licking her smooth, sweaty green neck. He got no resistance this time, Must be her spontaneous sex preference, making her adapt quickly to this situation. He thought, encouraging his pervy hands to slowly unzip her yellow baggy overall, revealing her three naked, and large sized milk mounds, if they really did produce milk for her species!

Jake saw her center tit was firmly erect, its light pinkish tone, giving the impression of a mint ice cream serving, with a miniature squishy marshmallow, begging to be licked and swallowed whole.

The outer side breasts had sunken teats, that made Jake reflexively swallow his saliva. Beautiful, he inwardly praised, and a deep blush formed on Starlights face, her thin smooth hands covering her bashful expression from such a shameless complement to her breasts, no man has ever seen naked or touched.

Why don you wear a bra? said Jake slowly unzipping the Overall down to her secret garden.

Bra? Nngh! ” replied Starlight. Feeling an assault to her erect clit being faintly caressed by Jakes fleshy hand, and a tongue, assaulting and twirling around her center teat.

Jake relished his taste buds, on the delicious salty and, sweaty green peaks, until he tasted all three with his thirsty tongue. Watching Starlight forcefully covering her mouth with both feminine hands, to not lose concentration and allow air to escape her lungs.

”Yes! A device to help support these beautiful fleshy mounds, ” said Jake, going in for another deep intrusive kiss and activated his [Air regulator skill].

”Mmphh! I..Ngh..Don need it.. ”

”Ohh! Its a species perk I see. ” Said Jake, who now had a full erection, pulsing energetically with crystal clear ooze flowing down his hungry beast rod, from being aroused from just the foreplay he learned from all the porn videos he had watched. He took it to himself to pull out his acting and willpower to feel out Starlights whole body.

Invasively poking his finger into her pink hole, a muffled squeak escaped from their deep tongue kiss, Starlights snatch pushing the foreign object within its narrow path refusing to be played with.

”Ahh…ah, ah, ahh, ” biting Jakes lower lip, she grabbed his vein filled rod and began slowly playing with the head, stroking and jerking it occasionally guiding jakes hand to rub the right spot on her now drooling cunt.

Golden drool like juices slowly accumulated on her warmed up and gaping pink hole, being stretched out and massaged by Jakes now 2 fingers.

Using her love ooze to now rub and play with Jakes virgin cock, great pleasure accumulated on his tip. ”Where, did you learn this? ” thought Jake, who now could not hold himself, least he emptied his balls without making the energy needed to power the ship.

”I learned it from, my parents memory chips left for me. ” Said Starlight.

Removing his hands from her now dripping golden honey comb hole, he grabbed her round perky buttocks, lifted her, and placed her back laying on the operation chair. Her legs spread wide open to the sides, resting on the armrest, feasting his eyes on the large three milk mounds and Starlight slender waist and vertical oozing slit.

Jake pressed himself on top of her, feeling all three tits on his chest, his heated rod knocking fiercely on her stomach.

Taking his now glittering and oily cock he lightly rubbed it on her exotic pink entrance.

”Im putting it in now. ” He said, and watched as Starlight meekly nodded her head and extended her arms hugging his neck for another lip locking.

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