Universal Harem Of the Seggs Cyborg

Chapter 5: Just a walk in space

”Huh!? RIA? Who is that? ”

The space ship lights lit up and Jake heard a voice of a cold robotic female worse than his system.

”Yes, young lady! ”

”Good, you
e finally back online, how is the power please? ”

”All power systems are at 100 percent, and fully charged ” said the cold voice.

An astonished wide eyed expression, formed on Starlights face. ”Please activate the ships rocket thrusters, and guide us away from entering deeper into the asteroid field. ” She said, eyeing Jake who now rested comfortably on her three breasts.

”Request accepted, ” said the feminine toned voice.


Propelling itself away from the giant black floating rocks, the ship safely evaded colliding with more asteroids.

”Who just talked? ” asked Jake lifting his head up gazing at Starlights red eyes.

”Oh! That is the Artificial Intelligence of my ship, RIA. ” She said, relaxingly laying her head back, feeling the slight warm breath of Jake on her green skinned mounds.

”Oh! Cool, ” said Jake listening to her heart beat, which soothed his mind, to think about his now unforeseen situation.

”By the way I want… ” Starlight abruptly stopped talking.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Starlights heart beat intensified, causing Jake who had his eyes closed, to curiously glance at her face.

”I feel weird, my body feels warmer all of a sudden, ” she said.

Jake then witnessed her green skin, release pink mist like aura, that circled her body.

”Whats this? ” he said

[Tactical scouting activated]

Name: Starlight Geneva

Gender: female

Species: Geniusav

Level: 5

”Her level is different than before, ”


”Ah! I can hide my level anymore, ” said Starlight in a panicked tone.

”Ahhhh! ” a burst of pink light covered her whole body and eyes.

Jake hurriedly got up and, covered his sight from the blinding light, hearing cracking noises of bone and Starlight shrieking.

”Aagghh! ”

”Warning! Warning! Enemy alert! ”

The lights in the lab flickered with red light once again, as clicking sounds and doors locked themselves down.

Futuristic like guns and weapons revealed themselves from the walls an ceilings, and blue dots aimed for Jakes body.

And a cold robotic voice followed ”What have you done to the young lady Geneva? ”

Gulping down his saliva, Jakes pink glowing eyes surveyed all the large guns aiming for his life, as he lifted up his hands.

”I did nothing but share my energy with her, it will benefit her, I assure you. You can even check on her yourself. ” After saying that Starlight gave out a request.

”Ria…please its okay…I feel like Im about to E-evolve soon, let me rest for awhile, and don hurt him! We still have to ask him some questions, ” said Starlight with a strained voice.

A beam of red light scanned Starlights naked body, and then returned back.

”Evolution process confirmed. Request to disengage on cyborg accepted. ” Said Rai.

”Phew! ” breathing out a Sigh of relief, Jake gave an astonished and appreciative expression towards the Ai. And also the beautiful alien that was now resting on the lab seat. Her veins containing a pink glow.

The window showing the dark outer space and stars. Closed itself up.

Staring at all the weird gadgets on the lab laying around, Jake was astonished.

”Oh! Miss Ria can you release the plugs on my back. ” Said Jake

”Cannot follow command from none but my Captain. ”

Raising his eye brow, Jake gazed at the now sleeping Starlight. ”You mean her? ”

”No! Starlight is the child of the one that created me, she can only ask for requests since she is not a captain tier. ”

Captain tier? Whats that? thought Jake.

”Then I request that the plugs on my back to be released, ”

”Request acceptable, ”

Pssht! Click! Click!

White smoke and steam got released from Jakes back once the large plugs got disconnected, leaving four large sockets on his back, two aligned vertically on both sides of his armored scale spine.

”Ahh! That feels great, Oh! ” said Jake rotating his right mechanical arm.

Surveying the lab once again his eyes caught a large black coffin like device, with a red insignia of a three horned dragon surrounded by three fireballs.

Striding close to it he rubbed the insignia and for some weird reason felt nostalgic, ”Did they find me inside of this coffin or should I say a pod? Ria I request to know how I got here, ”

”Request acceptable! Your body was retrieved inside a black pod, drifting in dead space unattended to with minor injuries. And in a hibernated state that needed power to wake you up. A pink chip was clamped between your hands that is now inserted in your brain chip port, ” said Ria.

”Thats a weird way to be Isekaid or am I really Isekaid? ”

”Ria, I request to know if there is a planet called Earth in this universe, ”

”Request acceptable. My interstellar data cloud base, does not contain such a name, ”

”Come on! Earth! A blue planet, with tons of my kind, I mean human kind, ”

”Apologies no information is found on such a planet, the universe is vast, wide and continuously expanding forming new mysterious life forms, the planet you speak of can be a hidden place or… ”

” Or what? ” said Jake after Ria paused for a moment.

”Or it has been destroyed and wiped from existence by pirates, invaders or black holes, ” said Ria calmly.

”Mmm, I see, perhaps you
e right, ” said Jake who now was caressing the coffin insignia and the nostalgic feeling intensified giving him a slight headache.

”Ria, I request a place to clean up. ” Said Jake holding his head with a grimace.

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