Universe Maker

Chapter 1 (Reincarnation)

I died… it seems. But why am i so calm? Don know or maybe I do… i know that I died, but nothing more. Why is that?

[Its part of the afterlife manage process.]- Anwer a metalic voice.

Thats make sense. I suppose…

[But who are you? Or better what are you?]-I asked the voice in my mind, that in some strange way remaind me a lot Alexa, or whatever artificial inteligence that comes to mind.

[I am □●○□♧¡ or in a way understandable for your mortal mind The Artificial Inteligent or system as some novels from your word appears to call me. And well I am the primordial artificial inteligence. ]- said the voice.

That in someway is strange. As primordial, a term that appears a lot on fiction stories, seems to refer more to mythological or legendary figures than a type of technological. However it also makes sense, because primordials, also means the first.

[But what am I doing here? Its not how I imaged the after live to be. This absolute emptyness.]-Said I.

[You are in the emergencial afterlife. Your word after life is under reform and the excess orders are being temporary managed by me.]

[So am I going to heaven, hell or reincarnation?]- I asked that cliche question very common in that reincartation novels I suppose I read.

[Heaven or if you prefer there is a job oportunity recentily aveilable.]-Said the voice.

[A job oportunity?]-I asked.

[The multiverse is now contracting Universe Creator / Administrators.]

[If it is a job does it have a salary?] I asked with curiosity.

[ The job does not have fixed times payments. You are payed with Multiverse Coins(MC) by it activity completed. Wish you can use to invest more in your universe craft or buy multiverse or itens of order universes in the Multiverse Shop(MS)] While the AI talks the simbols

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