The room was quite stylish, with illustrious red carpets with golden highlights, a large crystal chandelier, and beautifully painted black and red walls. This room seemed to be my room, Lucian Silvers room, that is.

”Well, system, what can you do? ”

I knew of other peoples systems thanks to reading many novels. I could only pray my system was better, but the name seduction made me feel uneasy. Since Ive become a sexy vampire noble outside, it doesn change the fact the inside remained the weak and pathetic virgin.

I hadn held a girls hand since I danced in kindergarten.

[The system will give tasks to aid you in becoming the greatest vampire, Don Juan.]

The playful feminine words of the system left me with a stunned feeling. How could I become Don Juan? I might have a Long Wang, but that was all… Even that borrowed from the real vampire baron.


[Urgent task added]

[Take Carmillas first kiss]

[Reward: +1 to all status, 200 Seduction power]

[Limit 1 day]

[Hint: Shes a masochist who loves being pushed.]


”What? Are you kidding? ”

[No joking here, host]

[Failure: Become a femboi]

”… ”

The punishment was worse than death. I felt despair. How could I even speak to her without our shared memories? A sudden stabbing pain appeared in my mind, jumbling my thoughts as I fell to my knees, clutching my head. Tears filling my eyes, as countless images flashed through my head as I rolled on the floor trying to endure the agonising pain.


My name is Lucian Silver. I am a Baron. The last of my family bloodline. My parents died one year ago during a routine inspection of the territory. Several hunters had infiltrated the annual hunt, posing as the bait.

My mother Lunara and father Carlos perished during the raid. They fought to protect the lower class vampires. But fell to the attack launched by several high-ranking hunters.

I became the head of the household. My world completely changed, now forced to manage the territory and servants. I was inept. I couldn trust anybody falling into despair. My solution was firing all the maids and servants, believing a traitor lurked among them.

”At least its just before the start of the game. My territory still has money. ”

We vampires are a strange bunch. Some enjoyed living amongst the humans, even pretending to be one, marrying, working and dying alongside them. Nobility referred these to as the ”vagrants ”.

I live within the vampire kingdom of Arullvana. A small kingdom with less than 2,000 vampires and the majority were, in fact, humans or demi-humans.

To the west lay a large, expansive mountain range. We call it the black dragon mountains because of an old tale about a gigantic dragon who roamed the land filling the humans with terror. She lived within those mountains.

The North was the home of the raiders. Their kingdom of Skaaldova filled with icy wastes and violent northern humans who enjoyed slaughter, conquer and liquor.

”Honestly, like Vikings fused with Russians from the planet Bluestar. ”

The western forest country of Arrindell. They filled it with the racist and xenophobic elves. They despised any race other than their own. Despite their women having a handsome male vampires embrace as their number one fantasy.

”So bloodsucking is an aphrodisiac… ”

The south, ah the wonderful South. Home to the legion, hunters and church of Mara, goddess of life. The countrys name is Gwendova, the legion a group of former bandit racists who do anything ordered by their new master, the knight guard Tristan Blackfist.

He was a man known for his swords prowess. He defeating many vampire counts and their loyal blood slaves. His legion ever growing, incorporating any human filth. All to eliminate the wretched demons and their vampiric cousins.

”Isn this world too hostile to vampires we only suck a little blood… Only the filthy lower grade ghouls and half bloods require constant feeding! ”

”How did I know that? ”

The pain continued drilling into my mind. Countless details about the church and the damned hunters! Why the believers of Mara hate the vampires, and undead is beyond me. Her sister Zela, the goddess of death, mother of vampires, was her sister from birth, making the crusade of the humans make little sense.

”Maybe the higher-ups are just addicted to the money vampiric relics bring them. ”

The Hunters were an organisation created by a man named Snath. He spread them throughout the entire continent of Zaldeen. He could even have spread to the distant, misty continent too. Their only goal was to hunt all monsters, demons, demi-humans with monster blood and vampires. They would kill anything that could threaten humans in any form as a target to earn them coins and recognition.

”How should I proceed? I have no combat skills, no trusted servants, and my masochist fiancée hates my guts… ”

My lack of power cannot stop me from turning this around. I believe that in this role playing game with endless possibilities, I can reach the pinnacle of this world and avoid my death! Lucian only had his charm as an advantage, but my system matches my highest attribute, which I can be thankful for.

”Status ”

I chanted, seeing a transparent screen appear in front of my eyes, with easy to read English black font.


[Lucian Silver]

[Vampire Noble: Baron]

[Seduction Rank:0] [0/1 EXP]

[Class: N/A] [0/0 EXP]

[Level: 0] [Age:18]

[Alignment: Chaotic Evil] [Element: Earth/Water]

[Strength:3] [Stamina:3] [Agility:3]

[Wisdom:3] [Intellect:3] [Charm:15]


[Immunity To Sunlight] [Enhanced Charm] [Ambidextrous]


”What! ”

My voice rang in my bedroom chambers. Unable to control the rage within me, I slammed down onto the table, only to hear a small thud and a searing pain in my hand.

”What kind of psychopath makes all an NPCs stats odd numbers? ”

Well, I was probably exaggerating a little, but calculating my attributes Id lost a point compared to the character I created. Maybe gaining talents is something to even the losses. Considering I had no servants, it took me a while to figure out how to wear Lucians clothes; a white male poet type tunic, black waistcoat and tight leather pants enhanced my charm in the mirror.

”System, what can I buy with seduction power? ”

[Almost everything, except direct power.]

”What is direct power? ”

[Attributes, however, you can buy potions that increase the amount of experience points you gain.]

[You can buy weapons, items and talents]

”Please show me the list of useful things I could buy at 200 points. ”



Dexterous Fingers – 200 SP

Endless Stamina – 180 SP


Bronze Katar – 50 SP

Viagra – 20 SP


[Please note, I limited current shop to your Seduction rank.]

Because my head was even worse now with the lowered intellect, it took me almost an hour to comprehend which to choose. However, the first task for me was to kiss the Ice beauty, Countess Carmilla.

”Oh, shes not the countess yet. Its set that the news of her parents death will arrive in several months time as they are on a mission to gather information on the hunters in Gwendova. ”

My head throbbed in pain. How much did the writers hate Lucian… The very day they argued about him being a worthless loser? Not only does she learn of her parents death, but meets the protagonist and his witty charm, helping her forget the pain of losing her parents.

Little did the poor girl know, it was thanks to his family that they were both caught and executed before Gwendovan public.

”Whatever, since she wants forceful Ill just act like those psychopath main characters from novels. ”

My hand brushed back my hair elegantly. I spread a little gel, making it look wild and messy. I admired my work in the large mirror, grabbing the black jacket from the golden hangar as I started jogging from the door. Thanks to the memory of the real Lucian, I found my way to the front door.

Upon leaving, I found myself in a district surrounded by large mansions.

”I think I remember her living in the second mansion to the right. With the massive garden of roses. ”

As I spoke, I saw her sat under a gazebo alone with a black umbrella for her to block the sunlight.

Vampire nobles were immune to sunlight, however, it made people feel lethargic and reduced their attributes according to the games explanation when creating your character.

My black boots caused a loud clacking noise with every step on the cobbled road leading to her garden.

”Wow! ”

To be honest, I can see why he loved this girl, her beautiful silver hair currently tied up in a high ponytail, with two large bangs along her cheeks, her hair curling at the ends, alluring peach glossy lips, golden eyes like miniature stars shining their brilliance on the flowers she was currently watering humming a cute song, likely thinking nobody was around.

[Host should take advantage and catch her off guard, pushing her down and stealing her first kiss!]

”Im not a rapist… ”

[She secretly loved the Lucian for years. Her poor communication ruined her chances. His dense mind didn help.]

e not lying, right? The police will not arrest me, ok? ”

I didn get an answer, but there was no other choice! I refuse to become a femboi.


Lucian Silver approached Carmilla Scarlet. In his haste to leave his mansion forgot to fasten his shoelaces. His confident strides causing them to loosen further with each step. The moment before he was going to act, his body fell forwards colliding with Carmilla.

Carmillas face had a flat expression. She was humming a joyful song while tending to her flowers in the conservatory. Her ears heard a sound behind her, followed by the scent of lavender. She found the scent nostalgic and relaxing.

His body pressed her to the ground in the next moment. His left hand beside her head touching the ground with his palm, her eyes opened wide in shock, her brilliant golden gems now staring directly into his narrowed crimson eyes.

Her lips felt a slight pain, then a sweet delicious blood seeped into her mouth. It wasn her own. But Lucians, hed fell with such impact her superior level and attributes caused his lip to split open, feeding his addictive blood to Carmilla.

The moment Lucian was about to pull away, disappointed in his virgin self for failing his first kiss so badly. He felt a soft sensation in his right hand as he gave several gropes. The size was too big for his hands to grab the entire thing.

She felt his hand groping her chest and his body pressing her down. Carmilla felt a switch flip inside her as she thought. ”Finally! Lucian, youve become the man I seek! ” Her golden eyes flashed ruby for a moment.

Carmillas arms suddenly gripped onto his head. She held him in place as her tongue pried open his mouth, trying to taste more of his sweet saliva.

She salvaged his first kiss of over twenty years. It became an unforgettable deep kiss with a beautiful, noble female vampire. My thanks to the girls switch being flipped as she continued to entangle his tongue with her, mixing their flavours.

”Young Miss! ”

The moment spoiled by the chance passing of her personal maids, seeing their master thrown down and about to save her. But a glint of anger from Carmilla stopped them in their tracks.

Carmilla became disheartened, wiping the saliva and Lucians remaining blood from her lips with her fingers before sucking it clean, wishing she could return to the moment again.

”Lucian, you came! Its been so long! ”

She hugged his still frozen body, leaning her head onto his chest. Her body was hot from bathing in the suns light tending to her flowers. Carmilla was about to grab her parasol before she felt a large shade over her head.

”The young miss rarely spoke to anybody like this, even her parents, only to her grandmother, the matriarch of the Scarlet family, Rosa Scarlet, ” the young maid thought to herself.

Lucian, in his daze, had picked up the parasol, placing it over her head. Worried as she felt extremely hot, like a grandma who once had heat stroke in his part-time job at the supermarket.

”Be careful. Have you had enough to drink? ” Lucians extremely sexy voice rang out in proximity to the poor maid and Carmilla, causing their hearts to patter like frightened deer.

Lucian pulled apart his collar, showing his fair neckline to Carmilla, his logic simply vampires should want to drink blood, not water to hydrate at this moment.

”Heh!? ” Carmilla said, with a bedazzled face, seeing Lucians approaching neck. Her pale skin filled with a red flush as the little girl looked down. Something about after marriage and not in the open.

Lucian, in his haste, forgot to learn the meaning of someone to offer their neck to their partner for vampires. It was like a mating proposal in the animal kingdom for humans, something that happened on their first night after marrying.

Her servant looked at the pair shocked, the young miss spent almost everyday complaining Lucian never cared for her, leaving her alone to for years, causing her to become introverted and lonely.

Now, seeing her like a tamed kitten slowly falling asleep inside Lucians arms under the parasol, the maid felt a sense of relief.

”The Scarlet family can expect an heir sooner than we all expected… ” she said as she left the pair to flirt.


I am currently sitting with an extremely beautiful girl in my arms! I declare victory for Lucian Silver. It filled my thoughts with fanfare and celebrations. I couldn take my eyes off her.

”To think, I could kiss someone as beautiful as Carmilla Scarlet. ”

Her face blushed. I am not sure why. However, it looks really cute. Come to think of it, her tongue was really warm and persistent. Maybe we can experiment in more depth later on.

”Hey Carmilla, are you sleepy? ”

”Mm. Sleepy. Sleep? ”

”Yeah, Im pretty tired myself, lets take a nap in this lovely garden. ”

Carmilla gave a cute nod, a bright smile on her face, before nestling further into my chest. She was always like this in Lucians younger memories. Shed fall asleep almost instantly, like a cat and sleep for hours, only to wake if it became time to feed or Lucian tried to escape her grasp.


[Quest Completed!]

[Gained 1 EXP]

[Increased to Seduction Rank 1]

[New Items added to shop!]

[Recieved 200 SP]

[Gained +1 To All status]


The jingle of the system was like getting a ploystation 5 on Christmas despite there being a lack of components caused by a shortage. I felt a huge amount of energy as it added the status to my body directly. My muscles became tighter, brimming with more powerful.

It cleared my mind, increasing my intelligence, made my thoughts more distinct and less vague.

”System, I want the 48 hour exp boost and the bronze Katar. Is it possible to activate the boost later instead of right now? ”

[Yes, the system shall store the items within its inventory space.]

”Can the system store outside items, or is it limited to system items? ”

[A universal upgrade can spawn randomly in the shop. Also, quest rewards can reward one.]

It filled my mind with joy after clearing my first quest. The stress that had built up vanished, leaving me deflated and although I was immune to any damage from the sunlight, it still made me feel sleepy, as my mind faded into a nap, Carmillas gentle breathing my lullaby.

”Night Carmilla… ”

The last sensation I felt was two fangs sinking into my neck as a wet tongue slithered along the bite, followed by a gentle sucking force and blood flowing faintly from his body.

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