Vampir Lord: Erotic RPG

My Beautiful Arachne Wife

The black rabbit sniffed the air. I am sure it could smell my fear. What is this thing? Its literally 2 metres long. My body wasn ready. Spells? Nope. Weapon? Nope. Uh right, what do I do? Those protagonists always handle themselves like professional soldiers, despite being 16.

”Hey there, little guy. Do you want some lettuce? ”

”Eh? ”

I saw the black rabbit vanish. Im sure this thing just teleported, right?


”UGGH! ”

I felt a burning pain in my stomach. When I placed my arms down, I found the black rabbit had stabbed my stomach. My abs seem to have trapped its horn within them. However, super regeneration didn remove the damn pain! FUCK!

My eyes surely filled with tears, right? I look embarrassing ok! Forgive me Carmilla, this level 1 black rabbit killed your fiancée! Farewell cruel world. I should have prepared for the better. See you in the next life, sexy gilf Rosa!

[Are you done acting like a retard?]

I heard the systems crisp voice. But even her impersonal voice is a sweet whisper at my time of death.

[You will not die. The rabbit can get its horn out.]

[Why don you use the katars you bought…]

My head ignored the annoying bitter voice, now that I knew it couldn hurt me. It filled me with confidence. To my right, there was a really thick black tree. I moved towards

”Get ready to die bastard! I love rabbit soup! ”


I slammed the rabbit into the tree with all my bodys power. The force seemed to be far more than I expected as it cracked the trees black iron bark. I could hear the rabbits weeping. ”Be strong, my kind self! Its an evil monster! ”

”Meep! ”

My heart trembled. How could something so evil make such adorable sounds? Suddenly, I felt some kind of strange sensation reaching towards my head. It was like a thread of silk. The moment it finally touched my forehead, a screen popped up.

[Monster Wants To Form A Blood Pact.]

[Black Iron Rabbit (Female)]

”Whats the difference between a blood pact and a spirit pact? ” Lucian asked the system.

[A spirit pact is the widely used method of taming beasts and contracts between people.]

[They limit a blood pact to the vampire race, specifically progenitors.]

[With a blood pact, the rabbit will be bound to you forever. She will never be free unless you kill her, or set her free willingly.]

I felt this was a little too strong. Was I actually one of those people transmigrated into an overpowered villain? Who was only a sub villain because he was too handsome and made the player feel the fear of Netorare?

”Hehehehe ”

[Please accept the animals pact before she dies.]

”Ah yeah, I accept. ”


Several dark red strings left his body, entering the rabbits head. She felt her brain being changed completely, as it brought her thoughts to a level close to humans. The strings changed her, so all her feelings towards Lucian would be maximum. She gained the ability to drain blood from enemies, increasing her power at the same time as her master.

”Meep ”

At first Lucian only hear the cries of a rabbit. But after the strings messed with her brain. He could understand her intentions and the meaning of her sounds. She wasn quite at the level of human talk yet, but it was a significant improvement.

Lucian grit his teeth and dragged the rabbits horn from his body. Blood spurted everywhere as he reopened the wound. Thankfully, his pain receptors were dull thanks to his vampire lord job. Otherwise, hed be screaming like a bitch.

”Meep! ”

His eyes filled with tears as he staggering slightly. His black rabbit is now free. She rubbed against his leg with affection. Her sparkling red eyes seemed to desire a name.

”You shall be called Chuchu! ”


The rabbit fell to the floor, laying on her back pretending to be dead. She clearly didn like his chosen name. But she had no power here.


[Successfully accepted Blood Pact]

[Chuchu] [Age:20]

[Black Iron Rabbit (Rare) (Vampiric)]

[Level 1] [0/10 EXP]

[Alignment: Chaotic Neutral] [Element: Fire]


[Fire blast] [Steel Fur] [Charge]




Currently, I was sitting on a tree stump, reflecting on how pathetic I was. My mind just went blank the first time Id dealt with a violent situation since before I finished middle school. Well, thats why Im currently sat getting battle advice from my trusty future steed Chuchu.

”Meep ”

”I see. I should first try to face my enemies without fear and fully prepared. You make sense. Honestly, I just got too excited about being inside a fresh new world where I wasn a loser… ”

”Meep! ”

”Thanks for the comfort, Chuchu. I will definitely try to be more serious this time. ”

The rabbit just looked at me with its cute twitching mouth and vampire fangs. I stopped taking things as if they were a game or a joke. My first decision was to check the items Id bought earlier and what to use the SP I had from the quest before.

”System, Can you show me what items are for sale, please? Sorry for being a cunt earlier. ”

[The system lacks human feelings]



Rock Wall – 500 SP

Blade Rush – 300 SP

Dexterous Fingers – 200 SP

Endless Stamina – 180 SP

Viagra – 20 SP


My thoughts drew towards the rock wall. Since it was such a high cost, wouldn it be extremely powerful? But the stamina would be helpful right? Not only during the night. If I could constantly fight without tiring. Also, I thought the Blade rush sounded really cool.

”System Id like to purchase, Blade rush and Endless Stamina. ”

As I finished speaking, a lot of information entered my mind. It was the ability for blade rush. My body felt a burning sensation. The power I could use didn increase. But I felt like I could fight endlessly. ”System, please give me the Katars Id like to use them now. ”


A large black box appeared in front of me. Inside was a set of strange weapons. The Katar had a short, wide, triangular blade roughly 60 cm long. They made the handle with two parallel bars and three connecting cross-pierces. It connected one bar to the blade. The other bar was used to grip the weapon. Thanks to my rank 2 dagger mastery, I knew how to use this weapon naturally.

”Chuchu, shall we try hunting? ”

”Meep ”

The rabbit hopped from my lap and hopped into the darkness.

My hands gripped the daggers, both sides of my wrist protected by the black metal bars. I walked towards the dark forest with Chuchu guiding my way. Unlike before, I wasn overly confident or taking things like a joke. My mind seemed to be tainted by the previous Lucian, who took nothing seriously. I cannot let myself become that way again.


The pair of rabbit and vampire searched the forest. Chuchu had eaten many of the close monsters, almost wiping them out. After a while of searching, they found a group of iron wolves.

They had fur like iron, but were much slower than other wolves. Lucian didn want Chuchu to take the limelight. He slowly stepped forward. His senses as a vampire were extremely powerful. He could sense the weakest of the wolves and, with a flash, his body shot forward towards the wolf.


I rushed towards the wolves with everything I had. The muscles in my legs felt they were boiling. But different from before. Excitement filled my mind. I could feel a natural smile coming to my face. As I watched the wolfs body approaching, I thrusted my left arm forward with every ounce of power I had. The sheer power caused the blade to slice directly from one side of the wolfs ribs and outside the other, ripping it in half in the middle. I bathed my face in its delicious blood. The weakening howls only gave pleasure to my mind.

”Ah, much better this time. ”

When I wanted to turn around to fight the other wolves, I saw Chuchu was gnawing on the alpha wolfs neck. She filled her fur with wolf blood, now a dark red. Chuchu sat on a pile of dead wolves. She had protected my rear whilst I bathed in the satisfaction of my first kill. I wasn angry, because there were plenty of wolves to kill and my lust for blood only seemed to grow the more I bathed in wolf blood.

We spent the next several hours decimating an entire wolf pack. I killed over six of them. I may have started the day pathetic. But after constantly fighting, I felt I had improved slightly. My goal was to surpass Chuchus contributions before the end of the week.

”Come Chuchu, I will take you to your new home. ”

[Killed Level 1 Wolf] x 16

[Gained 16 EXP]

[Vampire Lord Levelled Up] [Level 2 ^]

[+4 Strength] [+2 Agility] [+1 Wisdom] [+1 Intellect]

[Gained Passive Skill – Rock Skin: Reduces all damage taken by 5 (50% Strength)]


[Lucian Silver] [Age:18]

[Vampire Noble: Baron]

[Seduction Rank:1] [5/10 EXP]

[Class: Vampire Lord] [Level: 2] [0/10 EXP]

[Alignment: Chaotic Evil] [Element: Earth/Water]

[Strength:10] [Stamina: ∞] [Agility:6]

[Wisdom:5] [Intellect:5] [Charm:16]


[Immunity To Sunlight: Sunlight causes no damage.]

[Enhanced Charm: Chance to charm opposite sex doubled.]

[Ambidextrous: Dual wielding gives 10% increased damage and no penalties.]


[Dagger Mastery (Rank 2): Increases damage and knowledge with all dagger type weapons by 20%]

[Rock Skin: Reduces all damage taken by 5 (50% Strength)]


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