“Let’s go see the hunting ground.”

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It was what I was hoping for.

I put a dagger around my waist and swiftly picked up my bow.
Since I did not get to shoot even an arrow today, I would need to make time to practice in the evening separately.

‘Geniuses have no talent for teaching, but Raniero…’

I took a peek at Raniero’s side, striding with long legs like a deer, as I sprinted to match his stride.

‘…He is strangely helpful.’

He pointed out unnecessary movements well and scolded me about them.
Besides, I was the type of person who did not get hurt at all, even if I got scolded, so Raniero’s words were not a problem.
Only the content was what mattered.

I wanted to show you how to shoot a bow today…

Though, he would then correct my posture with harsh words such as, ‘Is your neck made of a piece of wood?’ and ‘Are you unable to focus your eyes properly?’

While I was lost in thought while gazing at Raniero’s side, he suddenly looked this way.


Before our eyes met, I hurriedly turned my head forward and slipped back because I cannot outrun Raniero.

But, why is he stopping his steps…?

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What should I do if he is dissatisfied with me for looking at his face?

“Why did you stop looking?”

“Because it’s too blinding…”

“Your back is turned toward the sun.”

“Your Majesty shines on his own…”


Raniero snorted again.

I murmured to myself before shutting my mouth and quickly teasing my feet.

After walking for a while, an open space appeared.
The hunting grounds were separated by a fence around the edges.
Since a rule of thumb was to kill the prey as soon as they crossed the fence, knights were scheduled to be deployed near the fence at regular intervals.

I could see the hunting grounds for the first time in front of the fence…

‘Oh, my.
This is exciting!’

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I covered my mouth with happiness.

Like the Actilus Empire, which makes anything grand, the hunting grounds were truly vast.
It was a scale large enough to understand why it took so long to build.
There was a tall structure that I could secure a wide field of view with, and there was a slope in the hunting ground itself.
It was an environment where the bow could dominate enough.

Despite the fact that there were not many trees or thickets, it seemed to be a deliberate attempt to prevent prey from spending their time in hiding.

‘If you are up there, it would be no joke to secure your sight.’

I clenched my fists and tried to not be overly excited.
As Raniero glanced at me like that, he opened his mouth.

“I want you to know that I’ve given you a lot of conveniences.”

“I’m moved to tears with Your Majesty’s gratitude.”

Being with him for a couple of hours almost every day, flattery comes out almost as though it was a spinal reflex.
And, I am less afraid of him as well.

“Ah, I’m giving you such an advantage, I’m sure you would show me a good performance.
I hope that the tip of my sword won’t mistake the hunter for prey because it may be so boring that day.”

Cancel what I just said.
Being in front of Raniero is utterly frightening.

The structure of the hunting ground was similar everywhere, so it was supposed to spin around.
The four sections were similarly constructed like a pinwheel around the structure that stood in the center like a landmark.

Because of that, it seemed easy to get lost in a state of extreme tension.

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It made me feel like I was circling around the same place and might be able to read the intention of the fed-up and panicked prey.

The next moment, I climbed up the structure with Raniero.
It looked like a small observatory or tower.


As I climbed up, I could see the hunting grounds at a glance.

‘If I use this as the base, hopefully, I do not have to move if I do well.’

The field of view was open in all directions, so if I see something suspicious, I would be able to notice it immediately.

‘As soon as the hunting starts, I must secure this place no matter what.’

The view here is incredible, though it had the disadvantage of being inconvenient and isolated.
As long as you did not choose a bow like me, there was no advantage in coming up.
The information that I had chosen a bow as a weapon was never mentioned to the prey.

Well, it might not be anymore in the future.

“Do you like it?”

Sitting on the railing, Raniero smiled as he asked.


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I muttered ecstatically.

Emperor Raniero Actilus… For now, he seemed like my ally.

The breeze blew the light drops of sweat from my forehead.
Looking down at the hunting grounds at a glance, I was surrounded by groundless confidence that somehow, I would survive if I just occupied this place that day.

I sat casually on the high railing, gazing up at Raniero, who was looking down at me, and smiled broadly.
His beautiful eyes suddenly narrowed.

Then, he jumped down and stood in front of me.
Staring into my face with an unknown expression, he spoke.

“At first, I thought it would be fun just to run around, but now, I’m in trouble.”


“I taught you myself, shouldn’t I receive tuition?”


“The midsummer hunter, my winter prey…”

Goosebumps rose as I saw him laughing horribly beautifully.

“I look forward to it.”

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