Chapter 21 – Part 2

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The crowd was split by the sound of the horn.

I could see each and every face clearly.
Their faces were full of anticipation.
Of course, I did not deserve to be treated like that.

Sylvia was at the starting point where I arrived with people’s eyes on her.
Wearing simple protective clothing and a sword, her lips trembled palely.

‘Like that…’

I smiled at her.

‘She must have a weak heart.’

Only if she hunts well will she be able to become my maid and survive.
It is difficult to be this weak.

The pity she felt when she saw her kneeling in front of her a few weeks ago was long gone.
Pity? Why should I feel that way…? If you do a good job, you deserve a reward, and if you do not, it does not matter if you die.

“His Majesty The Emperor enters!”

The horn resounded again.

I turned around.

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Raniero Actilus was coming in.
His eyes shone with a light exaltation, yet his expression was relaxed and languid as always.

Suddenly, his eyes met mine.

It was him who laughed first, though I was suddenly able to understand what he meant.
At that moment, I knew that he and I were the same.

I smiled brightly at him, too.

For the first time, Raniero was not scary at all… My beautiful companion.

Soon the prey, whose hair had been shaved off their heads, was brought in handcuffed.
They were not allowed to wear protective gear to protect themselves, so they were simply wearing a short shirt, pants, and boots.
Still, the forged weapon looked sharp.

It did not matter, because they were just prey.

The prey entered the fence first.

I could hear my heart beating inside my ear—thump, thump. My gaze was focused on their backs as they disappeared into the forest.
Where are they going? Where should I go to find them?


As I tilted my head toward the sound of the voice, Raniero’s breath reached a short distance.
He leaned back and whispered to me.

“It looks like the medicine must be working.”

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Oh, yes.
This confidence, this sense of exaltation… The feeling that everything in the world could be seen and heard more clearly.
The courage and the absence of fear befitting the sharpened senses… All because of the drink Raniero Actilus gave me and the medicine in it.

“I told you, didn’t I?”

Uttering so, Raniero stroked my cheek.

I rested my cheek naturally in the palm of his hand.
It was something I would normally not even imagine or think about doing.
Raniero’s delicate, firm thumb brushed my soft cheek.

“You’re not going to die.”

I gave a big head nod.
Of course, I would not die.

I could not die, could I?

“Today’s hunters enter the hunting grounds!”

We did not enter the hunting grounds all at once.
Sylvia, the lowest rank, went in first, and after a few minutes, it was my turn.

I was excited.

I could not wait to go in, feeling fully prepared.
As soon as the door in front of me opened, I rushed into the hunting ground.

A cool breeze blew through my forehead, and the tips of my ears as my hair was tied up in one.
To my surprise, I could breathe comfortably.
It was as though my body was freed from any bondage.
I could go farther with one step, and while running, I could hear all the sounds around me.

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I jumped into the center structure.
As expected, no one came here.

I leisurely put the arrow on my bow and waited for something to jump out from behind a bush or tree.
All of my arrowheads had Soleols on them.
Instead of drinking it in need, I chose to apply it all over the arrowheads.

It was burdensome for prey to climb here.
But soon, they would have to go through this area in order not to get lost.

How long did I wait…?

A human shadow could be seen from the other side.

Seeing that, I slowly lowered myself and pulled the bowstring.
Oh, the medicine Raniero gave was so great that it was not difficult at all to draw the string.
My arms and fingertips were not shaking as well.


As the shadow got a little closer, I lowered my bow in disappointment.

It was Sylvia Jacques.

She glanced up at me from below and cried.

“Your, Your Majesty.”

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I just glanced at her without going down to her, loosening my bowstring.

“I have something to tell you…”

Sylvia’s words could not be continued.
It was because of the presence of a person who suddenly jumped out of the bush.


Sylvia’s long hair was grabbed and caught.
Even though she tried to hit her opponent in the face with her elbow, her opponent was too formidable.
I watched the fight unfolding below with my eyes wide open.

It was none other than Roberta Jacques who threatened her by grabbing Sylvia’s hair and waving it around.

“To His Majesty the Emperor…!”

The evil voice of Roberta rose straight up.

“I’ll open your chest alive and show him how your heart beats.
As a living sacrifice for the summer solstice, to the great God Actilla.
For his entertainment! So, I can survive…!

Indeed, Raniero would enjoy a mother who cut out her offspring’s heart to live.

‘…Is this the secret weapon the Jacques’ mother and son prepared?’

My bowstring, aimed at two people fighting back and forth, started to tighten little by little.

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