The next day, I let Cisen take care of my bath alone.

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The inside of my calf was a mess because of the swelling.
I sighed deeply as I traced the marks that turned from red to purple with my fingertips.

Last night, I mean, the… There was no bonding that Raniero did not want.

That does not mean he was not excited, as I remember clearly when he dragged my hand.
Although he was not entirely satisfied with that so he bit my leg like this.
Since we had done it not too long ago, he quickly let me go to sleep.
Thankfully, fearing that if I did something wrong, I felt like I was going to faint.

I snorted inwardly.

How could I believe that…? There must have been some other reason.
If he was really worried about that, he would not have pushed me into the hunting ground.
There were times when I really collapsed down while practicing hunting, though he did not passionately worry about me back then? He is not even that great.

However, as he said, my physical condition was not very good.

Should I say it was an ambiguous pain?

It was not to the point of making a fuss because I was not feeling well, but my body was subtly swollen and droopy.
My forehead was also vaguely hot.
In addition, I also felt bad easily and kept craving sweets.

I wondered if it was because the days were starting to get really hot since when it was hot, people tend to get puffy.
However, that was a very ignorant idea.
It was because the cause of my poor condition was something else…

It was a week later that I discovered the cause.


It was the day of the social gathering visited by the ladies chosen and chosen by the Duchess of Nerma.
Suddenly, Cisen approached me alone and spoke quietly.

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“Your Majesty, by any chance…”

As soon as I heard her words, a miracle occurred that made sense about everything in my body.
At the same time, please, I wished it was not what Cisen said.
But after a while, I checked my underwear and had no choice but to wrap my face in the flood of embarrassment.

…The worst gift that mother nature gave to a woman—

—A period of painful bleeding has begun.

After all, on a day like this…!



゚· : * ✧ * :· ゚



“We have to postpone the gathering.”

Cisen said firmly.

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“I’m sure procrastination is one of the solutions, of course.”

Duchess Nerma responded in a tone of displeasure.
When she heard that, I could see that Cisen did not like her attitude since it was all revealed on her face.

“The Empress cycle is irregular and the pain’s severe, especially on the first day.”

As those stubborn words flowed from her mouth, my back was slowly starting to hurt.

I sighed.

How did it get so messy…?

Angelica’s body was different from my old body.
Initially, I had a fairly regular cycle and did not suffer from premenstrual syndrome at all.
Besides, my menstrual cramps were also very minimal.
Therefore, I just ignored the signals that the new body sent with all its might because I did not know it was that…!

Originally, if it was ‘Angelica’, I would have immediately told Cisen when I was in an ambiguous state, though I did not do that this time… So, by the time she noticed my condition, it was too late.

My loyal handmaiden gave Duchess Nerma a hard time.

“I understand the heart of Duchess Nerma, although nothing can be more important than the health of Her Majesty the Empress.”

Saying that, she implied that how could the Empress have to take her sick body to go to a social gathering because the nobles were waiting.

“Handmaiden, with all due respect, think about how Her Majesty has established her position?”

At Duchess Nerma’s point, Cisen wrinkled her forehead.

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…That is right.

It was thanks to hunting that I established my position here.
In other words, power.
That day, I came out of the hunting ground without any injuries and proved that I had the power.
However, if you lie down and groan just because of menstrual pain, my image may be shattered.

The Actilus women were so strong they did not usually feel menstrual cramps.
For such people, the persuasion of ‘menstrual pain varies from person to person, and in severe cases, you may not be able to get up from your seat’ was unlikely to work.

For them, it is just proof of weakness.

…Ha. It is unfair and barbaric.

I glanced at Duchess Nerma’s face.

Because she was also from Actilus, she already had a look on her face that did not resonate with Cisen’s story that I have severe menstrual cramps.


Cisen was right, and so was Duchess Nerma.

In the midst of the pain, I somehow came to a conclusion and smiled vaguely.
On the other hand, perhaps she thought that she would not be able to communicate with Duchess Nerma, Cisen knelt before me and glanced up.

“You must rest, Your Majesty.
Don’t overdo it.”

It was wonderful that she was concerned for my health this much, but unfortunately, I had to raise the hand of Duchess Nerma this time.

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“I’m leaving.
Bring me some painkillers.”

“Your Majesty!”

Cisen had a look on her face like she was very worried.
At the same time, Duchess Nerma bowed gracefully and went to get a pain reliever.

Seeing her like that, I stroked Cisen’s hair and smiled.

“It’s okay.
Isn’t this the same body that entered the hunting grounds?

“That’s why I’m more worried.
You’ve suffered so much since you came to the Empire…”

My eyes suddenly became watery at her words that were right.
It was true that I had to go through a lot of trouble.
Thinking it was time, I whispered quickly to Cisen the next moment, very quietly so no one could hear.

“You’re the only one on my side, aren’t you?”

At that, she nodded her head firmly.

“Will you be with me no matter what hardships you face?”

She nodded her head once more.

That was enough.

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