When you said something unfair, it was not only unfair but also injustice.

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The esteemed Madam of Marquis Jacques struck her chest.

“That girl, who has nothing, must have been very good at her sleeping skills.
His Majesty spent the first night in the girl’s room.”

At her mother’s words, Sylvia freaked out.

“Mother, be careful with your words.”

“I don’t want to hear it! Why did we wait and lower our value? Oh, all of this was in vain!”

It was because Sylvia was waiting for the Emperor to marry her, and now, she had lost her marriage.
Her face turned red at the sudden attack.

Ever since the Second Princess of the Unro Kingdom was decided to be the Empress, the esteemed Madam of Marquis would make a stab at her like this all the time.

She ran up to her room with shame.

Afterward, Marquis Jacques followed his little sister’s back with her glance.
He didn’t show any signs of going after her, deciding that it would be better for him to be with his mother, the head maid of the Imperial Palace, than his younger sister, who became a nuisance.

He quietly told the servants to leave.
Then, he sat next to his mother, who was about to lie down, lowered his voice and started talking.

“Mother, Your Majesty does not seek the Empress after the first night.
Isn’t that so?”

“It is, but…”

“Don’t worry too much.
Who am I? Aren’t I, Vice Minister and Marquis Jacques? His Majesty’s every move is in my hands.”

With her eyes closed, the Grand Madam of the Marquis Jacques opened her one eye and saw her son.

The trusty son patted his chest with a very confident attitude and grinned.

“Your Majesty your Majesty is not interested in her at all.”


“It means he doesn’t have affection for her.”

Suddenly, the esteemed Madam of Marquis Jacques leaned slightly towards her son.

“How can a girl who has been mingling for just one day control His Majesty? If we give him the right excuses, your Majesty the Emperor will get rid of her with his own hands.
Mother knows what it was like to succeed Your Majesty, right?”


“What you need is a justification, mother.”

As her son repeatedly emphasized his words with strength, the esteemed Madam of Marquis Jacques nodded her head.

“All right.
It’s the fault of that girl, it’s overflowing.
At an appropriate time, I should speak to His Majesty.”

“Don’t be too impatient, just wait a little bit.”

Marquis Jacques smiled warmly as he kissed the Marquis esteemed Madam’s dry cheek.

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In the eyes of Marquis Jacques, there was a ‘principle’ that the Emperor, who solved everything based on interest, kept it.

Anything that harms the country is to be eliminated immediately.

‘That’s why the Empire is now enjoying unprecedented prosperity.’

The Empire of Actilus, which seemed to be about to collapse under an impromptu tyrant, ironically shone most dazzlingly right now.
To the extent that people outside the palace mistake Raniero for a wise King.

And, an empress idling, looking only for her maid from her home country?

Whoever sees it would think it is detrimental to the prosperity of Actilus.

Obviously, His Majesty will surely be angry.

All we need is to just set it up.

A solution to prove that she would be ruining the kingdom…

Just in time, it was the budget approval period.

All ministries’ budgets are directly approved by both the Emperor and the Empress.
However, the Empress isn’t working at all right now…

Marquis Jacques smiled with a smile of conversion.


* * *


Calling Cisen recklessly, I ask for her to serve me my meals.
Nevertheless, the Marquis esteemed Madam stopped me, saying that she has not yet been fully educated.


Isn’t Cisen’s meal service overwhelmingly convenient?

She knew everything about Angelica’s habits and her eating habits.
It goes without saying that people who know me well and care deeply are much more comfortable with me.

I muttered involuntarily.

“Can’t we just have Cisen serve meals from now on? It’s comfortable…”

It was only when I saw the mixed joys and sorrows on the faces of Cisen and the esteemed Madam of Marquis Jacques, I felt sorry for myself.

Ugh… My mouth is a mess.

I had already planned to try to side with Cisen and keep her by my side, though I didn’t mean to do that so early like this.

‘This is a failure.’

A cold sweat trickled down my back.

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This was an event that completely destroyed the face of the maids and the esteemed Madam of Marquis Jacques.

To be honest, I thought she would change her tactics ever since.

Instead of continuing to ostracize me and let me live comfortably like this, she could just give me a mountain of work instead.
Wouldn’t that be hard on my body?

But somehow, the Marquis esteemed Madam was still making these empty threats and sticking to a schedule that’s comfortable for me…?

Besides, for some reason, she gave me Cisen without saying anything.

I exclaimed inwardly, enjoying the leisurely time.
On Mondays, I go to the library to borrow books that seem useful for escaping, and on Tuesdays, I take a walk in the garden where the rosebuds are starting to bloom…

It was never possible to run into Raniero! With that thought, I didn’t even look around where I was going, neither the main hall nor the main Palace.

Though… I shouldn’t have done that.


* * *


I’m on my way to see Raniero after being called.

I had a bad feeling.

Raniero, who must have forgotten even the existence of the Empress after the first night, was calling me so abruptly with no reason like this?

Someone had slipped words about me into Raniero’s ear.

And, the culprit, no matter how much you think about it, is the maid’s army.

Of course.
You idiot!’

If you wanted to suck the honey, you should have done it in moderation while taking as little as possible the head maidservant, the esteemed Madam of the Marquis!

At the same time, my other self exclaimed.

How would I have known that she would whisper into Raniero’s ears like that?’

This is by no means a counter-measure.

Do you know what an Actilus idiom is used to say, ‘Putting someone else’s fault in front of Emperor Raniero and engaging in politics’?

It was said that ‘to prepare two tombstones.’

This meant that there was a fair chance that the headwind would blow both of them.
If you want to waste the Emperor’s time with taunting, you must risk your own life!

‘How would I know in advance that she would hate me so fiercely while taking such a risk!’

Screaming internally, I entered the auditorium.
There, the Emperor Raniero Actilus, leaning on the throne, resting his chin on his hand.

On the red carpet in front of me, a familiar and an unfamiliar back were each lying face down.

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The familiar backside was the esteemed Madam of the Marquis Jacques.
Although I don’t know whom the unfamiliar backside belonged to, they would be on her side no matter who they were.

…These cowards!

I don’t know what’s going on, but I can’t believe they are already prostrated before His Majesty!

‘I should have bowed down first!’

I went to their side and almost slid down and fell flat as well.

…Lower than the people in front of me.

I could feel a look of perplexity next to me.
The Empress, who had to build her pride, fell lower than them, and it was just embarrassing.
However, what about pride now? The three of us are equally inferior under His Majesty the Emperor.

Then, I heard a drowsy, smooth voice above my head.

“The Empress, not knowing what’s going on, is lying on her face… Do you have any chronic diseases with your legs?”

No, this person… Why is he so obsessed with asking such questions?

It was absurd, but I answered within five seconds.

“Legs… There is no problem other than them being weak.”


Raniero gave a rough expression of disinterest, and pointed his chin to the man who was lying next to the esteemed Madam of the Marquis.

As if knowing it was his turn to speak, the man began to explain in a loud voice.

“Ah, I’m the Vice Minister, Marquis Jacques! Today, I prepared the budget for the third quarter and submitted it to the Emperor.


What is he talking about?

Hearing his words, I became puzzled.

“Well, yes.

Looking at his nails, Raniero opened his mouth and spoke in a bored tone.

“I’ve never asked the whole story, but only I issued a correction, Vice Minister of Protocols.”


“I didn’t ask you to answer.”

At that, the Vice Minister was immediately silent.

Satisfied, Raniero’s gaze turned to me.
Without realizing it, I was very nervous.

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“The Empress has a lot of nerves.
Enough that I couldn’t believe that she is the novice in the Royal Family.
What were your thoughts on approving the big money?”

I was perplexed since I never approved the budget.


“Your Majesty, that’s it!”

As I was stuttering and trying to explain, the Marquis Jacques next to me intercepted me.

I’m an Empress, too.
Isn’t it too much to intercept my words?

Imperial Empress, completely without a local ball.
I rolled around and got kicked, and they just won easily like that.

“His Majesty the Empress did not look after the Empress’s Palace and was immersed in entertainment.
Since she seems unwilling to carry out her duties as the mother of the country, the cost of electing and hiring bureaucrats to perform on behalf of the Empress is set… There are entertainment expenses and…”
My head felt dizzy.

Were they not letting me work because of this?

‘Marquis Jacques, you are a sly fox.’

Of course, the placenta of his words was fabricated, though how would Raniero know?

I had no interest in the Empress Palace.

It meant that there was no means of proving which of my words or his are true.
Raniero wouldn’t want such a cumbersome process as proof.
Besides, the esteemed Madam of Marquis Jacques has isolated me, so there is only one person in the Imperial Palace who can stand up for me and tell the truth.

But… something is strange?

Hearing the whole story, I felt like the tension had been relieved.

‘Did they think the Emperor would punish me like this?’

Obviously, if this were a normal country, the Empress’s behavior would have been a big problem.
However, this is the Actilus Empire, ruled by Emperor Raniero.
If you knew a little bit of his thought circuit, they would know that such a plot makes no sense at all…

This would only bring a headwind…?

Raniero interrupted Marquis Jacques.

I guess he was bored because his words were long.

“So, what do the Marquis want to do?”

As if he had already foreseen what Raniero would say, Marquis Jacques exclaimed loudly.

“God has no other purpose! I merely revealed the truth out of my undying loyalty to the Emperor of Actilus.
All decisions are yours, as always! You are the great lord of the God Actilla!”

Ugh… My ears are going to fall off.

“All decisions are made by me…Ha.”

Raniero’s voice above his head was mixed with laughter.

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