Its their fourth marriage anniversary and he sits facing the brown dining table all alone in their 3 bedroom duplex situated in Golf view estate in the city of Calabar, Cross River state. He had earlier lit candles all over the dining room and now he stares at the spaghetti he made for the both of them with pity in his eyes. The television in the spacious living room was on with a football game.

It was 9 pm, on a Friday night and Eno Obong Daniel, his 26-year-old wife was still not back from her job at the bank.

Usen Ofem Daniel is 33 years of age and he feels so grieved in his heart. Being a Christian, he has chosen to be calm and reserved about the hurt building like a volcano inside of him.

His late parents who were missionaries taught him patience and up until their untimely demise, they loved themselves dearly. He had grown up in a home filled with affection, laughter, and comfort. His elder sister Mrs. Faith who was his only sibling lived in Lagos with her husband but she regularly kept in touch with him.

Usen considered himself blessed by God in all areas at this age except in this marriage. Yesterday he was made the CEO of the production firm he worked with. The biggest Car tyre producing company in West Africa. He had 76 percent shares and he had worked himself from the bottom to the top for 9 years since he left the university. Maybe he chose the wrong spouse, he often admitted in recent times, but it was not always so.

Eno was a sweet young girl in her late teens when he met her. Her dark in complexion skin glowed whenever he sees her. She sings so beautifully in the choir and is very intelligent when she speaks about issues.

She was an undergraduate studying accounting at the state university. He met her through her father who was a great friend to his late dad. Usen never played games with Elder Akpan. He told the elder who is a retired soldier, how he felt after just two months of knowing Eno. The old man laughed at him but gave him his blessing. He courted her all through her final year down to her masters degree. He married her as a virgin at 22.

The first two years was beautiful. Her dream was to own her own male shoe line. He has registered the business name but was hoping to surprise her with it when she got a job at the BANK!

This changed everything. At first, she was made an account officer and later moved to the customer service relations department. Eno would leave the house by 6:35am and come home by 7pm tired and exhausted. He encouraged and supported her by referring clients and doing financial business with her.

However, after a year of landing 20 big International accounts, she was promoted and all hell broke loose!

Eno became a totally different person. She would no longer go to church. She didn want to have a child until she was 30. She was too busy to cook, clean or even spend time with family.

Initially, he thought she was being childish at 24. However two years after, the story is worse! Eno is more rude, very arrogant and proud. Where did he go wrong? She would not even visit her parents who lived just 6km away from them.

The entrance door was opened and the sound of the rattling keys brought him from his deep thought.

”Welcome baby ” Usen greeted.

”Hey honey whats up? Did you order food? Because i am starving. ” She said as she took off her shoes and long wig in the living room.

Walking towards the dinning, Usen gazed at his beautiful wife, the sight of her slim figure and beautiful face always calmed his heart.

”Honey….Spaghetti? Next time order Afang and Garri. Because i am starving ” Eno said while Usen nodded as she began to eat. He was used to her ordering these days.

He couldn stomach down any meal, as he had lost appetite, so he just enjoyed watching her eat to her fill. The meal was a silent one as he perceived she was very hungry.

As soon as she finished, she got up, leaving her plates on the table.

Usen did not realize he had gotten up and held her by hand.

”Baby…please reason me. ” he pleaded. He had been sexually starved for three months. Watching her eat made me desire her kisses and her delicate touches.

Eno looked straight into his eyes with disgust as he was trying to pull her into a hug.

”But i am tired, cant you see?. I have had a long day at the office. Is it that you don work in that your office again? Or they have sacked you? ” Eno ranted as she moved her head from side to side avoiding his attempt to kiss her.

He was not offended with her passive insults. He was getting harder by just standing and touching her shoulders.

”Baby E forget that thing, No matter how tired i am, i will always make time to love you. Please just let me caress you in my arms ” Usen pleaded as he kissed her shoulders.

”See eh, am not in the mood, Besides you don climax on time. Except you will manage a handjob right here ” She said arrogantly.

Usen became furious! The erection he had went flaccid. He couldn believe this was his wife!

”Excuse me!! Baby, What has come over you? you are talking down on me as though i was patronizing a prostitute ”

”Oh please spare me the lecture, simply because you don want to take a hand job, you are getting all worked up ” Eno blurted.

”Something must be wrong with you. I am your husband for heavens sake and if I am embarrassed every single time because of sexual relations then why are we even married in the first place? ” He asked.

”Usen please not today! stop dragging this issue. Do you want a hand job or not? ” She asked.

”I don want your sloppy handjob. I want the body of my wife ” He stated.

”So you can release inside of me right? It won work. Do you think I don know your plan? Oh, I am not stupid. I see your plan so clearly. You want to impregnate me so i would give up my flourishing career to be a babymaker at home! God forbid. I reject it in Jesus Name ” Eno moved towards the living room and began picking her shoes and wig.

”What is wrong with you? Who mentioned pregnancy and who says i want to put a stop to your career? baby you are just getting worked up unnecessarily. Listen as long as you love your job, you will always have a supporter in me but this new rotten attitude of yours is disgusting and very repulsive ”.

He halted his tongue from spewing a happy anniversary to her as he walked outside of the house.

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