War of the Ancients

4) The MagalaN

Chapter 3 The Summoning Part 1/3

Grand Elven Sorcerer Silas, three arms tall stood with his legs apart in the shadows behind the drummers, ready to respond to any possibilities. Arms crossed in his dark green hooded robe, he supervised the ritual taking place on top of the plateau of mount Balon. His gray eyes reflects the light coming from the nine moons that is lighting the sky this night.

He have prepared for this day for three millennium. He have made sure that this incantation will only be known by a circle of his most trusted allies. Twenty of them in total, all here to summon the MagalaN.

The Age of Legends was ruled in peace and prosperity by five legendary MagalaN heroes. Galadrim the Healer, Thorim the Archer, Perim the Wizard, Matrim the Knight, and the strongest most powerful of them Aladrim the Great. All of them died in the defence of this realm against the the Demon Lord GolKoxzurc and his Legion Horde. Their deaths ended the Age of Legends. Thankfully Aladrim the last of the five MagalaN who survived the Demon War managed to defeat the Demon Lord and his Horde before he passed away.

Now they have an opportunity to summon another MagalaN. For countless millennia a MagalaN will once again defend this realm.

Silas is on the verge of tears from elation. His dexterous finger stroked his smooth chin. He always admire the long beard and mustache of Human Wizards. The corner of his lip twitched slightly at the thought of having one. It would have been a great status symbol of wisdom and power as the Humans do. It would have enhance his status since he is more than three thousand years old, an old age by Elven standard. Only a few have reach this age since they are in constant war. Only the powerful and cunning survives. He is always amused on how Wizards hide their strength and power behind their fragile white hair and beard. It would have been nice indeed to have one.

The drums played by his two apprentice named Wren and Hayden is beating for hours now waiting for the sign. His right hand Oscar, one of the eight High Sorcerers is leading the incantation. The Elven Senator Milo is with his protector, Hazel an Elven Shield Maiden. Channeling both drum beat and incantation is handled by his friend, Grand Wizard Theodore Smith with his white long beard and mustache. He is accompanied by his Human party of seven; A healer named Martha, Two Rangers Tom and Clyde , and four Knights Michael, John, David and Peter. He had vouched all of them and sware them to secrecy for what they are about to do.

If the Royals and the Governing alliance learn about this they will surely be tried and executed.

It has to be done, and this is the only night that anyone can. It is rare to witness the death of a Star and near impossible to predict the exact time it will shed its last light.

They have to summon the MagalaN or risk the possibility of being summoned by the Dark race.

”It is time! ”. Yelled by Theodore which brought him out of his train of thought.

”I can hear him Silas! He is chanting a battle spell! He is channeling through our drums! ”. Yelled by Theodore with alarm in his voice.

Silas gazed at the dying star. ”Any minute now! ” He yelled back.

The MagalaN is preparing for battle, we cannot allow this. How could the MagalaN knew that we are summoning him? Silas thought furiously. He hoped his Ancient spells will be enough to subjugate him.

”Theodore! Prepare your Ancient spell, and wait for my mark! ” Silas shouted.

”He has cast a second battle spell Silas ” Theodore yelled back with strain in his voice.

Then Silas felt it. The Stars final breath.. He felt the Stars light dimming preparing to shed its one last ray of life. He shouted, ”Now Theodore! Release your spell ”

Theodore was at the same time screaming in horror while they all face the night sky.

”I can ! Oh Light! He casted a third battle spell! We
e doomed! ”

Then Silas felt and saw it. The Star burst its final life. A light that dimmed all lights in the sky. The night turned to day in an instant.

One chance in a lifetime..

Silas thought furiously.

One chance to summon a MagalaN.. One chance for the Ancient Realm to have another champion..

Silas is on tears for he will not allow this to pass.. He haven noticed that he has taken a deep deep breath and every muscle in his body has tensed like a great spring ready to release.

One chance for our world to have a defender of light, of good, and justice..

He will not allow this to pass..

Every fiber in his body tensed in great pressure as he lifted his hands towards the sky and prepared all his Ancient spells. Spells cultivated all through his life as a Sorcerer.

”I will not let this pass! ” He shouted. and with a great roar Silas released all his Ancient spells simultaneously..

Then he heard the MagalaN scream and day went back to night..

Chapter 3 The Summoning Part 2/3

Elven Senator Milo sat cross-legged on the grass tapping his right leg unconsciously. He does this without thinking whenever his nervous of something. He wear a full hooded dark robe. Hes one thousand six hundred eighty eight years old, middle age by Elven standard. The gold necklace with a pendant baring the sigil of an eagle in flight hanging in his chest indicate that he comes from a line of high elven royalty. His house earned its fortune in trading white gems from the mine owned by his family. They use their wealth to buy position in government and power.

Helping the Grand Sorcerer Silas to finance this project will be the most profitable venture his House has ever come by. Thats the main reason he requested to be here. If they will be able to successfully enslave the MagalaN, his line will become a power house among the royal family. He will be able to acquire more assets and business. That is why his heart is beating so fast. He need this summoning to be successful.

He is also prepared for any contingency, Hazel is nearby watching and ready to protect or whisk him to safety if needed. Not that he is helpless in combat, he is a High Sorcerer after all.

He is fascinated watching the Grand Wizard Theodore Smith at work. Its a wonder how Humans attain such sophistication, mastery and power for a short life span. Of course Wizards live longer than normal humans, but the oldest Wizard living today is almost a thousand years old. Then again the hazard of their job is a great factor in their longevity. Or are we the Elven race is better in keeping, protecting and prolonging our lives? Its really a wonder.

Then he heard the Wizard yelled that it is time. Nervously the senator stood up. his legs shaking in anticipation.

”Did the Wizard said that the MagalaN has casted a battle spell through the drum beats? ” He muttered asking himself not sure of what he heard.

He look at the Grand Sorcerer who is staring at the sky in concentration and heard him yelled, ”Any minute now! ”.

Milo looked at the night sky to examine the star that the Grand Sorcerer for told would die this night. And he heard Silas yelled again to the Wizard to prepare his Ancient spell and to wait for his mark.

Milo looked back again at the Wizard in anticipation. It is very rare for a spell caster to use their Ancient spell. He has been in several battles and he only experience one Ancient spell casted to their army and it was disastrous to the receiving end. His army lost that war. Now hes about to witness an Ancient spell prepared and to be casted. Milos eyes were wide open to see all the action.

”Wait! did the Wizard said that the MagalaN casted another battle spell? ” he muttered in horror.

”This is very dangerous.. ” he muttered again watching in awe as the Grand Wizard Theodore Smith prepared his Ancient spell.

”Is he attempting a triad battle spell? ” He asked himself in dazed striving to soak in on the sophistication of the spell the Wizard is preparing while trying very hard not to flee from the danger of a triad battle spell.

And then he felt it.. the last breath of a dying star.. He looked up and saw the star slowly dimming. He felt the energy vacuum.. He felt the magic being casted around him, all the elements that the drums has beated being suck in by the dying star like someone inhaling very deep for the last breath..

Then he heard the Grand Sorcerer yelling for Theodore to release the spell at same time that the Wizard shriek in terror screaming he can and that the MagalaN has casted another battle spell.

”TRIAD BATTLE SPELL! Impossible! ” Milo screamed to himself as he snapped his gaze back to the Wizard who was on his knees trying to contain his Ancient spell that is about to backfire and explode among them. He didn understand the rest of what the Wizard is screaming, because he is in panic as well.

e going to die! ” He breathed out.

Hazel was suddenly in front of him shield at hand ready to intercept and protect him.

And then the night suddenly turned to day.

Milo weaved a spell of protection as fast as he can to cover both him and Hazel.

Then he heard the Grand Sorcerer Silas roar like a thunder. Milo hurriedly look at Silas and saw him bath in light releasing multiple Ancient spell at once. It all happened so fast that he was only able to follow a few. One to amplify the Sorcerers power, another to amplify endurance, another to place a spell of shield and protection to all of them, three spell went up straight to the star.

The Wizards Ancient spell exploded which produced a blinding light and fire but we were saved by the Ancient spell of shield and protection.

When Milo recovered from the blinding light he noticed that it was night again. He tried to stand up but his knees gave way as he saw the man wrapped in thorned root-like rope made of light encircled by the eight High Sorcerers who are still chanting their incantation.

Chapter 3 The Summoning Part 3/3

High Sorcerer Oscar focused on leading the other seven High Sorcerers in their chant. They play a vital role in the summoning. The drummers beat their drums to gather the elements while the chanters weave and combine the elements and ready them for the Grand Sorcerer or the Grand Wizard to cast. As the leader of the chanters he is in charge to assume control and responsibility in casting if ever their leader needed to attend other matters during the summoning.

Once the summoning started, its critical that the chant never falter or worse stop. they are the fuel that keeps the fire burning. As long as one man is beating the drum and another chants the spell will not dissipate. The strength of the spell depends on the number of chanters to a maximum of eight. The drummers has a maximum of two. The chant also prevents any external spell from disrupting an existing spell.

The Wizards party of seven is in charge of security. They guard the perimeter from any unwanted visitors who may witness the ritual.

Oscar glanced at the other Sorcerers, all of them are wearing full hooded cloaks which hides their identity. In fact everyone is wearing hooded cloaks to mask who they are. Only the Grand Sorcerer knew each and everyone here. There are only two whose identity is known by all nineteen of them and thats the Grand Sorcerer Silas and Grand Wizard Theodore. Hes not sure if the Wizard knew their identity, but thats unlikely knowing how the Grand Sorcerer value the secrecy of this undertaking.

He did not agree to what they are about to do though. Yes it is necessary to summon the MagalaN. But to bind and enslave the MagalaN is very dangerous and contradicts the main reason they are doing this. Enslavement will anger the MagalaN and they might gain an enemy instead of a hero to champion their cause. He discussed this at length with the Grand Sorcerer, but his argument is valid too. They need to have a fail safe to control the MagalaN because he will have powers beyond their capabilities. The ambiguity of the MagalaNs future decision and actions may or may not destroy them, that is why they need to have control over him. And yet, if they fail today in subduing him or somehow broke free to their binding in the future, then they are back to the same problem of ambiguity. Trust is a rare valued commodity this days. Carlos sigh in resignation.

Then he heard the Wizard that its starting. He took a big breath and focused on his job

Everything happened so fast. There was a commotion, and then night became day. There was an explosion and they were blinded by a searing light but they kept on chanting.

When his eyesight recovered, there he was trapped in their midst under the night sky. The trap is in place and the binding spell is ready once the summoning is complete. He can help but looked at him. He is shorter than he had expected around two and a half arms length. He have brown skin, naked and covered by the thorned root-like rope made of light that trapped him. He look young but those brown eyes project wisdom and determination as it tried to look around his surrounding.

Oscar was not surprised to see that the MagalaN is in great pain. He would not trade places with him. He knew that he himself won be able to endure being trapped by the Thorns of Ra.

Then he saw him close his eyes.

After awhile he saw the MagalaN slowly took a deep long breath which made him confused because it seems to him that he is savoring the pain that he is experiencing. To his horror he saw him smile, and then he felt the hair at back of his head rose as the MagalaN burst into laughter. He heard the other seven sorcerers gasp which broke the chant as he realised he stop chanting too.

Immediately they resume chanting as if nothing happened, but in the blink of an eye the MagalaN disappeared.

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