Dad – so you want to tell me what all that was about?


Dad – you
e going to ignore me again?

aj – i just think you made a mistake

aj – you know i shouldve been the leader but you chose him

dad – i chose him for that exact reason because hes more level headed and doesn get caught up in his emotions like some little kid plus he doesn feel like he shouldve been something he works hard to prove it (said angrily)

dad – i need you to watch his back and help him along the way but your to stuck in your way

(aj is silent while not making eye contact with his father) (his dad sighs and shakes his head)

Dad – stay off of it for a hour or two, ill send dontae in to check up on you later (closed the door behind him) (so aj sat there with every emotion bouncing around in his head and laid back and closed his eyes and thought back on the moment that changed his life forever)


(two years ago the kids were finishing up training with their father and the oldest were called over by their father and he dismissed the younger ones so they knew it was serious)

timothy – what do you think it could be?

(he was silent but joey felt it would change the group forever)

(aj and dontae were the only ones left and they bow to their dad and awaited what is was that he needed to say)

Dontae – yes father? You wanted an audience with us

Aj – you don have to be so damn stuck up

Dontae – its called respect we speak to him with honor because of what hes done for us but you talk to him like hes your homeboy

Dontae – and considering you have no common decency i know its an upgrade from dealing with you

Aj – ill show you an upgr-

(father interrupted them)

Dad – boys enough! (he said it gently but stern)

Dad – we have an important matter to discuss and im sure you both know what it is im talking about

(the boys were nervous yet excited because they knew exactly what was going to happen) (he was going to decide who was going to be leading the group from here on out) (both of the boys certainly had qualities to lead a group such as aj who was the oldest so he commanded respect and when it came to people that opposed him he was ruthless but dontae on the other hand was more calm and centered but he knew how to do his diligence and see the situation as a whole)

(it was going to be a tough decision to make but it had to be made)

Dad – so you both know what this is about and when I tell you i thought long and hard about this, trust me i did

Dad – so I need you both to listen loud and clear, the leader of the group from now on is going to be….


(aj was interrupted by his brother who hit his leg to wake him up with a burger in hand)

Aj – thanks (said with an attitude but was slightly happy it was him)

Dontae – yeah no problem but what were you dreaming about

Aj – what do you mean i was just resting my eyes

Dontae – yeah but you were saying ”it shouldve been me ” over and over

Aj – none of your business it was nothing

(they stood their in silence for a couple of seconds while aj was unwrapping his burger then dontae spoke)

Dontae – look, i know we have our differences and don see eye to eye on most things but this doesn work without you I need to have my back because… (silence for a couple seconds) your my brother

(dontae walks out and ajs left there with burger in hand and a lump in his throat which almost sounded like he was going to cry)

Aj – i know that already (said quietly to himself while holding his arm over his eyes blocking the tears from running down his face)

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