(Couple of hours later) (all the boys in their rooms)


(all the kids immediately rushed out of their rooms and headed down to the basement to get dressed in their combat outfits which was arranged from youngest to oldest)

Dad – alright guys you have a distress call uptown it was a robbery, three men all masked and armed

Dontae – do we think this is part of their operation?

(dad shook his head yes)

Aj – ok lets go ive been itching to catch the Old Generation, we been chasing this lead for months and came up with nothing

Joey – be patient, going in without a plan will end up disastrous for all of us

Aj – oh shut it i get it but im tired of turning up cold, every time we think weve gotten close we lose it again

Dontae – ok guys cut it out we all want to catch the Old Generation that much is clear lets stay focused on the goal

Dad – yes but this is strictly recon so just track them to wherever they are taking the money and jewelry and report back

Dad – aj im talking to you no engaging find out where their base is and report back

Aj – yes sir i got it

Dontae – Ok lets move out!

(dontae hops on the motorcycle with joey levitating off the ground and flying ahead while aj gets on his motorcycle with timothy bringing up the rear with his own bike)


(they are weaving in and out of traffic heading towards uptown while joey was flying over top the buildings)

(over the comms: Aj- ”hey guys you think ill unlock it this time? ” timothy- ”you mean your power? ” ”i mean you were the first born and all of us got ours before you ” Aj- ”yeah i know dipshit but i don know whats wrong but i bet ill get it this time ” Dontae- ”focus up guys were almost there and plus none of you guys ability is better than mine ” joey- ”mines is ”

(they arrive where the robbery happened and see a car up ahead with money flying out of there windows)

Dontae – alright guys split up but stay within frequency range

(dontae and joey maintain straight while timothy peels off to the right and that left aj with staying at the rear as backup)

(Aj- self thoughts ”shit i hate being the backup i wanna be in the action ”(pauses) ”screw it im doing me ”)

(he speeds up his bike and eventually races past dontaes (dontaes self thoughts- ”what the hell is he doing ”) (comms: dontae – ”aj what are you doing get back to your post this is only recon ” aj- ”i got this im only gonna spook them ”) (got the rear of the car and they shot at him before they took a sharp turn which caused ajs bike to spin out and hit a wall and that caused the bike to drip oil and catch fire and he was laying on the ground with a part of the bike hanging so it just barely missed his leg) (dontae pulled up next to him and said over the comms: dontae- ”timothy they
e heading your way ” ”joey back him up and only stop them don engage in combat ” joey- ”got it ”

Dontae – are you okay, is anything broken?

Aj – i don think so but i know it couldve ended up bad, i think ill be fine

Aj – ill heal anyway

(dontae helps him up and then they hear sirens)

Dontae – dammit we can catch a break weve gotta get away from this fire

(he looks around and sees an abandoned warehouse so they both head towards it)

(as they reach the warehouse the bike blows up)

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