When The Universe Align

c h a p t e r T H R E E | | Gabrijela Kavynier

Valdus Alaric a name that strikes fear into the hearts of many. The face of the devil they say. Everyone has heard of him. Everyone has his face burned in their memory. Rumor has it that he wasn always like this, and there was a time when he had a heart of gold. Ruthless he may seem, his devilishly good looks were hard to ignore. It very well complimented his dark and mysterious personality. Hair so black like his heart. Glowing green eyes like the light of his enemies; they once had. Tall, strong-built like that of a man who was Death himself.

One would not have known that they were in a throne room, if not for the long brown carpet from the entrance to the dais, that had 3 thrones on it, and the brown flags, with the Alaric crest, that had lined the cold stone walls of the Alaric throne room. Like its ruler, the Alaric throne room was cold. Any warmth that had once been there seemed to be absorbed by the room, feeding more power to its already powerful ruler.

Sitting on the biggest throne was Valdus Alaric. His face was hard, not giving away any expression. Like his whole wardroom, he had on a simple black tee and black jeans. On his feet were a pair of black sneakers.

He had leaned his head comfortably on his left arm that had been propped against the armrest of his throne, while the left carefully held a small item; One squeeze and it was doomed to be shattered forever. Something so insignificant to others, but so precious to him. He stared intently at it as if it would be able to miraculously bring the missing piece of him back to him. But instead he was only left sitting there sitting alone.

Lost. He felt lost.

A knock shook him out of his absent mindedness. He quickly put that tiny object over his neck. ”Come in ” his low gruff voice called out. Even though it was low, the sound bounced across the hollow empty throne room before reaching its recipient clearly.

A creak sounded as the huge wooden door to the throne room was pushed open. Glowing gray eyes were the first to be noticed as the dark features of a tall, sturdy male became clearer as he stepped fully into the room. Safdar Reinhold the Beta to Valdus Alaric. He walked to the front of The Alpha King and placed his right hand over his chest as he crouched down on one knee before bowing in greeting. The Reinhold family had always served as Beta to the Alaric family. Naturally, Safdar and Valdus would have grown up together; Played together; Studied together; Rule together. Therefore, it was only right for Safdar to stand by Valdus side when it came time he was crowned King.

”May the blessings of Goddess Luna be upon you and the Alaric Kingdom. ” With a nod from The Alpha King, the Beta rose from his position before delivering the news to his Alpha King.

”Valdus, the rogue we captured in the south border is here. ” The words brought out a sick sense of pleasure in The Alpha King. Though, his face remained stone cold.

The Beta commanded his warriors, who stood outside of the wooden doors, ”Bring it in ”, as he took his seat to the right of The Alpha King.

At the command, two huge and bulky warriors immediately came through the wooden door with their prisoner sandwich between the both of them. They marched forward to their Alpha King before pushing their prisoner down so that he was kneeling in front of him. The warriors then got down on one knee with their right hand over their chest in greeting.

With a nod from their Alpha King, both warriors stood up and took their stance behind the prisoner.

The prisoner looked up at The Alpha King with a wild crazy look in his disgraceful red eyes. A vile smirk played at his lips as he looked straight into The Alpha Kings eyes. A sign of disrespect. The Alpha King sat on his throne seemingly unaffected by the filthy prisoner. If it were any other ordinary person who dared to treat him with such disrespect, he would have their heads. However, this prisoner in front of him was no ordinary creature. He was a rogue. A repulsive being that had no morals and respect for itself. And there was something The Alpha King needed from him before he took his head.

”Why have you crossed our land? ” The Alpha King asked. His voice was calm; The calm before the storm. His face was like a blank canvas, everything from what he was thinking to what he was feeling was a mystery.

A moment of silence passed. Strike 2. One of the warriors behind the prisoner kicked the prisoner in his back. The impact had sent the prisoner onto the floor with both hands in front of him to stop himself from kissing the floor.

”The Alpha King asked you a question. Answer it rogue. ” he spat out at the prisoner before spitting at him.

The action did not seem to bother or scare the prisoner. Instead, it seemed to have excited the prisoner even more. The prisoner spat his blood out of his mouth and wiped the remaining blood off his cheek with his right arm.

”Hes coming soon. Hes coming for you. And when he does, he will save me while you will suffer at his hands. ” The prisoner laughed hysterically at the mention of his savior.

The Alpha Kings eyes flash with disdain, upon hearing about this prisoners savior. Strike 3. It came as quickly as it left. With a lift of his finger, the prisoners head was ripped off its body and rolled on the ground while his lifeless body fell on its knee before falling limp on the ground. Black liquid spurt out of the headless rogue. The liquid that was once red, in the headless man, was now the darkest shade of black.

Even though it may seem like whatever the prisoner had said was nonsensical gibberish, in the pit of his stomach, The Alpha King knew that something dark was brewing and coming his way- coming in everyones way, soon to consume every living thing with darkness.

”Contact all the other kingdoms. We are going to have an emergency meeting. ” The Alpha Kings rough voice commanded his Beta.

Upon his Alpha Kings command, the Beta walked out of the throne room with the warriors in tow. One of the warriors had the prisoners head while the other dragged his lifeless body. The omegas hurried into the room to clean the pool of evil that had pooled behind.

A war was brewing. And not a pretty one. For centuries, the kingdoms have lived together in peace. However will they have the resources and time to get ready for this war? So dark. So brutal.

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