One week later after the world was controlled by demons.

On the Main Street of Empire it is always noisy, but today its like night-quiet.

”Today I will kill the one who tried to rebel against my lord… ”Wn-Lu shouted at the crowds with anger.

When Wn-Lu glared at the crowd, people in the crowd started trembling like they caught a cold.

”Am I going to die like this? I haven even been able to rid my world of demons… ” Magus was talking to himself with sadness and despair that he could not save this world from demons.

Wn-Lu comes towards Magus with a red-blooded sword.

”With my favorite sword that has ended nine hundred and ninety-nine lives, with you, it will be a thousand, ” said Wn-Lu with a devilish smile to Magus.

Wn-Lu threw a red-blooded sword at Magus.


The sword passes through Maguss heart.

Blood has been splattered all over the street.

”Only if I get one more chance to save this world ” Magus

[Everyone thinks that Magus died, but somehow Mangus soul returned to his previous self when he was seventeen years old, now Magus was given another chance, this time he could change the future and save humanity from demons.]

”Wake up, wake up… ” Aunt Li

”Huh? Where am I? Auntie Li, what are you doing here? When did you die?… ” Magus with astonishing eyes.

As Magus opens his eyes, he can believe what hes seeing, Wn-Lu disappears, and theres no one around except Aunt-Li, he is no longer on Empire Street, there is no pain and there is not even a drop of blood on his body. Maguss mind is full of questions and it is difficult for him to know what has happened to him.

”What are you talking about? Im at my house. Died, are you going crazy? Look around you… ” Aunt Li said angrily to Magus.

”Whats going on here? Wait a minute, why is my whole body small?, am I back in the past? ” Maguss mind was filled with so many thoughts.

” What are you thinking? ”

”Nothing, ” Magus said with bewilderment.

”Okay then come get breakfast ”

”Now it is clear that I still have a chance to protect the people important to me and save this world from Demons.. ” Magus with a blooming face.

Step! Step!

Magus slowly looks around and goes out for breakfast.

”Aunt Li, how old am I… ” Magus asked Aunt-Li.

” seventeen… ”

”Oh now I know my present age, but in my past life, during my seventeenth, I could not use magic… ” Magus with a gloomy face, as he clenched his fist tightly.

”Aunt Li, I would like to join the Holy Clan ”

”But you can use magic, how will you be able to pass the test to join the Holy clan, ” Aunt Li said to Magus with a sad look.

”I know, so Ill work harder from today… ”Magus

After a long time, Magus can eat his food in peace, and hear the birds chirping as if they were singing a song.

After breakfast, Magus goes to the forest for training.

Step! Step!

After reaching the forest, Magus sits on the ground and thinks.

”If I remember my past life correctly, I joined the Holy Clan at the age of twenty-one. It was made possible because of Aunt Li, who spent ninety percent of her gold buying magic swords, then gave the magic sword to a teacher of the Holy Clan, and requested him to let me join in the Holy Clan… ”

”Now that the past has passed, I have to work hard and move on, and take all the burden from Auntie Lis shoulders and save this world from the chance Ive been given ”

”First I have to improve the strength of my body so that I can use some magic that I have learned in a past life, and continue to improve my strength so I take part in the upcoming test of requirements in the Holy Clan… ”

”In my current physical state, I can barely survive two hits of water-needle magic, and if in my current state I tried to learn low-level magic, such as controlling the surrounding air, then my body would explode like a balloon… ”

”I think the best way to increase my physical strength would be to swim against the flow of water in rivers… ”

Magus stands and walks towards the river.

Step! Step!

As Magus approached the river, he saw the water flowing happily and producing Babbling bubbles when it hit the rock, making a rhythmic sound, and the bird flying very close to the water.

Reaching the bank of the river, Magus took off his clothes and jumped into the river.


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