Magus took the silver-plated third-level furnace and began making energy-boosting pills.

Magus isn able to use fire magic at this time, so opting for a silver-plated third-level furnace is the only option as it can generate its own heat enough to create an energy-boosting pill.

”First I should boil Iron E-Leafs by taking half furnace water until it melts completely and mixes with water. ”

Magus begins to boil the Iron E-Leafs, during the process sometimes the furnace vibrates as if someone is pushing it from the inside.

After half an hour, the Iron E-Leafs mix with water and produce a black color.


”Its too hot. ” Magus withdrew his hand as he touched the furnace.

”I leave it untouched for a while, in the meantime, Ill make black soft-rock powder. ”

Magus starts making powder of black soft rock. Meanwhile, the lady standing outside the room was waiting for Magus to come out, she began to think.

”Is there a pill that I don even know about and I don think the elder would even know and is that guy really making it… ”

Inside the room, Magus completely pulverizes the black soft rock and begins to mix it with the liquid of the Iron E-leafs.

”Now all I have to do is apply a little pressure and heat to shape them into small round balls. ” Magus grumbles with contentment.

In the end, Magus makes energy-boosting pills and leaves the room to show them to the lady.

”Finally you
e out, now show me where your energy-boosting pills are… ” the lady asked angrily.

”Don get angry, Miss. See here are my energy-boosting pills, ” replied Magus softly.

When Magus shows the energy-boosting pills to the lady, the lady cannot believe her eyes. The energy-boosting pills appear to glow deep black that could block the path of light around them, something that she never dreamed of.


Ahem! Ahem!

Huh! ” But how do I know if these are energy boosting pills and what happens after someone uses them? ” the lady asked sweetly.

”If you don believe me, you can try one of the energy-boosting pills. ” Magus told the lady.

”First you take one. ” replied the lady.

”Okay… ”

Magus ingested energy-boosting pills and took a long breath to suppress the pills power within his body.

”Happy! You take the pill now, ” said Magus to the lady.

”Okay… ”

The lady took the pill and suddenly felt that there would be a lot of fire that would annihilate out of her body, and she asked Magus aloud.

”What did you do to me? Whats up with my body? ” The lady asked sternly.

”Nothing, first you need to calm down then take a long breath and use your magical energy to suppress the power of the pill… ” Magus instructed.

The Lady follows the instructions of the Magus, after somewhat suppressing the power of the pills she finds that there is a lot of magical power ready to be used at any time.


”Sorry for being rude in the beginning… ” Lady said to Magus with innocent twinkling eyes that could melt even an angry beasts heart.

”Never mind… ” Magus replied generously.

”Let me introduce myself, my name is Mei. I work here making various pills. Whats your name? And what do you do? ” The Lady introduces herself and asks Magus his name and what he does.

”My name is Magus, at the present time I do nothing but practice my magic to participate in the Holy Clan Joining Tournament, so that I can join the Holy Clan… ” Magus said to Mei.

”Please, can you tell me the techniques for making energy boosting pills? ” Mei politely asked Magus.

”Sure, first bring a black soft-rock and three iron E-leafs and a level-three furnace… ” Magus told Mei.

As Magus tells Mei to bring in the ingredients to make the energy-boosting pills, Mei begins to pick things up as quickly as possible. hell! If she is going to miss this opportunity.

After some time they started making energy boosting pills.

”Now, take half furnace water and add three iron E-leafs and boil it in a medium quantity of flame magic till it gets completely mixed with water and thickens with water. Be sure to only use water in a level three furnace up to half the furnace, if the furnace level is higher or lower than level three, use water accordingly… ” Magus instructed Mei.

”Woo!… its going smoothly ” Mei said with a pleasant feeling.

”Now leave the furnace to cool for a while, in the meantime make a powder of black soft-rock. ” After half an hour Magus told Mei.

Mei happily started making powder from the black soft-rock.

After a while the furnace cooled down and Mei made black soft-rock powder.

”Now what!… ” Mei asked Magus for further instructions.

”Add the black soft-rock powder to the Iron E-leafs liquid and then use your Air Magic to pressurize the black soft-rock and iron E-leafs mixed state, to form small round shaped balls within the furnace. ” Magus replied .

As Magus tells Mei, Mei quickly catches the word emanating from Magus voice, then begins to mix soft-rock and iron E-leafs liquids together, and crush them into small round balls. After a while, sweet-smelling starts coming out of the furnace.

”Finally the energy boosting pills are ready, now you can take them out from the furnace… ” Magus said to Mei.

When Mei took the energy boosting pills from the furnace, the sudden expression on her face that can be described in words.

”Wow!… I can believe I made something like this in less than an hour… ” Mei shouted at Magus with a face like a blooming- flower.

”You are talented, do you want to join the Alchemy Hall? If you want I will speak personally to the Grand Master of the Alchemy Hall to join you in the Alchemy Hall without any special exams, today he is coming to visit our Alchemy Hall … ” Mei asks Magus if he wants to join Alchemy Hall.

”No thanks, but in future if you need any help with anything you
e free to ask me anytime. ” Magus nodded and replied to Mei.

”Hmm! Its so bad that people like you aren going to join Alchemy Hall…

For this time I will give you fifteen thousand and fifty gold coins as a reward. ” Mei said.

”And if in future you face any kind of problem then you can also ask me for help, don hesitate at that time. ”

”Thanks, I will… ” Magus replied.

Mei gave Magus fifteen thousand gold coins and the two ended their conversation and said goodbye to each other. Mei returns to her counter, and Magus leaves for his house.

After a long walk_._._

When Magus reached home, he kept the two hundred gold coins with him and gave thirteen thousand gold coins to Aunt Li.

Aunt Lis eyes were wide open, she couldn even blink her eyes. She couldn digest the fact that one day Magus would be able to earn so much gold in a day.

”Magus, how did you get so many gold coins? In the morning you didn even have twelve gold coins, and now you have thirteen thousand gold coins. Don tell me you robbed someone… ” Aunt Li asked Magus angrily.

”No, I haven robbed anyone or done anything bad. ” Magus replied.

”So how will you explain that, how did you get thirteen thousand gold coins? ” Aunt Li asked again.

”I taught Mei to make new pills in the Alchemy Hall. So she rewarded me with fifteen thousand gold coins, of which I kept two hundred gold coins for myself and wanted to give the rest to you. ” Magus replied innocently.

”! Taught someone who is a member of the Alchemy Hall to make bullets. ” Aunt Li with suspicious eyes.

”Yes.. ” Magus nodded.

”I still can believe it, wait a minute, When did you learn to make pills that even the members of Alchemy Hall don know how to make?… ”

”During my training in the forest, I met an old man who taught me how to make this pill… ” Magus can pull himself to say that hes been dead once before and has been reborn this time, so he lied to Aunt Li.

”Oh…! ” Aunt Li replied and continued ”Now I can rest assured, because youve grown up… ” Aunt Lis eyes filled with tears of joy.

Auntie Li hugged Magus and said ”You should take some rest, you must be tired coming back from Mou-town, in the meantime let me bring you something to eat. ”

”Okay… ”

In the evening of the same day, the Grand Master arrives at Mou-Town Alchemy Hall. And Mei tells him about Magus and the energy boosting pills hes made. As the words came out of Meis mouth and entered the Grand Masters ears, the Grand Master was astonished that he had been trying to make energy-boosting pills for a long time but failed each time.

”Wh… what..! ” The Grand Master was shocked that someone had created energy-boosting pills before him.

”Who… who made the pills? ” Grand Master asked Mei.

”A young boy named Magus. ” Mei replied.

”Do you know where he lives? I want to know how he made the pills. ”

”No, I don know where he lives, but he taught me how to make bullets so I can tell you how. ”

Mei first shows the Grand Master the pills she made by herself with Magus instructions, the Grand Master takes one of the pills and is surprised by the pills effect. Later, Mei tells Grand Master how the pills are made.

”Didn you ask him to join the Alchemy Hall? ” Grand Master asked.

”Yes, I asked but he refuses, and tells me I can come to him for help anytime.. ” Mei replied.

Oh..! It would have been nice if he joined the alchemy hall, anyway try to have a good relationship with him at any cost.. ” Grand Master said.

”Yes.. ”

The Grandmaster later leaves the Mou-Town Alchemy Hall with the hope that one day he will have a chance to meet Magus.

[ In Maguss past life, when Magus was twenty-five at the time, Magus and the Grand Master were able to create energy boosting pills together.]


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