The next day early morning Magus goes to the forest to practice the magic he wants to learn, having already prepared energy-boosting pills for use during practice that will help him practice for a longer period of time.

”Ill try to master the mystic-step level one and two first, which will help me move faster, and itll also improve my vision which will help me to counter some bronze-level magical power enemies, without using any other magic power. Humans with upper bronze-level magical power can be able to withstand me… ” murmurs Magus

Magus took one energy-boosting pill and he started his training but….

Crash! — Crash!

In the beginning Magus isn able to control the speed of mystic-step well, even when he starts Level One Mystic-Step, his legs stumble onto each other and he falls all over the forest. He easily injure himself in several places but his training to swim against the river water comes in handy and helps him keep injuries to a minimum.

After some time when there is pain in his body which is too much to handle.


”I should apply some medicinal herbs to my injury then after some healing and rest I will resume my practice. ” murmurs Magus.

Magus begins his search for medicinal herbs.

Step! — Step!

Whenever the animal lays its feet on dry leaves, it makes a rustling sound, which sometimes makes Magus wonder if someone is following him.

Magus does not even realize when he reaches the deep forest.

huh? I have really gone deep into the forest, I didn even know that this forest would be so dense that even the light is not fully reaching the ground. I have come to this area for the first time in the forest… ”

After a while he sees a bright light emanating from a cave, after approaching the light he discovers the rare magical TRI-FLOWERS that can heal any external injury very quickly, but at the same exact spot their is a sleeping level-one snake beasts, if snake beast wakes up then at Maguss current state he is no match for the snake beast.

”Now what..! Am I lucky or out of luck? I find rare healing herbs but at the same time it seems that snake beasts are also interested in herbs. ”

”I have to do something to distract the snake beasts, I need TRI-FLOWERS. It will help me not only now but in future also ”

Suddenly Magus had an idea that if he somehow filled the cave with smoke, then it might be possible that the snake would leave the cave for a while.

Magus started collecting a mixer of dried and fresh leaves. With the help of a match, he starts burning dry leaves and as soon as the dry leaves are on fire, he scatters fresh leaves on the fire, which fills the whole cave with smoke.

After some time the snake wakes up and gets irritated by the smoke and leaves the cave.

”The time has come, I must hurry up and bring the TRI-FLOWERS with me, before the smoke disappears and the snake returns. ”

Magus quickly took the TRI-FLOWERS and moved out from deep parts of the forest to the lighter parts, where he practiced.

Ahh! Finally I found something interesting. Now I have to put it on my wounds, then Ill catch some fish to eat.

As Magus applied TRI-FLOWERS to his wounds, it completely healed in a second.

After eating some fish, Magus rested for a while, then started training.

After hours of continuous training, Magus now controls the pace and speed of mystic-step level one with ease.

”Now its time to go to starts practicing mystic-step level two. ”

”First I should take another energy-boosting pill. ”

After taking the energy-boosting pill, Magus continued his training.

Crash! — Crash!

Like before, he falls everywhere during training, but this time he is less injured than before.

Since there is still some effect of TRI-FLOWERS in his body, the injury also heals quickly before Magus feels any pain.

After sometime —

Magus, lost in training, doesn even know how time passes and progresses from level one to level two in the mystic-step. As dusk falls, he has mastered the mystic-step level two.


”Im faster than I used to be. ” Magus shouted with a lively face.

After some time of bliss Magus went to the bank of the river and jumped into the water because he was feeling tired and his body was drenched with sweat.

Splash! — Splash!

”Ah..! How nice the water is when the body is sweaty and feels tired. ” Magus murmurs while feeling the cold water.

As Magus was on his way back home after taking a bath, he suddenly heard a clatter sound as if some people were running.

He goes to see and behold, four men dressed as assassins with their faces covered, and are chasing a girl deep into the forest.

Magus follows them. After a few minutes of running the girl comes to the dead end that was formed by the rock and now she has no place to go.

”Now, what will you do? You have no place to go. ” The assassin standing at the left end tells the girl.

”You just wasted your time by running, no one will come here to save you. ” says another assassin.

The Assassins tells the girl but she smiles as if she has other keys to play with, and lures the assassins into her game by bringing them into the forest.

Meanwhile Magus was seeing and hearing all this and thought….

”Why is she not attacking the assassins, she is powerful enough to kill hundreds of such assassins. ”

After taking a closer look at the girl ”Oh now I understand, she is bound by a magic rope that neutralizes magical powers and she cannot remove it herself because rope has to be remove by others, anybody tied with it cannot remove it by their-own. ”

”What should I do?, I can fight a single assassin, but if somehow I remove that rope from her, she can defeat them easily. ”

As the girl was about to use her second option, somehow the girl looked at Magus and thought ”Who is that boy? I can use my magic in front of him, what do I do now? He has less magic power he can help me even if he wants to, Is this the end of me? ”

The Assassin was just about to use his magic to kill the girl but suddenly Magus threw some rocks in two directions.

”Who…? You both go and check both directions and find out who is there and bring them to me. ” Assassin standing at middle gave orders to the others.

Step! — Step!

A sudden sound distracts the assassins.

Meanwhile Magus uses his mystic-step and goes to the girl to remove the rope, but an assassin sees him and uses a hard magic power on him. Mangus somehow quickly removes the rope and falls on the ground.

Now the girl is freed from the rope, because of this two assassins tremble with fear, as if they cannot do anything. One of the assassin cry out and signals to the other two who had gone to check the two directions that they should run away and go to their master and tell their master that the girl is now free, one boy has removed the rope from her. Furthermore they tell Magus that he makes a new enemy, and that his master will not let him go easily, but being out of consciousness, Magus cannot hear a word.

”Ah..! This boy is really brave, protecting others without thinking of himself. I was panicking unnecessarily ” thought the girl.

”Hmm…..! Now, What should I do with you guys.. ” The girl looks at the assassins smiling and say.

”Please… please, let us live, well never show you our face again. ” The assassins start begging for their lives.

”But a few minutes ago you told this boy that he has made a new enemy, you both have seen his face too. As you have already seen the way he saves me, I may have fallen for him. So if this time I give you both to live, you will definitely go to tell your master and try to kill him. So today is the end of your life, bye…bye… hahaha… ” Girl laughed at the face of the assassins.

The girl kills the assassins without hesitation with the magical power of a finger, as if killing them is like killing an ant.

Aaa…! The Assassins groaned in pain and within a second their body was burnt to ashes.

The girl cleans the surrounding area and removes all the evidence as if nothing has happened there.

She picks up Magus from the ground and carries him on her back to the deep forest.

Step! — Step!

After sometime.

She enters the same cave from where Magus took the TRI-FLOWERS but this time the snake does not dare to harm instead starts guarding the entrance of the cave.


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