As the girl approaches Magus and Juli.

”I want that red dress. ” The girl told Juli.

”But I chose this dress first, so why would I give it to you? Juli replied angrily.

”You..!___ ”Do you know who I am? ” The girl said.

”Why don you know who you are? ” Juli replied in a funny way.

”I am the daughter of the head of the Chi-Family. One of the largest families in the empire. ” Girl continues, ” My name is Mii-Chi. Or I can buy the whole shop if I want. Today I just want to visit Mou-Town, so Im here from the Central Empire. ”

” Im not interested in who you are? Or “What is your familys background? ”

Juli continues,

” Yes, Now you can buy the whole store, I have nothing to say. But Ive already bought this red dress, so now you can check out something else. ” Juli said in a stern tone.

”Why you..!, ok.. ok.. lets decide it with the fight, whoever wins this outfit will be the prize. ” Mii-Chi said.

”I don mind fighting you, so lets start without delay. ” Juli replied

”No, why would I fight, my friend would be fighting in my place and the boy behind you would be fighting. ” Mii-Chi said..

As Mii-Chi realizes Julies magical power is much more than that. And Magus is not even at a first stage of the bronze-level, while Mii-Chi Friend is in the final stage of the bronze-level. So she thinks that victory will be easy for her.

”Then theres no need to fight, I already have this dress, or if you want it so badly you have to fight me, not the boy behind me. ” Juli replied angrily.

”Why are you afraid that he will lose, don you trust your friend ? ” Mii-chi tries to provoke Juli.

”Hey…hey wait, Ill fight, so I can check my mystic-stage performance. ” Magus whispered in Julis ear.

”Okay, hell fight, but I want to add one more condition then. ” Juli said.

”What..? ” Mii-chi asked.

”If your friend loses, you have to give me five hundred gold coins. ”

” ok ”

They later decided that with people around them, the fight would be hand-to-hand, closed range magic or that a sword could be used in battle. Yet Mii-Chi feels that her friend has advantages over Magus. As Mii-Chi mate possesses a gold level magical sword, which he is able to use to the fullest.

[} As if one whose magical power is greater than the second stage of the Bronze-level is able to utilize the power of the magic sword and start practicing later. {]

Mii-Chi friend draw his sword, and Magus also takes a fighting position.


As Mii-Chis friend swings his sword, Magus hair barely escapes, causing much damage if Magus doesn use his mystic-step to move. Magus uses the Mystic-Step —Step…! Step…! Step…!— and goes after Mii-Chis friend from under his nose. Magus combined the force of his movements into his fist and hit the hand of Mii-Chis friend —THUMP..!— , the sudden force causing Mii-Chis friend to lose his balance and drop the sword to the ground. —Clink…!—

”Impossible! How could he move so fast? ”


”Impossible! How could he move so fast? ”


Mii-chi and her friend aren able to figure out how Magus can move so fast, hes not even in the Bronze-level first stage..

Mii-Chis friend regains his balance and tries to attract Magus with a close wave of Flame Magic, As small red light appears on the palm of Mii-Chis friend, Magus quickly goes to near the Mii-Chis friend —Step…! Step…! Step…!— and bangs Mii-Chis friends head on the ground. This time Mii-Chis friend has lost his consciousness for a while, meanwhile Magus picks Mii-Chis friends sword up off the ground and puts it on his back neck and as soon as he regains his consciousness.

Magus forced him to give up.

The Magus isn able to use the power of the Magical Sword, but without the power the sword can still hurt Mii-Chis friend with a sharp edge.

Magus wins the fight by using the Mystic-step, and from this he gains some experience in fighting a more powerful opponent than himself.

”Tsk.. how could he be so powerful even though he wasn even in the first stage of the Bronze-level, and he beat my friend who is in the final stage of the Bronze-level .. ” thought Mii-Chi ..

”Ahem..! Where are you lost? Haven you forgotten about my five hundred gold coins? ” Juli said to Mii-Chi.

”Huh? Heres your five hundred gold coins, Ill see you two next time. ”

Mii-Chis guard picks up Mii-Chis friend and Mii-Chi leaves in a rage. He also warns Juli and Magus as if she will be a problem for them in the future.

Later, Juli and Magus start looking around Maui-Town again.

Step…! Step…!

Step…! Step…!

After walking a few steps, they saw the food shop and entered the shop to eat.

”What do you like to eat? ” Magus asked Juli.

”A bowl of rice with some soup would be fine for me. ” Juli replied.

Magus orders the same food for Julie and himself, after Magus has eaten, gives the shopkeeper eight gold coins and leaves the shop.

Since it is noon, they rent a room for two gold coins in a waiting house a bit away from the food shop and take a rest for a while.

”Today is a lucky day, we won five hundred golds in one minute. And I also got a chance to practice my mystic-step on a real opponent. ” Magus said to Juli.

”Yeah, and I got a pretty dress,by the way thanks for the dress. ” said Juli with happy face.

”No problem…Lets get some rest. ” Magus said.


In the evening, they went home.

Next day…

Magus sets his new goal to reach the first stage of the bronze-level.

Magus asks Juli to come to the forest for his training.

They start walking towards the forest..

Step…! Step…!

Step…! Step…!

When they reached the place where Magus was used to training himself. But this time he is looking for a place which can be near the river. After a while they find a cliff near the river which is round in shape with square shape on the top of the cliff which can be used for sitting. That for Magus looks like this is the perfect place for todays training.

The place is surrounded by the murmuring bubbles of river water, the chirping sound of birds and the pleasant sound of the wind blowing.

Sitting on top of the cliff, the Magus tells Juli to use her magical power to concentrate the energy around him, which he can absorb in order to reach the first stage of the Bronze-level faster.

The Magus sits on a meditation posture to absorb the energy flow from his surroundings and uses his inner strength to focus it on a single point.





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